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randomer412 posted on Mar 23, 2011 at 07:20PM
Hi. Writing a story and I need demi-gods. Fill out this form for your character please.
short story:

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hace más de un año Perseus54321 said…
Name:Mark Terror
Weapon:Completely Stygian Iron sword, rubber grip and ruby studded(flash light)
Appearance:Tall, skinny, messy black hair, pale skin and coal black eyes
Clothes:Black leather jacket, black skull T-shirt, ripped up black jeans and combat boots
Item(s):Flashlight/sword, jacket/breastplate, socks/greaves, wristband/Stygian Iron shield(with a picture of Cerberus on it) and jacket sleeves/gauntlets
Short story: He was sent to an orphanage when when he was born. Ran away when he was 8. Met an 8 year old girl named Olivia (I might do one on her later) when he was nine and they went across the country killing monsters. Until he they arrived at C.H.B. at 10 years old. Pretty much all the evil monsters you can think of were there. But Mark sent a gigantic legion skeletons and took out all the monsters. Passed out for two weeks and when he woke up he was in the infirmary. He was 14 when Percy got to camp. Then after the Titan War he got the idea of being invincible from Percy. Successfully bathed in the River Styx and his weak spot is the back of his knee.
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hace más de un año penguin098 said…
i <33333 these!!

Name: Isabell Darling (call her Izzy or else)
Age: 15
Weapon: Ok so you know those little key-chains that when you squeeze them they're eyes pop out? Well Isabell has one that's a cow but when you squeeze it a sword pops out.
Hometown: Westborough Massachusettes (srry i suk at spelling)
Godly Parent: Hera (:-O)
Mortal Parent: Zeus killed him for well "being" with his wife
How long have you been at Camp-Half BLood: 5 years
Likes: little kids, white, paperclips, and getting scares (and no she's not emo, she likes having stories to tell about them)
DIslikes: Annabeth (she disgraced her mother) Zeus (kiled her dad) not having an siblings being forced to learn healing
Looks: black hair that goes down to her waist but its always in a braid. SHe has brown eyes, frekles, a slght pink coloring to her skin and a missing tooth from a monster fight
Cloths: no real style, but mostly CHB tees and ripped SHORT shorts
The Story: The gods are jerks. I hate all of them. Espectually Zeus. He KILLED my father just because of something my mom did. Take it out on her. I had to be raised in an orphanage because of him.I'm a year-rounder because of him. I WILL get revenge on him. If Percy was able to beat Ares then I can beat Zeus right? Just show him a little humiliation. THat's why I put a picture of Zeus on the dummies we destroy, his face on the targets during archery. I will get even. Most people think that I'm the dauhter of Nemesis because of my reveng-ish attitude, but I'm not. Hera claimed me. It's her cabin i stay in. I dont like it here but its better then the streets. But there has to be a way to live a better life here. THere has to be. BUt untill then, Zeus is going down
hace más de un año vlad_todd_fan said…
These questions are great

Name: Michael Gavin
Weapon: he has various weapons that he uses, he can melt and re-form them from a water bottle he carries around
Hometown: Mandeville Louisiana, now lives across the street from Percy
Parent: Poseidon (who else)
Item: water bottle, shark tooth necklace
Appearence: tall(6'4) dark blue eyes, bright blonde hair
Clothes: pink floyd shirt usually (or really anything) and black long jeans
Story: read continuation of percy jackson, and lost in thought for story
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Name: Annamaria Romell (pronounced Rome-el)
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Parent: Athena
Weapon: Bow and thin, poison-spiked arrows
Item: The bow appears when she needs it, the quiver is a leather cuff around her wrist, studded with silver
Apperance: Petite, light red hair, pale skin, light gray eyes
Clothes: Usually just a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt and jeans
Short story: I'm fifteen, but I'm also old.
When people hear I'm from Berlin, they usually think of World War II and the Berlin Wall. They think of Ronald Reagan, the American president, ordering a Mr. Gorbachev to tear the wall down. But then they remember I'm only fifteen.
But I was there. Athena, my mother, saw intelligence in me. All of her children are wise, but she must have seen something special in me. I was in Germany to see the wall being torn down, and before i had the chance to cheer I was whsiked off to America. Athena promised my time would come to do something great, as long as I went to the Lotus Casino. So I did.
Then she came. A young girl, twenty at most, talked to me. We were friends. But then she told me of my fate- to kill. Maim. Murder. I pushed her away.
Years later (I don't know how many) I still had nightmares about the girl shaking me and telling me I would kill.
Then I went to camp and fought in the Titan War.
My heart was crushed when my arrow pierced the heart of an enemy demigod.
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
(I like these a lot, you might get several from me)

Name: KD (Kate Delia) Schwartz
Hometown: Kennebunkport, Maine
Parent: Hebe, minor goddess of youth, but is one of the Hunters of Artemis and doesn't live at Camp Half-Blood
Weapon: Bow and arrows, obviously
Item: Weapons appear when needed, magical packs that can hold anything
Appearance: Medium height, blonde, intense dark brown eyes
Clothes: Jeans, silvery shirts, hunting boots, occasionally a silver jacket
Short story: I was definitely not in Kansas anymore, and I was loving it. Back in Kennebunkport (and anywhere I lived, actually)I craved excitement. I was always viewed as weak, delicate, a prize to be won. Boys hit on me without getting to know me, teachers gave me slack in class, and all because I was blonde. It's not like I want to have the hair of a model! Once you get to know me I'm tough and fiesty. Since I had no parents or relatives, I was in foster care, moving from place to place to place. I only stayed anywhere for a few months at a time. According to my host families, I'm "moody, sassy, and problematic." So what? But it's gotten me moved more times than I can count and expelled from at least four schools. At Neville Chamberlain High in Kennebunkport, a teacher, Ms. Housmill, called me to the office- probably to discuss my recent detentions. But she transformed into a terrifying creature, with snakes for legs. It charged, and I managed to beat it back with a lamp. It cornered me, and then exploded into golden dust. Artemis picked her arrow up from the pile of dust and explained the creature, a dracanae, herself, and me. I immediately joined her Hunt, and Camp Half-Blood has never even heard of me.
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Name: Lacey Krastor
Hometown: Camp Half-Blood
Parent: Poseidon
Weapon: Small throwing tridents stored in a quiver like arrows
Item: Quiver that shrinks into a hair tie
Apperance: Medium height, thin auburn hair tied up in a ponytail, big green eyes
Clothes: Camp T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and a necklace of her mother's.
Short story: Lacey has lived at Camp Half-Blood literally her entire life. She was born there when her mother, Julia Krastor, died in childbirth. Ever since she's worn a blue beaded necklace Julia owned, given to her by Poseidon. She is one of the rare demigods without ADHD, so her battle reflexes are slower than most half-bloods'. Because of this, she's never been outside camp or on a quest. Lacey trains constantly, improving her aim with her throwing tridents and practicing swordfighting and archery.
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Name: Eli Quarn
Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Parent: Persephone
Weapon: Sword named Ousia- Essence in Ancient Greek.
Item: Essence becomes a leather wallet that turns into a sword when opened
Appearance: Insanely short, messy brown hair, freckles.
Clothes: Shorts and a baggy camp T-shirt
Short story: Persephone, after hundreds of years of being Hades' forced wife, became restless and had a demigod child with Cory Brebs, a park designer from the Bronx. That child was named Dylan Brebs, and he was hidden to keep him away from Hades' wrath. Hades learned of Dylan and lured him into the Underworld by opening the Central Park entrance. There he was turned into a tree that was thrown into the River Lethe. Persephone rescued the tree and turned it back into Dylan, but his memory was completely gone. From there he was renamed Eli Quarn and thinks he's a son of Hermes. His hair and face were both slightly altered to prevent Hades from recognizing him and killing him. To this day Dylan Brebs thinks he's Eli Quarn.
hace más de un año Hades223 said…
Name: Jason Card
Hometown:New york
Parent: Hades
Weopan: Stygian iron Sword
Magical item: A cloak of darkness. It brings shadows to serve you and cloak you from view.
Apearence: Tall, skinny, with black hair, doesn't usually where armour.
Clothes: Short sleeve green t-shirt, blue jeans, camp half-blood necklace.
Short story: Jason Card was born in Georgia but was moved by his father, Hades, and his mother, Sarah Card, to New york, so as to escape Zeus' rath. Hades soon had to leave, but Zeus soon found Jason. he blew apart the building, but he survived, and watched his mother be killed by a lightning bolt. Three days later he was moved to camp.
hace más de un año Hades223 said…
By the way i think it's awesome you're writing your own story. I want to be a writer when i grow up as well.
hace más de un año vlad_todd_fan said…
How many characters do u need
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
^^Probably not this many, but let's keep going until they say stop
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Name: Jack Chun-li, Jr.
Hometown: Circe's Isle
Parent: Circe
Weapon: Dagger named Apódrasi- Escape in Greek.
Item: Escape is an engraved silver ring that transforms when taken off the finger
Apperance: A teenage boy of about fifteen, Chinese-American, with black spiky hair dyed with streaks of blue, blue eyes
Clothes: Sneakers, camp shirts, ripped skinny jeans
Short story: Jack is the unknown twin of Rose Chun-li, the daughter of Circe (see my fanfic for more about her). When Circe gave birth to Rose and Jack, she kept Rose to be a henchwoman and threw Jack into the sea around the island, due to her hatred of males. Circe locked up Jack Senior, the twins' father, and soon after turned him into a pig and made him into bacon. Jack Jr. was found in the ocean by a Cyclops, who took him to Poseidon, who then sent him to Camp Half-Blood, where he has yet to meet his long-lost twin sister.
hace más de un año brittanyloves said…
Jade Cassidy Yullae (pronounced you-lay)
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Weapon: Half blade, half-Celestial bronze dagger.
Item: A ring that summons any weapon and protection you need. A dagger, (one of Jade's favorites)a sword, a shield, body armor, bow and arrow, et cetera.
Parent: Nike, goddess of victory
Appearance: Twelve years old, she has hazel golden eyes, curly medium brown hair, tanned skin and kind of tall, 5'4".
Clothes: Blue tank top, white, gray, and black camouflage pants, Converse and of course her ring.
Story: I was running away from the dracanaes with a boy I just met.
"C'mon!" I cried. "What are you waiting for?"
"Sh!" he said, then WHACK. He used his sword and vanished the dracanae.
"Cool." I muttered. I summoned my dagger and a shield. "DIE!" I charged at the snake lady and stabbed it.
The guy was slicing their heads off. Then finally, they were no more.
"Who are you exactly?" I asked.
"Derek Peirs, son of Hermes." Derek smiled at me. He had long black hair and blue eyes.
"I'm here to bring you to Camp Half-Blood."
"I'm not going there." I protested.
"And why not?"
"Because, I'm not welcome there. I'm the daughter of Nike--"
"A shoe?"
"Ha ha," I said sarcastically. "I'll do just fine on my own. I'll have my own victory. If my mom can do it, I can."
"If you're sure--"
"Which I AM."
"Then stay here, if not, contact us."
He handed me a card saying "Camp Half-Blood.Farm Road, Montauk, Long Island."
I sighed, "I'll go, okay?"
He smiled like he won.
"Remember," I said. "You may think you've won THIS time, but I always win."
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hace más de un año Percy___Jackson said…
Name: Theseus McStarius
Hometown: New York, New York
Parent: Hades
Weapon: A trident or a stygian iron sword. When I say Omega the sword grows. My uncle Poseidon gave me a trident that works when I say delta, the trident grows. My uncle Zeus, also gave me a lightning bolt when I say Gamma.
Items: Clothes that get morphed into greek armor when I say, Sigma
Apperance: Messy, long black hair, sparkling black eyes, a scar just below mouth, tanned skin, 12 years old, and 5"5' now.
Clothes: A black t-shirt, ripped jeans, a black hoodie with hood up
It was a stormy summers morning, I was hanging out in my apartment, with my friend Mike. We were playing the PS3 when I heard a creaking noise. I said "Be right back" and ran upstairs.
There I found my other friend Keeyan, wanting to play.
I led him downstairs and we all played. I was an only child, I didn't get many visitors.
Then, the weirdest thing happened. My teacher knocked on the door, Mrs. Mallios. "Hello Theseus!" She said with a voice like people dying (Which for some reason didn't bother me), she then jumped up and kicked me in the face.
Everything turned black.

I woke up in some kind of a hospital tent. "Where am I?" I asked sitting up and rubbing my head.
A girl that I recognized, Ashley, was standing over me. "Your in the infarmary,"
"Where?" I asked, looking in her green eyes, which then changed to blue.
"In camp half- blood" She said, her blond hair sparkling.
"Oh well that-- wait wha-?" I said, a little confused. I had always had a crush on Ashley, I just never told her, I was to nervous.
"Camp Half-Blood" She said rolling her eyes, which had now turned brown.
"Camp Half-Blood," I let that sink in, I heard that somewhere before. "Like the Percy Jackson books?" I asked.
"Rick Riordan, Son of Apollo, just made all of those campers up, there are no children of the big three... yet" She stared at me, as if I were that one.
To tell, the truth, I was scared and sad. "Are Mike, and Key here?" I asked her.
"Yeah, they are" Ashley told me.
I got up, and walked over to this hill. "Wait!" Ashley yelled behind me.
"What!" I yelled back at her.
"You can't leave!"
"I can handle my self, don't watch over me." My voice shaked, I didn't want to yell at my crush.
Her eyes started to water. I rolled my eyes and walked away. "Wait!" She yelled.
"Oh, Omega!" I yelled, like that was an insult. But a sword popped out of the ground, a black bladed one, and slipped into my hand. "What the...?" I said.
I threw it on the ground and it melted back into the ground.
I rolled my eyes like none of it happened and walked away.
I felt something hit my head. "Ow!" I said. I looked and there, there was a card. I picked it up and it said:
Camp Half-Blood.Farm Road, Montauk, Long Island.
I put it in my pocket and walked away.
hace más de un año poseidon5567 said…
Jessica Roselica(Rose-el-icay))
Las Vegas
armor that melts in to clothes,rose necklace that makes you invisible,
hace más de un año percyandpotter said…
Quick statement: if you use KD, change the name, and if you use Jack Chun-li, change the last name and the "twin" thing.

Name: Matt (Matthew) Clask
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Parent: Euterpe, the Muse of music
Weapon: He has a sword, but more often he uses reed pipes like the satyrs
Item: His sword shrinks into a small, plastic sword he sticks in his pocket, his reed pipes are small enough to fit themselves.
Apperance: Fair skin and curly brown hair inheireted from his mother, but his father's hazel eyes.
Clothes: Camp shirts and shorts in the summer, classic rock band T-shirts and jeans during the year, and always an old shark tooth necklace of his uncle's
Short story: Matt's father died of lung cancer from smoking when Matt was six, so he was raised mostly by his Uncle Kevin. He had no contact with his mother, who didn't like Kevin, until he turned thirteen and was claimed. Kevin knew he was a demigod (he and Matt's father had been very close and shared everything) and sent him to camp. His interest in music was so strong that the satyrs taught him to use reed pipes, and even though he sounds great, he's never had contact with his mother. Never.