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This is the story about Tess Maureen and this about her.

Age: 12
How long at CHB: one year
Mortal parent: Hank Maureen (deceased)
Godly parent: Enyo, the goddess of war, terror, and alarm.
Looks: She has long, straight, black hair, hazel-gold eyes, athletic build, tall, (5 and a half feet) and tan.
Wears usually: Tee-shirts, torn jeans, Converse high-tops
Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, quick-witted, likes to cause trouble and alarm.
Magical power: At her will, she could make anyone paranoid or scared.
Weapon of choice: Dagger and body armor
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Chapter One: Ares vs Enyo Cabin

I woke up with the same feeling I've had before: paranoia. It's because I have that same dream, over and over again.
It's a cold and black place, in the middle nowhere. I am trapped in a sticky, steely, white net, kind of like a spider web. I see nothing, hear nothing, and alone.
"Girl..." An icy voice whispers in my ear. "Girl, come to me, come to me and have your wildest dreams come true. If you don't, you will face a horrid death."
I say nothing. I try to speak, but the words just won't come out.
"Not agreeing?" The voice asks. "Oh well then. We'll just have to do this--"
The voice snipped the spider web and I felt as if I was falling. I wanted to scream but couldn't. I just had to fall, spread-eagle into space.
I suddenly opened my eyes to the Enyo cabin. It isn't terribly great and decorated like the Poseidon cabin, or even the Hecate cabin for that matter. It's just a black cabin, with gold looking sheets and bunks. Maybe a few different weapons like spears and swords on the walls, but other than that, not really special.
There's only five other people in the Enyo cabin. A girl that's seventeen named Clio, who's also head of it, two twin boys that are fifteen named Kasey and Nick, and another guy who's eleven named Orion.
Clio is tall, muscular, has blood red hair and bright green eyes. Nick and Kasey look the same to every last detail. Lean, tall, long blond hair and blue eyes. Orion is the runt. He's kind of short, not the athletic looking, pale, dark brown eyes and short brown hair. He's pretty quiet too, you wouldn't think he's the son of the war goddess at first, but he can fight.
Kasey rolled me off the bed.
"Oof!" I said as I landed with a thud. "What the hell was that for?"
"Just 'cause I wanted to." Then he high-fived Nick.
I kicked Nick and Kasey in their shins and muttered under my breath, "Jackasses,"
"HEY!" Clio yelled. "Everyone clean their spaces! Clarrise's on cabin duty and she's had it out for me ever since I got here--"
"And also for calling her a fat, ugly cow." Nick added.
"I didn't say cow, but that doesn't matter. She's probably gonna give us something low if we don't make this spotless. Orion, since you're the smallest, you work the floors. Tess, you dust. Nick, Kasey, you two are on punishment so you scrub. I'll get the high spaces. Now get moving. DID I STUTTER? GET MOVING!"
Clarrise gave us a 3/5, even though our cabin was spotless, and Clio started to pick a fight.
"Ha, like I'd wanna fight with a pathetic piece of crap like you." Clarrise said.
Then, Clio spit in her face. Clarrise kneed Clio in the stomach, then when Clio went down, kicked her in the face. I tackled Clarrise and hit her in the eye. She flung me off then I grabbed her by the waist and she fell down. Orion jumped on top of her, but he being pretty small, she threw him off of her. The twins kicked her in the stomach.
"KICK HER IN THE JAW!" I told them, but of course they didn't.
Afterwards, Clarrise made Nick and Kasey bend like a pretzel and made them stick their foots in their mouths. I turned away, but I could only imagine the pain they were in.
I was pretty sure we didn't win the fight, but it was a damn good one.
I helped up Clio. "You okay?" I asked.
"I'm fine. Ugh, stupid bitch. Clarrise ALWAYS does this shit! Ever since I went to this camp when I was thirteen in the Hermes cabin, she always picked a fight and won it!"
"Um," Orion said. "YOU were the one who picked the fight this time. You know, by spitting in her face?"
Clio glared at him, "I swear to gods, I will kill you."
"Hey, it wasn't his fault. Was it, Orion?"
He shook his head.
Later on we headed to the dining pavilion, got breakfast and sent an offering to the gods.
I tossed the juiciest grape vine I had and said "Enyo," and it burned with the sweet scent in the air.
Clio sent the fattest piece of sausage she had to our mother, Nick and Kasey gave her our eggs and Orion gave her bacon.
When we headed back to eat, one of the Ares kids slammed my head into my breakfast.
I got up and from my seat and flung some eggs at them, hitting them in the face. They threw a pancake at me. I got the bastards back by spilling orange juice all over them.
Someone from the Hermes cabin yelled, "Food fight!" and started throwing toast and hash browns at the Athena cabin, who obviously did not want to take part in this.
The Hecate cabin got their wands and staffs out and started throwing meatballs and spaghetti at the Demeter and Apollo cabins.
The Demeter cabin started attacking the Hecate cabin and the Apollo cabin was their ally.
The Eris cabin joined in too, 'til everyone become a maid's or neat-freak's worst nightmare.
The Ares kids came back to me, "We'll get you back for that tomorrow kid." they said through gritted teeth.
"We'll just see how that'll end," I said narrowing my eyes.
Hope everyone liked the first chapter! Sorry if you didn't...

Also, this picture is the goddess Enyo:
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 Chapter One: Ares vs Enyo cabina I woke up with the same feeling I've had before: paranoia. It's beca
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