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 They are angry
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Los pingüinos de Madagascar
pingüino, pingüino de
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So, Tyler Oakley of youtube tries this challenge where tu have to watch the famous afro circus clip from "Madagascar 3" for 10 minutos and he snaps so much you'd think he was a sleep deprived skipper. Check out Oakley's reaction
madagascar 3
afro circus
tyler oakley
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I found this on youtube :) Mort is soooo cute *-*
This is the paino música that ivy(Queen palms OC) will be playing for the play in my story a pingüino, pingüino de comedy^_^
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I've written that story a longer time hace and I am from Germany so the story is German. I can't speak o write English well enough to translate it.
I hope some of tu can read a little German.

Es war ein sonniger Tag, die Pinguine schlürften ihren Fischsud und Marlene sonnte sich auf ihrem Felsen. King Julien beschwerte sich mal wieder über guarida, den zalamero, batido de frutas von Maurice. Alice sprach durch ihr Handy mit einem Lieferanten, der gerade einen LKW Richtung Central Park Zoo steuerte. Ein neues Tier sollte in guarida, den Zoo kommen. Die Pinguine hörten mit und redeten darüber, dass es eine Unverschämtheit...
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*0200 hours pingüino, pingüino de HQ*
Kowalski: here's the coffee tu requested skipper, brewed to perfection with a fresh fish.
Skipper: greatly appreciated kowalski, besides the fact tu woke me up at 2:00 in the morning...anyways,what is the important "explosion" tu wanted to mostrar me?
K: well,actually,if in the time of need, an explosion would be quite well for this, tu see when tu syntheticly-
S: just tell me what it does, I lost tu at well.
K: -_- ok,their biomachanicle androids,somewhat similar to Francis's,but they can change into any animal tu want them to be,and they NEVER disobey a pingüino, pingüino de when...
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continuing on from ch.1......

[kowalski walks into the room]

ko:0_____0 (walks backwards and out)

ki: (knocks on door) skipper!!!!!! i waiting....!

p: wada we gona do skipper?!?!

s: (stands up) what we have to do,...

[private and skipper are geared up with wepons]

s: lets go.

[they hop outside in front of kitka]

ki: hello sk-

[they start firing pistolas at her]


p: i she dead?

s: no (fires gun at her)

Ki: (comes back...
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Private began to tear up when the two horrified penguins found their bleeding leader laying face down on the ground without any movement. Rico slammed into the door trying to open it.
R: "Skipper! Skipper!"
P: "It's no use, Rico!"
Private wept into his flippers. Rico had to think of something. Then it hit him. Private looked over to Rico who was now spitting up various weapons. Finally Rico snatched a stick of dynamite from his pile of reguriated ammo.
R: "Kaboom"
P: "Rico, no-"
It was too late rico had already blown up the door. A fog of dust seperated them from the walk-in fridge. Just when they...
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Skipper woke up...Starlite was staring at him, she was pale, her fringe was covering her one eye, but most disturbing of all she had fangs. "AHHH!!!" he scremed. "What is it Skipper! Oh wow...Starlite." Kowalsi was stunned. "Arrr..." Rico wolf-growled. "Haha, backatcha..." Starlite smiled, her voice sounded sweet, but tu could hear the evil rolling off of her tongue. The penguins looked at each-other, this was really strange behaviour...Especially from Starlite, who would normally have slapped Rico for growling. "Ummmm...Im gonna make coffee." Skipper dicho awekwardly."Its OK, ill make it Skipper."...
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Chapter 8: Gain

The red langosta army, and the alliance (with their newest member, Dr. Blowhole) took the prisoners to the jail cells they had in the robot. With the penguins, otters, and Nori still tied up, the lobsters throw them in the cell and locked the door.

“There, half of our plan is complete!” dicho Hans.

“Curse tu Hans, tu won’t get away with this!” dicho Skipper.

“I beg to differ, Skipper, hola that rhymes! Anyways, we will get away with this, after we take over the world, we will destroy you.”

“What exactly evil scheme do tu have planed?”

“What makes tu think I’ll...
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My first fanfic, don't hate!
It was late, and the penguins were on their way inicial from getting snow-cones. " I do amor myself some snow-cones." Skipper says while he eats his arco iris one. Kowalski stares at his " Yeah,I guess" Skipper looks over at Kowalski who is lagging behind. "Why are tu so blue? tu amor snow-cones Kowalski." Skipper asks. "Yeah I amor them, but it's not the snow-cones that's bothering me." Kowalski adds. Skipper looks at the ground "Then what is?" Kowalski stops walking and sighs " Why would tu care anyway?" Skipper looks at him surprised at what he just said. Kowalski...
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