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Pluma happily leaped out the water. "Hey, guys, what's up?" She dicho brightly. Kowalski shushed her and pointed down, on to the HQ. Pluma looked down and then up. Private rushed up to her and whispered, "Skipper and Margaret want to be alone right now," Pluma stared at him. What? She mouthed, but she knew what Private meant.

She silently left the pingüino, pingüino de habitat and walked slowly to a small bush. She hide inside it and sobbed quietly. Then, a shadow made it's way toward her. What's wrong? It asked. Pluma looked up. "Oh, hey, Shadow," Pluma looked down again. "It's nothing," Shadow knew better. "Please, just tell me," She begged. Pluma sighed. "Sk-skipper is d-da-d-date-" Pluma sniffed and wiped away a tear. Skipper is dating someone else? Shadow guessed. Pluma nodded.

Suddenly, Shadow changed into a black rose. What's wrong, Shadow? Pluma asked though her mind. Look! Pluma looked and saw Marlene. Quickly, she slid the rose into her feathers. "Oh, hey, Marlene," She struggled to sound happy. Marlene saw right through it. "What's wrong?" She asked, forgetting about being jealous. "Skipper loves someone else now," Pluma answered.

Marlene felt her corazón quicken. Did Skipper amor her now? "Who does he amor now?" She asked eagerly. Pluma looked annoyed at Marlene's eagerness. "Not you," She snapped, sounding pleased that is wasn't Marlene," Marlene looked disappointed, but she wiped it away. She patted Pluma's back.

"I'm sure he still likes you," She dicho reassuringly. Pluma traced a corazón on the ground with her flipper. "I don't think so, Skipper and Margaret are getting pretty serious," She retorted. "What's the likability he'll go back for me?"

Marlene thought for a while. "You know, anything is possible, even Skipper loving tu again," Pluma looked up and cracked a small smile. "You really think so?" She asked. Marlene smiled brightly. "ANYTHING is possible!" Pluma stood up. "Even Skipper seeing that he belongs with me?"

"Sure," Marlene answered, all jealousy and hate washed away. Pluma smiled and laughed. She hugged Marlene. "For some reason, that truly makes me feel better,even though it might not happen," Pluma cried happily. Suddenly, Marlene understood something, she didn't know what, but she understood.

"We could be friends," Marlene suggested. Pluma nodded and laughed. "Of course,"
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“Whoa, Skipper” dicho Kowalski, stumbling backwards. “What are tu doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” dicho Skipper. “I’m going to finish this before tu seriously hurt someone.” Skipper kicked out at Kowalski and Kowalski did a backflip to avoid it.

“Are tu two okay?” Skipper dicho hurriedly to Private and Rico. Much to Skipper’s surprise, the two penguins ran over to Kowalski and stood in front of him, shielding Kowalski from Skipper.

“Skippa, stop!” dicho Private. “Kowalski didn’t do anything! And if tu want to hurt him, you’ll have to go through us...
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The moonlight casted shawdows throughout the zoo. Puddles lay still on the concrete, almost wanting to be stepped in. The cool air swept over the exhibits.

The faint sound of footsteps grew louder and louder, and then he was revealed in the light.

Skipper waddled past Marlene's exhibit and towards the gift shop. The door automatically opened for him, and he wondered inside, as if he knew he had to come here.

The door slammed shut behind Skipper, trapping him in the darkness.

He spoke loudly and clearly towards the opposite side of the room.

"Show yourself."


Skipper spoke again with equal...
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Victoria sat in a chair at the corner of the room. It had been a día since she had landed here after a fight with a halcón almost killed her. Four penguins surrounded her, the one named Kowalski had a clipboard, anothe one a bit shorter than Kowalski with a mowhawk held a light over her, One that had a flat head stood in front of her, and the shortest o the four stood inoccently por Kowalski. "So," the flat-headed one said,"who are you?" Victoria looked at him
"Victoria" she saidafter a few moments of hesitation, "Who are you? May I ask?". The pingüino, pingüino de glared into her eyes "That information is...
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This is not a POM clip, but this Pepsi commercial is so cute, I couldn't resist posting it :)
Los pingüinos de Madagascar
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