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 Their First navidad
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Okay I, was bored so I made this XD I actually kind of like how it came out, but Private's hat was to big for him XD
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The stage was all set, and all the people who were involved in the play were getting ready, Phil even had costumes for them all.

Phil: alright....the play will begin in a few minutes, make sure your ready, and I hope tu remember your lines!

Everyone was getting thier costumes on as Phil was saying this, Michelle was all ready for the play, so she sat and watched Rico get ready.

Rainshadow: "whispers" hola Michelle....go talk to Rico...I know tu like him.

Michelle then jumped, how did rainshadow know she thought?

Michelle: what?!

Rainshadow: just go. Just start any conversation, oh look he needs...
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Skipper and the other survivors were all determined to get out of here, with thier courage left making them go on, they continued along the huge building searching for any means of sachiko. Soon, after a while of walking around, a huge earthquake had begun.

Rico: whoa! This ones huge, unlike the other ones!

Everyone fell to the ground, struggling to not get separated again, they all held hands, the earthquake was ongoing until all of them fell unconscious.

Skipper and the others woke up, who were startled to find that the earthquake had changed the school completely! Instead if it Bieng dark,...
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The end is near...in part two of the Ending XD (P.S. this is going to be short I did this early in the morning so...yawn!)
The penguins finally reached their habitat and sighed with almost relief 'till they opened the hatch.

"Skipper!" Kowalski shouted with joy.

Sophia jerked her head around. "Aw 'come on!"

Skipper and Sophia started challenging each other. They went on and on and on and on of trash talk and on and on and on.....


Sophia and Skipper looked at him with shocked looks, well, not Sophia anyway.

Private and Rico untied Kowalski and hugged him. Kowalski was just glad he didn't have to do pick up lines anymore. (Yet.)

Sophia and Skipper started air kicks and flung at each other.

Who will win?
Sorry its short I'm sleepy
Penguin HQ
"Please, don't hurt me." Kowalski cried out, "I-i want t-to l-live."

The axolotl scanned Kowalski with it's eyes and transformed into his specie *I think that's how tu spell it*. But into a female.

"Hurt you?" She cooed. "Why would I do that?"

Kowalski didn't take his eyes off her. She was so...charming and beautiful. He thought he was dreaming so he slapped himself.

I'm not dreaming, maybe I should talk to her , He thought.

"U-um who a-are you?" he asked still stunned at what he just saw.

"My name, handsome, is Sophia."...
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A segundo later, he is out of my flippers in a dash. I glance down to my feet. He's gone. Fear bubbles inside my body, but soon ceases as I hear a jolly giggle.
"Wh-" I stare down to my left, bending over. Another cackle cuts off my sentence. Hiding behind my right leg, Private grins from earhole to earhole.
"I wonder where Private went. Hmmmm. Is he over … here?!" I play along, and quickly turn my head. He's not there.
"Huh?" I ponder, but once again his laughter makes me smile. I just know he's behind the other one.
I take a step adelante, hacia adelante and turn around, catching him off guard. I oscilación down,...
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 Can I have some cake?
Can I have some cake?
A look into their world

Skipper: *looks up from his bunk and sees the other penguins up* Wha? *falls out of his bunk where he is greeted por Julien* Ringtail!

Julien: Oh, hi Skipper. I just came por here to borrow some cake.

Skipper: Get out of our habitat!

Julien: After I get the cake?

Skipper: *pushes Julien out*

Julien: Can I still get the cake?

Skipper: *closes door in Julien's face*

Julien: Alright, fine.

Skipper: What are tu all doing up?

Private: tu slept really late. It's already eleven thirty.

Skipper: Eleven what?!

Private: Eleven thirty.

Skipper: Where's Kowalski? 

Private: Inventing something....
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Dumb Kowalski's conversation with Skipper

Kowalski:  Hi, I'm a penguin.

Skipper: Okay.

Kowalski: Are tu a penguin?

Skipper: Yes.

Kowalski: Yay! We're sisters!

Skipper: We'd better go outside. It's almost feeding time.

Kowalski: I like feeding things!

Skipper: We are the ones that get fed.

Kowalski: I hate feeding time. Why can't we feed ourselves?

Skipper: tu can.

Kowalski: Yay! I amor lemurs!

Skipper: Fine. *goes up the ladder*

Kowalski: No, Skipper, don't leave me here alone, with all the monsters! *clings onto Skipper's foot like a toddler*

Skipper: Then tu can come out with us.

Kowalski: Hooray for fish!

Skipper: *sigh* 
The morning arrived, sweeping petite white flakes to the snowy tundra. I peak out from under the sheets of snow and I rush into my parents' room as rapidly as my legs can take me. The cama is half vacant, my mother lays asleep por herself.
I climb my way up, grasping the covers. With all the strength I can muster up, I get on parte superior, arriba of her shoulder. I start poking her cheek to wake her up.
"Momma, wake up!" I yell, actuación as an alarm clock, but she continuously snores. I groan and cruzar, cruz my flippers across my chest.
In a matter of minutes, I lose all interest, and hop down it the bed. To my suprise...
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Made, just for fun.
the penguins of madagascar
Los pingüinos de Madagascar
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