Percy Jackson & The Olympians libros Annabeths POV of the Battle of the labyrinth

i_luv_percy posted on Jul 06, 2011 at 04:10PM
It's Annabeth's side if the story. I will be posting every Thursday.

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hace más de un año liverpoolrock05 said…
cool so you'll be posting tomorrow
hace más de un año i_luv_percy said…
chapter 1

I was really excited. I could barely stop myself from bouncing up in down in the cab. I stepped out of the cab in the alley into East 81st. I sensed something wrong but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It was one hour til Percy got here. I was thinking back on today on how my dad kept warning me not to do anything irresponsible and how my step mom kept saying,
-" Good luck on your date."
-" it's not a date." I always answered, but deep inside I always knew it was a date because I spent like three hours trying to find what I could wear. Then I started daydreaming on how our summer would be like, nut then I started worrying if me and Clarisse would ever find the entrance. I hope that I do find it and I get to lead a quest on exploring it.
My thought got interrupted by Percy. He just ran into me and it looked like he'd seen a ghost but it was probably similar to that.
-" You're early." I laughed and grabbed his shoulders to keep him from tumbling into the street. "Watch where you're going seaweed brain." I was in a really good mood. I stared into his eyes and it felt like I was getting lost at sea. Then I hear something and I see a girl covered in monster dust yelling,
-" Hey Percy wait up." I'll admit I was feeling a tiny bit jealous. The girl was really pretty. She had red hair and green eyes and freckles. Then I look back at his school and hear the fire alarms and smoke rising into the air. I could feel my smile turn into a frown.
-" What did you do this time? And whose this?" Now don't blame me for being mad but I really liked Percy and seeing him with that girl made me mad. I stared at her with big hopes that if I stared long enough she would blow up. No such luck.
-" Oh, Rachel-Annabeth. Annabeth-Rachel. Um, shes a friend I guess." Why did he hesitate what else would she be other than a friend, was he hiding something.
-"Hi." she said. Ugh she disgusted me. Then she turned to Percy. " You are in so much trouble. And you still owe me an explanation."
-"Percy we should go." I said coldly.
" I want to know about halfbloods. And monsters. and the stuff about the gods." Rachel insisted. She got out a marker and wrote her number on his arm and said,"You're going to call me and explain oky? You owe me that. Know get going."I was about to get my dagger and gut that girl even though she wouldn't die.
-"But-" Percy said.
-"I'll make up something." Then she ran back to the school. Finally I thought. I was about to cry but I couldn't do it in front of Percy. I stared at him the ran.
-"Hey!" He jogged after me he tried explaining but I didn't hear a thing all I could think of saying was,
-" you told a mortal girl about half bloods?"
-" She can see through the mist, she saw the monsters before I aw them."
-"So you told her the truth?"
-"She recognized me from Hoover Dam, so" I was about to scream out loud. My day with Percy was ruined by some mortal.
-" So you've met her before?"
-"Um, last winter. But seriously, I barely know her." I couldn't hold it anymore I had to say it even though it hurt,
-" She's kind of cute."
-" I-I never thought about it. I couldn't believe him I just started walking.
-"I'll deal with the school. Honest it will be fine." I couldn't believe he thought I was mad about the school. I couldn't even look at him.
-"I guess our afternoon is off. We should get out of here, now that the police will be searching for you."
- Yea you're right." I couldn't believe he said that. " We have to get to Camp Half-Blood. Now."
hace más de un año penguin098 said…
awwwww, poor Annabeth. The story's so different with her as the narrator, can't wait till Thursday
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that was mad
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this is cool love it whaiting your post tomarow
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I wont be able to post today Im going on vacation so I won't be back till August first and we are leaving tomorrow so I need tO start packing I will try to post wen I can but it won't be frequently sorry
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ok tht happens alot
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This is awesome I love it!!!!! You know you might could use:

." Annabeth said.

." Percy yelled. Stuff like that.;)
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big smile
This looks really good can't wait until next post!!!!!
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Post soon!
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That was good
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Hey I'm back I'll be posting tomorrow
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It was great and all, but the only thing is i would have expected annabeth to be more tough.....not girly. Also i don't think she would admit that shes jealous.So can you lower the girliness down cause shes been training in camp for years and years.thanks!btw...i still enjoyed it.
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good i like seeing her veiw
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Post post it's Friday
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Hey you guys I won't be able to post for a while i had a family emergency and I don't know when I'll be able to post I am sooo sorry
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