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penguin098 posted on Feb 22, 2011 at 04:56PM
Ok, so I'm a super fan of the Percy Jackson seires and the Heroes of Olympus seires and I thought I should introduce you to a new demigod, who might just save the world, her name is Lauren she's a daughter of Hecate who just wants to be accepted.

The first chapter takes place before Percy defeats Krosos and goes on from there. I appologize in advance for my spelling (we really need spell cheack here)

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson, Jason, Piper, or any of those ppl, ect. Dispite my prayers to the writing gods, i have never met Rick Riorden and therefore cannot have stolen any of his ideas

Also, Spaming, please don't, if the comment isn't a complament, question about the story, or constructive critisism, don't say it. Flames will only be used to roast marshmellows (spelling, ik) for the kinder people, so yea i guess i really on't care about that stuff.

Wittout further adu(sp) i peresent to you... Caught in the Middle!!!
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