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Hades223 posted on Apr 11, 2011 at 04:57PM
It's real easy. You just pick your two favorite gods and, your god's weopan of choice, your're god's powers, and you're god's clothes.

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hace más de un año poseidon5567 said…
Goddess of hate. Can do anything but she can usually fade in to shadows, conjure black energy, and summon scorpions-her sacred animal
In the modern world she wears jeans and a shirt that says, spear me and has a heart with a spear through it
In the immortal world, she wears black greek robes and a tiara with rubies incrested in it.
hace más de un año Percy___Jackson said…
Something like a swiss army knife but with mostly all the gods weapons
God of Sports and the Universe. Can kill planets and can play sports really good.
In the mortal world, jeans and a t-shirt and sunglasses hanging on shirt.
In the immortal world, jet black with blue lightining stripe greek robes.
So that's it.
hace más de un año poseidon5567 said…
Pothena(its a guy,if your wondering)
gigantic sword(its 6 feet tall!)
god of willpower.can make you do anything by asking you to do it.can turn in to a camel-his sacred animal
he wears a plain white t-shirt and jeans in the modern world
he wears a simple brown cloak in the immortal world
hace más de un año ELIZABUG7 said…
Ardes weapon of chioce: her cat minions but other than that daggers
goddess of:agility,stamina,balence(not in the nemises sort of way),and felines(aka cats think we can all guess her sacred animal huh?)
mortal chlothing: plain black,orange or white.sometimes leopard print t shirts and jeans
goddess clothing :black cloak
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hace más de un año ChildOfHades69 said…
Hadcate (Female Cross of Hades + Hecate)
Goddess of Pain - Is the creator of the pain every being (including gods) receives, and spends each day giving people pain such as heartbreak, headaches, and all other types of pain.
Weapon of choice: Dual Stygian Iron Swords. One cut and they will bring unthinkable pain. She also uses a bow and arrow which shoots invisible (except to her) arrows, which inflict pain and are used in her day to day duties.
Sacred animal ~ snake
Mortal clothing - Dark purple to black dip dyed open backed dress.
Immortal Clothing - Black robes
hace más de un año darkling_menace said…
God of Greed- wants to have everything precious and valuable, wants all the power in the world, and wants everone under his command, and is the voice of greed and selfishness in humanity, and mostly resides in the thoughts of humans, demigods, monsters, and gods.
Weapon of choice- two golden claws that can tear or rip through enemies, take weapons or objects he wants, or to take over the minds of the people he influences.
Sacred animal- spider
Mortal clothing- a fancy white suit with gold trim
Immortal clothing- a large black robe with tendrils on the bottom that grab everything around him, taking it in to the black hole that is his heart.

hace más de un año xxx1111 said…
joston bolbor

weapon- really really bad voice.

power- anybody who hears his voice will either go mad or suicide. if man with no hands hears his voice he will borrow the nearest person's hand and strangle himself

history- he irritated pan by repeatedly asking him to play princess along with him. finally frustrated by this pan kicked him and bolbor started baying like a goat. even to this day he continues it like. bay.....b bay......b. you can often see him on music and entertainment medias

sacred object- barbie dolls

mortal clothing- t shirts and jeans

immortal(secret) clothing- pink dresses(rumored to wear a tiara secretly)