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Perseus54321 posted on Mar 21, 2011 at 01:33AM
I think that PJ doesn't have enough fans. I know it's a really big series already. But when I look at the list for book clubs, PJ is on the third page! And it's not even that high up. So I think this could help get PJ more popular. So I'm using this for the people who aren't in the P.J.O. clubs. Percy Jackson should at least be above Twilight!!! (being above HP would be good too) And one more thing, check out a forum called Camp Half-Blood Club. It is going really slowly and I needed to advertise.

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hace más de un año Perseus54321 said…
Ok since nobody is responding you guys can use this forum for whatever you want. Spamming, stories, creating demigods, etc. I just don't care any more.
hace más de un año brittanyloves said…
At least you're honest.
P.S. Thanks for commenting on my fanfic. :)
hace más de un año greekgirlA said…
really? so i can use it for a place to put my cussing?