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 ....And There Was Yelling...
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Los pingüinos de Madagascar
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It was 9:00 at night.....and Rico was crying near kowalksi cama at the hospital.....skipper was trying to comfort him...and private was in tears as well....they were awaiting for the doctor...

Rico:"deep sobs" kowalksi.....kowalksi....

Skipper:soldier....please.....calm down......


Skipper: stop it! It was a accident! He saved u....

Rico:"deep sobs" skipper....

Skipper:it's ok...it's ok...."hugs Rico tight" I know....


Suddenly, the doctor came in.....

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behld, the g8tst 1 2 evr liv...me.

Gender: Male, 29 years old
Country: franse
Websites: wil hv sum wen the smely smart pngwn hlps me mak 1.
Favorite TV Show: the nonstp dans boogee ntwrk
Favorite Movie: im flxibel
Favorite Musician: myslf, of corse
Favorite Book o Author: as if i hav tim 2 reed. 2 mny kngly dootees 2 tnd 2.

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posted by peacebaby7
I know what you're probably thinking. Why haven't I told her yet? Why haven't I dicho anything to anybody about it? Well, that comes later. Anyway, most of the afternoon isn't that important. It was what happened later on that night that really worried me.

My team and I were away in our bunks, sleeping soundly. Well, at least my team was. Every time I came close to finally drifting into a slumber, I could see Dr. Deranged coming at me with one of those needles and injecting me with some kind of poison. Eventually, I ended up lying on my back staring at the ceiling. I know it's crazy—what reason...
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posted by TheRatKing1
( Author's note: the drawing belongs to Lt_Kowalski. I don't own it, but i wish i did, that's how epic it is)

*presses tape recorder button*

"0900 hours....Skipper's Log......

After the reciente success of my life's story, I decided to do one for Kowalski. He doesn't know I'm doing this, so try to keep this under wraps, comprende?

I did background checks on all of my boys when they joined the team. I don't suppose i did it thoroughly enough, because there's a whole other side to Private that I-.... right...this is about Kowalski... you'll have to wait and see if i decide to do one for Private.

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NOTE TO READER: For those who have not read Part 1 o 2, o do not recall what happened, this is a prologue chapter that takes place the día before where Part 2 ended. Hopefully, this will remind/inform tu of the anterior events. I hope tu enjoy Part 3 of Brothers and Sisters. :)


"We're almost there!" Kowalski reported from the driver seat.

After their long ten hora drive through New Jersey and half of New York, they were almost home.

Eve sighed. "Finally, I'm so stiff." She dicho rubbing her neck and shoulders.

Skipper smiled. "Come...
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Put this on fanfiction, on Deviantart...
So I want it here too. c:
But I think it's kind of bad.
And the reason why he killed Manfredi and Johnson is stupid.

Written por me
Translated por my sister
Design about Manfredi and Johnson por LittleEliot

„Skipper please ransom us…" dicho Manfredi afflicted. The chiefpenguin just starred with a shocked face at his two teamcollegues. Should he really give them the death blow? It would be better for both, they didn´t look like someone could save them. But he couldn´t…He couldn´t kill his team collegues!
Why did that dansk snake do that?! He trusted the...
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posted by Skiparah
It was an unusually chilly night in June. It was the 8th of June to be exact. Rain was pouring down in torrents, showering the abandonned trailer. The reflection of headlights on an occasional passing vehicle o a flashlight danced along the tin roof. A pingüino, pingüino de darted quickly across the gravel road, his body slicked and shiny from the pounding rain. He hurried to the trailer, ducking beneath it and crawling down underneath. He slunk a short ways before thrusting himself up through a hatch in the floor above him. He found himself in a small, warm kitchen. He stood up, slicking the rainwater...
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Skipper's point of view:
I am surronded por pearly walls and a gruff, harsh voice comes from outside the solid barrier, followed por an angelic, softspoken voice that I would never forget o regret hearing. So anxious to break out, I squirm and push más than I had ever done so before.
My flipper punches out a large portion of the atmosphere of my world. I keep struggling to obey that instinctive urge to escape. Soon my warm and cozy cacoon is filled with the flowing rush of frigid air ..... oxygen. With my head, I but the parte superior, arriba of my orb and I peep my head out.
The heavenly voice calls out to me....
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It is a beautiful afternoon in Paris, where the master thief Sly Cooper, was making his way to steal the Yellow Diamond of China. Someone, however, had other plans for the Master thief and his gang. “Help, he’s attacking, he’s attack…” The binocucom then cut off, making Bentley and Murray fear the worst. “Murray, we have to save Sly! He is…” Bentley then collapses on the floor. “Okay, good luck getting the Murr…” Murray then collapsed on the floor. Carmelita, who didn’t even know about the attack on Sly, Bentley, and Murray, then came into the hideout. “Hey,...
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Arlene pulled Marlene back to her habitat, and saw Private and Mandy besar there. These two noticed her presence and blushed as they left their kiss.

"Private" Arlene started "would tu be nice and leave?" Mandy changed her blushing to an annoied look.

"hmmm, o-ok. bye Mandy" Private left, not whithout another kiss in the cheeck of his lover. He slipped away, and Arlene crushed the newly-made wood door behind her.

"you two are going to know the new rules, and follow them, ok?" Arlene was making a verry serious tone in her voice, Mandy giggled as he asked a verry obvious question.


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"How do we kill it then?" asked Skipper. "By my calculations, since Pennywise, It, is an evil entity and not a human being, we can't kill him with pistolas o bombs, so Rico's weapons will be useless," dicho Kowalski. "Awwww!!" sighed Rico and Skipper in unison. "Stop whining, we can still kill it in some way, according to the Schlector-Schneiben theory on fiends and entities, any entity with the power to change into anything it's victims are most afraid of, can be killed when in it's true form with a honda and silver rock," dicho Kowalski, flipping through his 55th book on Myths and Urban legends....
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posted by CoolNala
Part 2 - nutria Duties

When we last left the story, Leah, who was revealed to be 005, Dr. Blowhole's Apprentice, was about to have a conversation with her boss. Leah was just a costume, and she revealed her true form.
It was a lot like the disguise, but she had a purple scar going across your left eye, and had some weaponry around the utility cinturón, correa that was on her waist.
Blowhole: "What kept tu so long, 005? I was worried that those four pen-gu-ins had gotten tu already."
005: "You didn't need to worry about me, Blowhole."
Blowhole: "So, what's this all important intel tu have?"
005: "Well, you...
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posted by Aquade

Skipper waddled in one of their escape tunnels. He didn't care where he was o where he was going. After a few minutos of walking, he finally sat down and stared at the envelope in his flippers. When he couldn't take it any longer, Skipper ripped open the envelope and began to read.

Dear Skipper,

If you're lectura this, then I cannot believe tu actually miss me. I have to admit that I balked a little when I was about to write this. I didn't think that tu would read this, but then I thought about everything we have gone through, and the words began to flow smoothly.

I suppose you're...
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My final video of the year! I was unfortunately unable to do any música videos. But here's a trailer I was able to finish within the span of 1 month. The segundo estrella Trek reboot movie trailer. Hope tu all enjoy and please comment! :D
Los pingüinos de Madagascar
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