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apollorules123 posted on Oct 01, 2011 at 02:24AM
it was midnight when tyson crashed through my window.I asked him whats wrong and he said him grover,annabeth,clarrisse,thaila,and chiron were battling an army of monsters titans and leading them to battle up to olympus.As i ran to olympus i uncapped riptide and got out my new shield tyson had made for me.I figured that i could destroy monsters and bring down kronos once and for all. i ran to olympus and sliced down every monster including typhon and ladon.and saw the hunters and all the greatest heroes including achilles,hercules,perseus,etc.I ran to olympus killeing titans and found mrs.o'leary throwing titans and mosters off olympus as hecate turned her into a pitbull puppy. she ran to olympus and hid under hades throne.then i grabbed kronos and we jumped of mount olymupus.i landed on kronos andhis scythe went into his throat and he died returning to tartarus forever.after that i went home with my new dog mrs.o'leary who was white with black spots.THE END

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hace más de un año songster909 said…
Did you even read the series? First of all, Mrs. O'Leary is a pure BLACK Hellhound. Next, Percy AND Kronos had the Achilles curse which made them invulnerable. Next, Ladon is a dragon who works for the Hesperides guarding the Golden Apples in SAN FRANCISCO. I could go on for HOURS, but i just commented the top three things that were wrong with the story. You're Welcome!!
hace más de un año apollorules123 said…
hay songster this is a new story when there is a new guardian of the golden apples and Mrs. O'Leary was transferred to a new body by hecate and remember how the gods sliced kronos up WITH HIS SCYTHE AND THIS IS A FEW YEARS AFTER THE GREAT WAR AND I READ THE SERIES.My fav monsters were minotaur,polyphemus,talos,kampe,and clazmonian sow ya monkey

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