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So this is a different take on the long awaited percabeth reunion coming up in "The Mark of Athena" I thought it was fun to wite and I hope tu guys like it...

“Mumee? Would tu tell me a story?”
    The child’s mother sat on her bed, and the girl’s shoulders slumped. The stormy grey eyes she looked into seemed to be calculating an escape route. That was the thing about Sally’s mother. She was always worrying, and she never gave two bedtime stories. ‘Wise girl’ Sally thought ‘Daddy says mommy likes to be called wise girl.’
“Please wise girl?” Sally tried...
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Everyone thinks their parents are amazing. Yea they get on your nerves, big time. But would tu still like them if your father was one of the greatest heroes of Greek demigod history? Would tu still like your mother if she was an extremely know it all? Yea, thats me. My dad is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. The dud that gives tu seashells as a birthday present. Sad to say Poseidon's my grandpa.

My name is Brenna Zoe Jackson. My middle name is Zoe after the head hunter of Artemis that died saving my dad's life. My mom says its a great honor to have that name. I think its a bit creepy. Now...
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Pictures: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase Movie Clips: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Song: Your amor Is My Drug by: ke$ha
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A/N: This is an AU story of how Annabeth finds Percy AND her way back to happiness. She learns how important amor is and how every little moment with Percy should be cherished.

Post-The Last Olympian

I Will Find You
Chapter One:

Annabeth Chase had been spending a lot of her Time On Mount Olympus the Past few weeks.
She had been dado the amazing opportunity to redesign the whole of it!
She was a great architect, and was very passionate about her work but she had never really thought she would be allowed this amazing task.
Annabeth Chase, tu amaze me Percy had told her when she had confessed...
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