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brittanyloves posted on Mar 27, 2011 at 03:39PM
Create your own demigod or make a story.
you could do it one of two ways.
The first way is making people figure the story over time, like in your story you don't have to say "I'm the son of Hermes" in your first sentence. You can wait until your character gets claimed.
The second way is you have to lay it out like this:

Weapon/Magical Items:
Godly Parent:
Mortal Parent:
How long you've [your character] has been at Camp Half-Blood:
Likes and Dislikes (optional):
The Story:
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hace más de un año Perseus54321 said…
Name:James Torture
Weapon:Staff(shoots black energy) and wristband shield
Parent:Hades(I hate every other god)
How long at C.H.B.:All his life
Likes:Everything black and violent
Dislikes:Colorful stuff
Story:When he was born he was sent to C.H.B. The End.
hace más de un año penguin098 said…
love these!!!

Name: Isabell Darling
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Weapon/Magical Items: Ok so you know those little key-chains that when you squeeze them they're eyes pop out? Well Isabell has one that's a cow but when you squeeze it a sword pops out.
Godly Parent: Hera (:-O)
Mortal Parent: Zeus killed him for well "being" with his wife
How long have you been at Camp-Half BLood: 5 years
Likes: little kids, white, paperclips, and getting scares (and no she's not emo, she likes having stories to tell about them)
DIslikes: Annabeth (she disgraced her mother) Zeus (kiled her dad) not having an siblings being forced to learn healing
Looks: black hair that goes down to her waist but its always in a braid. SHe has brown eyes, frekles, a slght pink coloring to her skin and a missing tooth from a monster fight
The Story: The gods are jerks. I hate all of them. Espectually Zeus. He KILLED my father just because of something my mom did. Take it out on her. I had to be raised in an orphanage because of him.I'm a year-rounder because of him. I WILL get revenge on him. If Percy was able to beat Ares then I can beat Zeus right? Just show him a little humiliation. THat's why I put a picture of Zeus on the dummies we destroy, his face on the targets during archery. I will get even. Most people think that I'm the dauhter of Nemesis because of my reveng-ish attitude, but I'm not. Hera claimed me. It's her cabin i stay in. I dont like it here but its better then the streets. But there has to be a way to live a better life here. THere has to be. BUt untill then, Zeus is going down
hace más de un año poseidon5567 said…
Name:Saphirina Vinel (Vine-el)
Magic Item:Bracelet with a grape charm on it. When she squeezes the charm the bracelet turns in to a stygian knife
Parent:Killed right after she gave birth to me by Zeus because she said Dionysus should be king
Camp Years: All my life
Likes:Purple, grapes, wine, tigers
Dislikes:Thunder, heights, orange
Looks:Whiite hair with purple streaks in it,tan skin,purple eyes,freckles,big lips,small nose,hair is ALWAYS down

Story:The gods suck. One killed my mother, and I'm fighting one right now!Out of all the gods, i have to fight Ares.I guess I shouldve been scared but i was confident.Chiron had been my teacher and trainer since i was 2. thats right 2."Saphirina!DUCK"percy yelled at me.instead i just did a backflip and let the war god fall on his butt.percy struck at him but he swatted him away.he got on his knees and screamed a battle he did i curved my knife upward and stabbed him in the roof of his mouth.he groaned and evaporated in to golden light.i picked up my knife and cleaned the ichor off of it."Nice job"percy told me."You too" I told him.Just then an arc of electricity shot down and hit me in the chest. I had gotten struck by lightning before, but this,this was different.I knew it was from zeus."Saphirina!"percy screamed in terrror.

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hace más de un año poseidon5567 said…
I woke up in my cabin. Pollux walked in and almost dropped his drink.he placed it on my nightstand. i realized it was nectar.I got up and felt a little dizzy."You should rest"he told me."No, Zeus is the one who struck me.I want revenge, and i want ALOT of revenge" i said."But, even if you get revenge, he would kill you when he rehealed" he told me."I wasnt finished,when i go to the underworld Ill tell hades what i did. he'll be happy for what i did. then hell use one of his keys to bring me to the upper world. i'll ask a child of hecate to give me a never ending protection spell.I already found a spell that can do that"i said."how could they cast a spell that powerful"he asked me."im going to trick hecate in to helping us" i said.
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hace más de un año poseidon5567 said…
I ran out of my cabin and bumped in to annabeth."sorry,where are you going"she asked me."Olympus" i threw my hand over my mouth."Did chiron give you permission."no but im asking him now" i said."Oh"she said.I started to walk away.When i got to the boundary line peleus was sleeping.i slowly walked out of the camp.I got out my knife and tore a hole in my shirt and smudged some dirt on my face. i got in the middle of the road and lay down. soon enough a car stopped in front of me. a woman got out and kneeled over me.She smiled and her eyes changed fron brown to yellow.her skin turned in to scales and kneeling over me was a dracanae.she took a sword out of her sleeve.she went to stab me but i rolled to the side. i jumped up and stabbed her right in the gut. she hissed and dissolved.
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hace más de un año ArtemisDiana said…
Name: Lark Moonshine
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Weapon: Magical silver bows, arrows and hunting knives that appear at will
Godly Parent: Artemis
Mortal Parents: Ryan and Morgan Moonshine
years at Camp: 6
Like: music, archery, animals, books, the wild, children
dislikes: litterbugs, people who say she shouldn't exist, people who don't believe her, animal haters, boys (although there are a few exceptions like Percy, Leo and Jason)
The Story: Artemis knew she would need someone to represent her in the coming years. She didn't know why, she just knew she did. So, with her brother's blessing (he is the god of prophecy after all) she created a child from her flesh and blood (ichor, whatever) and placed it in a pregnant mother's womb, which yeah, she can do, she's the goddess of childbirth. My twin's name is Lily, and she's the normal one. We are nothing alike, inside and out, she's a typical 'dumb blond' (no offense meant to blonds) blue eyes, heavy make-up and all. Then there's me. I have wavy auburn hair and hazel eyes. i got called a tomboy a lot, because I loved sports, but I had a passion for music, a talent I got from Apollo's blessing, and quite the brain. I spent most of my life at home fighting, whit my parents, my sister, monsters. I got lucky, my satyr found me at 6 and immediately knew what I was and raced me off to camp. once there I was almost completely determined as an Apollo camper, and they were just about to place me in the Apollo Cabin, when I was claimed. There was confusion, even Chiron looked confused, but eventually I was placed in the Artemis cabin. There was a single bed, with a spiral staircase leading up. The sign read 'hunters' I figured the lonely bed was mine. i became vary close with Annabeth, who understood what my life had been like at home so much it was scary. I have lived at camp for the rest of my life, and I'm not going back, i don't even talk to my parents anymore, the last words I heard them say were "Good riddance" i may have been 6 at the time, but I can take a hint. I've been on a lot of quests since Percy arrived here, helping out Him and Annabeth mostly. my mom (Artemis, I NEVER refer to my mortal parents as mom and dad. They are mother and father at most) likes to keep me involved. I love camp, I have friends, and a family here, like I never did at 'home' camp is my home.
hace más de un año Thaliahunter said…
Name: Genny Crown
Age: 14
Gender: girl
Weapon/Magical Items: Hakuru(sword)
Godly Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Sadie Crown
How long you've has been at Camp Half-Blood: about 4 years
Likes: Singing, doodling, music, and John Baker
Dislikes: homework, and her half brother, Troy Richard
The Story: i was born as an orphen.... sad right? ha not really! i has SOO much fun as an orphen! I dont know how... but it was fun stealing apples from the corner store! with the help fom Hannah of course! Hannah is my best friend, shes like a sister to me! i met Hannah a year after my 'parents' left me in a hotel! i was only 3 at that time..... and Hannah was about 6 or 7... i think.... anyways, Hannah took me to a place she lives. she lives in a little home, with 2 other orphens, named Suzi, and John. and ya.. i like John, hes also a demigod! hes the son of Hermes, so hes really good at stealing! haha. the way i got to CHB is that Bradly the Satyr, found me once on the street, Bradly was talking to himself calling himself stupid and idiotic, and i was passing by him, i heard him saying that bout himself, so, i yelled at him that he isnt(even tho i never new him before...) he kinda freaked out, then he sniffed me and said 2 things: 1"u smell horrible!" 2"thatz good, u smell like a Half-Blood, come with me, NOW!" so, of course i followed him, ya, Hannah was freaked out when i told her. but then Bradly sniffed John and said"u smell too, ur a Half-Blood too" John replied stupidly "uhhh... wwhat?" "oh just come with us!" i remember saying. at that time, i was around 9, almost 10! yepp, thats how i got to get here! at CHB!! i have a home, tons of friends, and a family! but the worst part.... i cant steal anything from the camp's store...... John will not teach me how to steal from that place!! oh, i almost forgot! John and I r... kinda... dating!! im super happy! :P

a doodle i did at skool... during french class(i think) of Genny, hope u like it!!
 Name: Genny Crown Age: 14 Gender: girl Weapon/Magical Items: Hakuru(sword) Godly Parent: Apollo
hace más de un año Dragonsinger said…
Right so, I'm a fan fiction author (The.Dragon.Singer.) and I've started a PJO fic, these are three of my OC's (other characters), but Alex is my main character.

Name: Alexandra Lillah Black 
Age: 14
Greek Parent: Poseidon
Mortal Parent: *mother is dead, name unkown* adopted mother Yuma Nagasawi
Birthplace: Oregan, USA
Current Living Place: Camp Half-Blood
How long have you been at Camp Half-Blood?: one week, and a day
Physical description: Shoulder length black hair, green eyes. Pale skin. 5' 6". Thin, with curves
Likes: Junk food. Swimming. 
Dislikes: Spiders. 
Short Story: Alex 'blew up' the school the day she was sent to Camp. Yuma, her adopted mother, had been contacted by Grover Underwood, and when she made Alex upset, the demi-goddess was attacked by an Empusa. Grover took her across the country on a motorcycle, before they hopped on a train to New York. There they met Hachi Taraxippi, a ghost in need of being freed. They took him to Half-Blood Hill, and he granted Alex a wish, while they were being attack by a dragon. Alex takes the dragon, called Jada, and they became friends. Alex was claimed when she took the flag across the border. 
Weapon of choice: to play capture the flag, Alex was taken to th Hespheastus forge, where they had a Set of magical armor. Weapons Alex doesnt need are flashed into blue gems on the arm guards. Gems on the hips make the armor heavier. The two gems on the helmet make a force field. 
If this character was in a movie, what actor/actress would play them?:
Which character would be their best friend?: is kinda a loner, but she's friends with Percy, Grover, and Torun, another demi-god. (see below)
Which character would be their boy/girlfriend?: Nico

Name: Torun Smith
Age: 17
Greek Parent: Hepheastus 
Mortal Parent: Emily Smith
Birthplace: Disneyland, back of an ambulance 
Current Living Place: Hepheastus cabin *fulltimer*
How long have you been at Camp Half-Blood?: four years
Physical description: black, and stocky. Thick fingers and ripples wih muscle. Has shaggy brown hair and deep brown eyes
Likes: chocolate, laughing. Helpin people. 
Dislikes: moths and butterfflies. 
Short Story: Torun was thirteen when he found his way to camp half blood, after being kicked into the street. He was usually quiet, but became louder and more confident as he made more friends. 
Weapon of choice: Large double bladed battle axe
If this character was in a movie, what actor/actress would play them?: idk
Which character would be their best friend?: Alex 
Which character would be their boy/girlfriend?: NA

Name: Xavier Johnson 
Age. 18
Greek Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Katy Johnson 
Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Current Living Place: Camp Half-Blood year rounder
How long have you been at Camp Half-Blood?: 7 years, 2 months, 5 days, 47 minutes and 31 seconds. 
Physical description: Blond, brown eyed. Tall, and lean. Bright smile. 
Likes: archery (duh!), volleyball, pretty girls, cards, playing guitar, painting. Daylight hours. Snakes
Dislikes: night. Darkness. Frogs. 
Short Story: was eleven when brought to Camp Half Blood, after destroying his neighbors house. A satyr and two other demigods happened to be passing by then, and took him with them. 
Weapon of choice: bow and quiver. 
If this character was in a movie, what actor/actress would play them?: the guy who plays Sam in glee 
Which character would be their best friend?: the two demigods he was bright with; Shane Wellington from Dionysus, and Joe Green from Hecate
Which character would be their boy/girlfriend?: too much of a womanizer to have one. Hits on the Aphrodite girls. 
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hace más de un año ajtijam2011 said…
Name: Josh Penningbun
Age: 17
Greek Parent: Zues
Mortal Parent: Ivy Penningbun
Birthplace: San Diego
Current Living place:Camp Half Blood year rounder
How Long have you been at Camp Half Blood:? 4 years
Physical Description: Dark hair, blue eyes. Agressive
Likes: Girls and Styrs
Dislikes: Underworld and Hades
Short story: when he was 13, he was bullied by Chris James, the biggest bully in his school. Then, Josh punched Chris right in the stomach and made him go flying. A spectator went up to Josh and takes him. The spectator was a styr. Then they go to camp Half-Blood.
Weapon of Choice: Sword
If this character was in a movie, what actor/actress would play them?: Dvid Henry
Which character would be theird friends?: Zues(of course), Percy, Nico, Grover, Annabeth and Tyson
Who would be their crush?: Likes girls from Athena cabin
hace más de un año apollorules123 said…
name:zach remington. age:19. god parent:hades. parent: sam remington. birthplace: tallahassee,florida. current living place: camp half blood. how long: 18 years. description:black hair brown eyes loner. likes:ghosts and spirits dislikes: zeus and athena short story: unknown weapon: dagger that grows with anger of owner actor: logan lerman freinds:nico and will solace crush: daughters of aphrodite