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Listen, this is my first time making a form like this so, tell me what you think. In this form, you can create your own chapter after i create the first chapters (or you could just comment and i could write the chapters). These are the characters i have so far. - means they're dating.

Major Characters:
Kelly Shea - David Jon
Annabeth Chase - Percy Jackson
Mike Jonithin
Misty Johnson
Stephany Fencion - Will Chase
Stan Larie
Anya Decota

Minor Characters:
Grover - Junipur
Fay Carson
John Carson

A special thanks to PERCYJACKS0N. Thanks for the help
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Hestia’s PoV
I sit at the round table. Waiting. Zeus called me here to explain something, but I don’t think he's going to show up. Click- Clack! His shoe clicks get louder as he gets closer. I'm not scared so I don't run. "Why did you call me here? I need to attend to my duties, so make it quick" I demanded.

"We need to talk about your duties as the goddess of the hearth." Zeus remarked.

"I have done nothing wrong, so I do not know why you called me here." I HATE it when Hera spreads rumors about me that aren’t true.

"Well according to Hermes, you haven’t been doing your job correctly."

"Who could trust HIM!?"

"Now, now. Let’s not point fingers'.'

"Ugh. I've been doing my job correctly no matter what anyone says!"

"Ok, ok. We just need to discuss something. Ok?"

I crossed my arms in frustration and sit back in the chair. "I'm listening," I remarked.

"As your job as a goddess is to provide the mortals with what they need. So, you need to provide the humans with fire to keep them warm."

"I will," I said, and walked away.

Kelly's PoV

Walking through the halls, I noticed something was wrong. Where were the students? Where were the principal and secretaries? Am I early? I looked at my watch. IT’S SATURDAY??!! I sigh and walk back home. Suddenly, darkness. Someone was covering my eyes. I rip the hand off my face, I look up, and... PERCY!!! "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!?" I yelled.

"Sorry! I thought you were someone else." Percy answered

"Oh, really? Like who?" I asked.

"Ok I lied. What are you doing up so early though?"

"I thought it was Friday." Percy just laughed. “I was worried Percy! I waited outside your apartment for 15 minutes!" I yelled.

"You know I... DUCK!" Percy said already diving to the ground. The javelin hit me in the head and I fell to the ground unconscious.

I woke up in the infirmary at CBH. I held my head. My brain hurt. "What happened?" I asked weakly. Clarisse was arguing with Chiron -a.k.a Mr. Brunner- about something. All I could hear was “ I didn't mean it” and “I didn't do it“. All lies. I saw Clarisse’s javelin with a big dent in it. Is my head really that hard? I guess so. I sighed and got up. I felt light headed, but I recovered quickly.

"Sit down girl! You'll faint if you don't!" Ordered Chiron. I sat down quickly, careful to obey Chiron’s orders.

"Stupid 17 year old," Clarisse mumbled. I glowered at her.

"Now be nice. We don’t want to visit the box of shame do we?" Chiron said.

"I thought there was no box of shame anymore." I remarked.

"Good, she doesn’t have a concussion," Chiron said.

"Sorry Kelly," Clarisse said. She mumbled curses in Greek as she walked out of the infirmary.

"What was that about?" I asked. Chiron just shrugged.
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Apollo Pov __________________________________________­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­___­
A councle meeting was called... AGAIN. My big sister, Artemis, mumbles something. I do not ask what she said, she already thinks of me as noise. Zeus clears his throat. Dead sielence. "Do you know why i called you all here?" Everyone shook their heads no. "Well I was going to tell you, but try and figure it out on your own" They looked around. Artemis hand shot up, almost hitting me in the face.
"Hey!" I yelled.
"Sorry brother" she replied. I smiled to tell her it was ok.
"Yes Artemis?" Zeus asked.
"Hera has been kid... or "godnapped' " She replied. There was mummbleing in the crowd.
"SIELENCE!!!" Zeus bellowed. Again Dead sielence. ''Yes you are correct Artemis. And we all know this has happened before"
"So then it has to be Gaia that kid... godnapped Hera" I piped up.
"It's a posibility. I don't know for sure." Zeus replied.
"Then who?" I said
David's PoV
Ready! Aim! FIRE! I shot my arrow across the feild. I knew there was another battle coming, and I need all the practice I could get. As the son of Apollo, I very well know how to shoot a bow. I can never make it in the center target, though. In the backround I hear sowrd clanking together. It must be Kelly and Annabeth I thought. And it was. They are both good at sorwdsmanship. Kelly is the daughter of Zeus, its not easy beating her. Annabeth is the daughter of Athnea, its not easy beating her eather. In the end, it always ends in a tie! I have no idea how but it does. It makes me crazy! Thalia has other, better weapons so she gave her sister her old sowrd and sheild. I wanna see the battle, so I stop practing and go to the areana. They start at the areana and end up at the strawberry field. It was a close tie. Of course, at the end they're sweaty so they jump in the lagoon. I deside to jump in with them.
"Hi, David! I didnt see you there" Said Annabeth. Kelly was floting on her back sleeping, so I deside to sneek up on her- bad idea. When I scared her, She kicked me in the jaw.
"Oh I'm sorry David" Kelly quickly replied.
"It's ok." I awnsered. I tasted blood. I had bitten my tounge- HARD!
"Are you ok?" Kelly asked.
"My tounge is bleeding, but other than that I'm fine" I awnsered. She wasn't fociced on me at the time. I guess she saw something in the water because she went underwater to get it. She brought up a coin. No, not a greek coin, it was a roman coin.
"Annabeth? Do you posibly know who or what or how this coin got here?" Kelly asked.
"Hmm. No sorry" She replied. She snatched the coin from Kelly's hands.
"Hey! That wasn't very nice" I said.
"Well, no worries cause I saw a lot more down there" Kelly replied. She dived under the water to get them. She tawsed me one when she came up.
"It's gold!" I yelled.
"They seem suspisious. I'll bring them to Chrion." Annabeth responded. We gave her our coins and she dissappered.
"Should we trust her?" Kelly asked.
"Sure why not?" I replied.
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Im going to make articles cause ive been making the chapters in word.
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