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Hades223 posted on Apr 11, 2011 at 04:53PM
So like all you half to do is list the magical items you would have if you were a demigod. Here are mine.
A ring that turns into a sword
A coin that turns into a shield when you flip it.
A cloak that turns you into a shadow, kind of.

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hace más de un año penguin098 said…
big smile
Ooooooh... cool idea!!!

Oh so, magic items,

If i were i demigod i would hopfully be the daughter og Hecate, so obviouly i would have a wand

Also, (this is based off of my fanfic NOT copying) I would have a ring that when i squeeze is, my knife would appear in my hand, no matter where it was.

THe last item would be an anklet, that when i slapped my heels together, full armour would appear on my body, complet with a sheild.

And that's pretty much it... awesome idea (even if i said that before)
hace más de un año cott4eva said…
If I were a demigod, I don't know who my godly parent would be.

If I was Kronos's daughter, I would want something like a pin that turns to an archery set.

If I was Athena's, I would want a pen that turns to a spear.
hace más de un año Percy___Jackson said…
I would be Poseidon's child and my weapons would be:
A swiss army knife that can have all the gods weapons on them.
A watch when you tap the top turns into a shield.
When you clap your shoes toghther you turn invisible.
That's it.
hace más de un año HestiaRocks said…
I would be a demigod Child of Hestia and have a Fire Stoke that turned into a Sword and a Mace that transforms from a Grandfather Clock Pendulum.
hace más de un año Joshsonofseagod said…
I would be a son of poseidon and i will have a watch that where you press a button it would arm me with my sword even if someone else clicked it so like this guy steals it from me and tries to kill me I say "press the first it will give you a sword" he presses it and it gives me the sword tables are turned and if you press another button it arms you with armor and the other button gives you poseidons trident but it dosen't work when Poseidon is using his trident
hace más de un año Reader11 said…
I would have a paperclip on my ear that turned into a sword ( one hand )

A irrasable word on my palm that turned into a bow. Every time you draw the string an arrow appears so... NO AMMO!

Oh and a pendant that summoned a horse.
I would probably be a son of Demeter.
hace más de un año Reader11 said…
I feel stupid writing on a ancient ( yet amazing ) thread.