Percy Jackson & The Olympians libros This is a sequel to The Last Olympian not The lost Hero but with all the people from The Heros Of Olympus.

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Hope you like this.I'll be posting daily so read this, commet and read again tommorow
I find out I have a sister
It was a normal day in thepark with Annabeth,when we saw a heard of Hellhounds and 2 Demigods standing back to back.One looked formalier and the other not so much but I new her.
"Hey,Annabeth do you see that?"I said.
"See what?Oh,did you bring Riptide?"She answered.
"Yep,you bring the dagger?"I replyed.
"I never go anywhere without it ."Annabeth said,"Let's go cheak it out."
So we went over there and desinagrated Hellhounds like there was no tommorow. By the time the hounds where gone I could see the 2 Demigods.
"Nico?"Both Me and Annabeth said confused"Who's this?"
"To think you would reconize your own sister.My name's Phoebe Jackson.Since you don't remember even though you were 2 when I was born."The girl said.
I ran up and huged her."I haven't seen you in 5 years!"I said"You've changed so much!Have you met Anna-"Before I could finish she replyed
"Yeah I know I read your books.But are you really a Demigod?"
"Nico can I talk to you?"
I didn't even let him answer.
"Ow"Nico said while rubbing his wrist"That hurt."
"Are you dating my sister?Is that a promise ring?How long have you known each other?Does she know she's a Demigod?"I asked like I was her Dad.
"Yes I'm dating her.Yes that's a promise ring.I've know her 2 months.And she doesn't know she's a Demigod but belives in the gods and speaks Anicent Greek when she's mad."He said
"Wow!"I said"Let's get back to the girls."

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Sorry it took me so long to write anouther chapter.Hope you like it.
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I Drag My Sister To Camp
Once Nico and I were done talking we went back to the girls.Once Phoebe and Annabeth saw us.Phoebe said something in ancient Greek fallowed by "Finley you guys show up.Nico what did Percy say?"She asked.
"Nothing much"Nico said
Phoebe stared at him.Me and Nico exchanged looks and we grabbed Phoebe by her arms while Annabeth got her legs"She's lighter than she looks"Annabeth said.
"Let go of me!!!!!!!!!"My sister yelled."Where are you taking me??????"
"Camp Half-Blood.And stop sturgling we won't let go until you're at camp."I said
She shoot me a irritated look and then sighed.By the time we got to Half-Blood Hill Chiron and all the campers were waiting for us even Mr.D.
"Now are you gonna let go of me?"Phoebe asked
"Yes."I said and we let her go.When we turned around Leo,Piper,Jason,Frank,Hazel and Grover looked like they were gonna laugh.
"What?"Annabeth,Phoebe,Nico and I all asked.And then the whole camp just burst out laughing.

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I Almost Kill My Brother
One day your strolling Greece and dating the most wonderful guy in the world and the next day your being dragged to a camp you don't even want to go to.I literately felt like killing Percy.Literately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Where are you gonna drag me next?Mount Olympus?The Underworld? Poseidon's Palace?"I asked Percy.Before he could answer Chiron said "You made it just in time for Dinner!" and dragged Percy, Annabeth,Nico and I on his back.I had no idea how I made past the borders because I am not a Demigod.I had three things wrong with me.1. I was confused,2I was mad at Percy and 3 The top of my leg hurt 'cause a Hellhound bit me there.When we got to the dinning pavilion Chiron said"Phoebe since your godly parent has not claimed you yet you'll have to sit at the Hermes table." So I did what I was told and ate at the Hermes table. After dinner I went to the campfire and watched every one look at me then I noticed a faint blue glow around me.Then I looked up and there it was a glowing blue Trident above my head."What the?"I said. Then I heard Percy say"I have a sister both ways!" And then Nico said "I'm dating the daughter of Poseidon?" And then Some one in the Hepathus cabin say"Another Big Three"He had a crazy smile,Curly brown hair, an orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a tool belt.I bet that guy is Leo Valdez Nico told me about him,I thought.And then Chiron becond me over so I got up and walked over hoping that Trident would stay there but when I looked up it was still there.
"Behold Phoebe Jackson daughter of Poseidon!"Chiron said
"I think there's been a mistake I am no Demigod I don't even know how I got pass the border"I said
"Nonsense the gods never lie!"Chiron said
"Then this is there first time there playing a practical joke on us!"I said
"Nonsense"Chiron said
"I give up."I said
"Why don't you go sit down."Chiron said
"Okay"I said.So I went and sat down.
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I know your reading this. Will you comment already? And Popcornchip23,If your out there I know where you live
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Sorry it took so long for me to write again.Sorry bout that.
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I faint in front of everyone.
Since I was very mad I went and sat next to Percy.In the firelight which by the way was the color of the sea I looked up luckily the blue glow and trident were fading.Then Chiron said
" I would like to see Phoebe,Nico,Annabeth,and Percy in the Big House in 5 minutes"So we all got up and ran well I was limp-running more than running.Nico looked back at me and slowed down to help me gods of Olympus he was cute.When we got to the Big House Chiron was waiting for us.He showed us in and then said"As some of you Know,we have been keeping Kronos's scythe"Nico looked as confused as I was well may it's because he travels the world and for the last 2 months he's been with me."and Charles Beckendorf,Silena Beauregard, and Luke Castellan have chosen re birth and Hades has given mercy on them and let them continue their lives and I am sure you might of noticed them out at the mess hall and amphitheater.Therefore we know they are back on our side.I have some bad news the scythe has been stolen.And I am sending you to go get and you can pick more companions.Well what are you waiting for?Oh,and one more thing some half-bloods from the Roman camp will be waiting for you at the borders along with the rest of the camp and a new demigod.''On that note we all went to the borders.Where the whole camp,Chiron,Mr.D and a few Half-Bloods in purple shirts.Everyone was looking at me gosh that was creepy."Um,Hi"I said shyly.Then I whispered to Nico"Am I the caption?""Yep."He answered back"Why me?" "Cause you're new.""Ok.""Phoebe are you going to pick?"Chiron asked."I guess.Leo Valdez,Beckendorf, Silena,Luke,Grover,Tyson,Coach Hedge,Jason,Piper,Thalia and the hunters,Hazel,Frank,Percy,Annabeth,Nico and Stella Campbell."I replied."I am sorry but there is no demigod here under that name."Chiron said"Actually that's my name."My best friend,Stella Campbell said coming through the crowd holding Luke's hand with a faint gold glow and a lightning bolt floating above her head everyone kneeled and then the trident came back.Great,I thought.Everyone looked up.Just Great."Behold Stella Campbell and Phoebe Jackson daughters of Poseidon and Zeus."Chiron said There were murmurs among the crowd one that I made out from Malcolm,Annabeth's brother"4 Children of the Big Three that's a lot of bad luck.."Annabeth shot him daggers "Well then welcome to camp Half-Blood and have you eaten?"Chiron said"Yes I am fine"Stella said"Good.Well by the looks of it you'll be leaving with the rest of the group tomorrow at lunch well after you eat.Phoebe you are going to have to consult Rachel.Rachel is oh wait Percy told me that you read the books which by the way why did you write those books?"Chiron asked Percy"Well all my first books went to Phoebe and then one day she suggested that I publish them so I did."He answered"Oh.Well than can Rachel please come forward?"Chiron asked.I saw a girl that looked like the picture Percy sent that's how I knew Nico was the handsome demigod that I read about.I love that day.I got snapped out of my flashback when Nico elbowed me in the gut.I looked up and Rachel scared me half to death by saying."Ask away seeker."In a real raspy voice."The quest I'm going on."And then all of a sudden the Olympians came out of nowhere.Apollo whispered something to Rachel.I heard"Don't speak in rhyme."And then said to me"I would get a notebook out."So Percy gave me one.Then it got creepy."You shall go across the country and sail a ship to the old countries and defeat many enemies on the way.Someone shall faint many times someone who is good with archery,"The group looked at me"You will not lose any life's nor any friends a faithful hound shall accompany you and guide you palaces.The Olympians will grant one wish for you we all wish you good luck.And then she was back to regular Rachel.Then Mrs.O'Leary Percy's pet,pounced on me and liked me a lot then moved on to Percy.Poseidon,my dad stepped in front of me and said"Zeus,Hades and I have been talking and agreed to let everyone sail. All the territories.The sea,the sky and the Underworld."Thanks dad that means a lot thank you too,Lord Zeus and Lord Hades..""Here are your gifts 1 Pegasus her name is Aquamarine and here is a boat.""Thanks again.We'll be able to go across the sea now.That is-Here I go."And I fainted

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We Set Sail. Well, Sort Of
I don't know how many times I woke up but the one I remember started like this. I had a straw in my mouth and it tasted like my mom's homemade brownies. I don't know how I remembered how I knew how they tasted. It had been 5 years. Anyway I wasn't holding it. Nico was and he looked cuter than ever! Of course he always wears the same stuff but he looked cute in what ever he was wearing. I looked down and my leg was wrapped up. Speaking of which the leg probably caused me fainting. Then I passed out again. Getting one more look at the room and Nico. When I came around again, I was on a porch of what looked like The Big House. Now instead of just Nico I saw Percy, Stella, Nico, Luke, Annabeth, and Grover. Stella and Luke were looking at The cabins, Percy, Annabeth and Grover were in the middle of a conversation about me, and Nico was really interested in his shoes which were black Nikes. When he looked up he noticed me and said, " Hey, you're up!" Stella and Luke turned around and Percy, Annabeth, And Grover stopped talking and looked at me. I tried getting up and surprisingly it worked but I felt a little dizzy. Then Percy said" Glad you're okay." Then I said " What time is it?" " About 6:00 in the morning. The alarm horn didn't ring yet." He answered. " Why don't we go to our cabins and get ready for the quest and breakfast?" Everyone nodded. Percy and everyone else started down the stairs. So I just followed Percy to a blue cabin with walls made out of sand and seashells the roof was made out of actual waves. And I mean actual waves that you see at the beach. When I came in all I could smell was the sea breeze that I hadn't smelt in a while. It reminded me of that beach mom used to take me and Percy to. When I took a look around I saw Tyson sweeping in the room next to a bunk which was probably his, on the middle bunk it looked like a tornado hit it which I figured was Percy's and the one closest to the closet was a nicely made bunk with my backpack on it and a pair of jeans, a orange T- shirt and a pair of brand new sneakers with a pair of socks. So I went in my backpack which surprisingly had my whole wardrobe and my tooth brush, toothpaste, brush, lip gloss and blush. I got up took I shower, got out, got dressed in the camp T-shirt and jeans, brushed my hair, applied a thin layer of lip gloss, put some blush on which was a little darker than my skin color, put my hair in a pony tail, put on my New York Giants hat, put my socks on, and last but not least put my shoes on. Then brushed my teeth. When I came out Percy's bed was clean and Selinia was looking at the room then looked up at me and smiled then she said" Percy 5 out of 5. Phoebe good to see you a wake." I smiled at her. Then she left a few minutes later Percy said to me," Nice hat. And have you always had those blond highlights? Oh wait never mind I remember." "Yeah, I got them from spending way to much time in the sun when I was 9." I said. After that, a horn sounded and all the cabins filed out for breakfast. After breakfast, I had archery with Chiron and most of the Apollo cabin when I got my bow and arrows I got a variety of arrows magical and regular. I got my bow and arrow ready and when Chiron told us I shot and got a bullseye and a few after that everyone looked at me. After archery I had arts and crafts. After that I had canoeing with Percy. I accidentally dumped him in the water. After canoeing I had sword fighting with Nico. I knocked him down with the end of my sword. And after that was lunch. The most dreaded hour of my life. After that the group got our bags then we went to the stables and got Blackjack and Aquamarine, Mrs.O'Leary and went to Argus. And I was on my way to basically death.
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Sorry it took so long to write again. This chapter might be short.
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