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Skipper and Marlene entered the room. Marlene sat down and crossed her arms. She glared out the window. "Marlene, tu have to listen to me!" Skipper pleaded. "I'm sorry, but I hate you. I don't see how you're going to change my opinion in a minute." Marlene dicho gazing at her polished nails. "I don't know, but I need all the time I've got. Which is only a matter of seconds." Skipper said. "What I don't know is how Hans would just give me away like that!" Marlene cried and began to sob. Skipper wrapped his flipper around her. He wiped her eyes. "Now, don't cry. He's not worth it." Skipper said. "How do tu know? Yeah right, siguiente you're going to tell me you are." Malrene groaned. "I'm not, but tu are," Skipper responded sincerely. "Huh," Marlene astonishedly said.

"Time's up!" Hans dicho cheerfully barging in. He grabbed Marlene who was staring into Skipper's eyes. Skipper was caught off guard por Antonio's tight tie of the newly placed rope around his waist. "I trust Skipper hasn't made much of an impression." Antonio said. "No, I mean yes," Marlene said. "What?" Hans dicho angrily. "Let us go, Hans." Marlene said.

"I see,"

Antonio tied Marlene up. "Sorry, beautiful, but I can't let tu ruin my revenge on, Skipper!" Hans sneered and turned his head to Skipper who was struggling to release himself. "You liar!" Skipper scowled. "What do tu expect? After all, I was the one who made tu Denmark's public enemy number one. You're too trusting, your pathetic team seems to have rubbed off on you. Is that right, have tu grown weak, Skipper?" Hans taunted but Skipper looked to the floor and didn't respond. "You're too defeated to speak and I thought tu were stronger. I better go, I want a front row asiento to see the ravenous orca devour it's delicious dinner. tu want to come, Skipper? Oh, yeah, you are his dinner. Bummer tu can't watch, too."

Back in the lair, the three sat, there heads hung low in shame. A tear descended from the eye of Private.

"Skipper's going to be eaten and it's all our fault!" Private cried. "Yeah," Rico grunted. "We really let him down this time and as it turns out this is the final time." Private said. "Well, we've known Marlene for a while and Skipper was never failed a mission before." Kowalski said. "But has he ever only had a minuto to persuade some one to like him!" Private cried. "No not really," Kowalski sighed. "We're never going to see him again! And we're going to live as slaves to the frailecillo, puffin who caused it, for the rest of our lives." Private exclaimed. "We will see him again, Private. But it isn't going to be soon, because Hans is not going to hurt any of you. I'm going to protect both of you, like Skipper did for us, no matter what it takes."

"Looks like time is up! Your Skipper better have gotten Marlene to like him, again." Antonio snickered. "I'll let tu slaves in for a little secret. Even if Skipper did change her mind, I still wouldn't let any of tu go. tu think I'd let that nutria .... what's her name? Oh yeah! Marlene kill my chance at finally getting rid of that pest." Hans said. "Skipper's not a 'pest'! Infact, he's one hundred times the leader tu are!" Private yelled in hysteria. Hans slapped Private forcefully so hard it left a red mark. He had never been slapped so hard, not even por Skipper. Tears streamed down his face. "Aw, does that hurt the little penguin? Well, there's más than that came from-" Antonio said. "Leave him alone I will take his punishment." Kowalski interrupted.

"Don't interrupt servant!" Antonio glared about to strike Kowalski for his outburst. Before he did Hans called to him, "Come on, I'll need your help tying up the prisoner o prisoners." Antonio followed him.

Antonio shoved Skipper adelante, hacia adelante with one hand and Marlene with the other. Skipper was going over the very last conversation with his team in his head. "Get your stinking goodbyes over with so we can enjoy this." Hans said, kicking Skipper in the gut. He stumbled over to his friends, but before he managed to get there Antonio threw him to the ground. He squirmed on his belly to get up, but it was no use. Hans clenched the back off his neck and pulled him up. Skipper regained his balance, but not without also falling backwards. "Skipper!" Private cried. "I'm fine, Private." Skipper said.

He finally reached his friends. "I know we've been in this sort of situation before when we thought one of us would ... die. So don't ... lose hope. Now I might go in there and never come back out but I want tu to remember me and the good times we shared. Farewell, my team and family."

"Don't leave us, Skipper!" Private cried hysterically. "Skipper! Skipper!" Rico cried along with Private. Skipper looked Kowalski square into the tearfilled eyes. "Take care of them, Kowalski." Skipper dicho solemnly. "I promise, on my life, Sk-Skipper." Kowalski weeped. "I know tu will. That's why you're lietnaunt." Skipper said. "I salute tu all, my soldiers. It's truly been an honor." Skipper said. "Why, Skipper? Why? Why couldn't tu let it be us?! Why do tu let them torure tu like this?!" Private cried. "Private, tu are like the son I never had. You've helped my corazón become más like yours, loving. tu still have a bigger corazón than me though. Rico, you're like my youngest brother. We always had eachother's backs. You're the toughest pingüino, pingüino de I ever met, that's what I admire about you. Your fidelity has made me learn just how great of a soldier tu can be if you're that loyal. And Kowalski, tu are like a brother to me, too, my younger yet smarter brother. You've taught me things and might have strengthened my patience, a little. tu are going to make an amazing leader. Better than I did I hope. And that is why I let them torture me like this. tu men are my family." Skipper said.

"Alright, Skipper. It's time that tu meet your doom once and for all. As I rise to victory," Hans said, "any last words?" Skipper didn't respond. "I didn't think so," Hans said. He grabbed him and dragged him to the edge of the floor. "Goodbye, Skipper," Hans dicho as he gave the shove into the pool. "Noo!" Private yelled.

Skipper kicked trying to swim, but the orca approached him at an alarming rate. His kicks were unsucessful as he floated to the bottom. The orca opened its jaws and gulped him up in one bite. It spit out the rope Skipper had been tied up in. Hans laughed while Private and Rico screamed. Kowalski hung his head and covered his face.

Skipper gripped the sides of the whale's throat. He clung for his life desperately. All the muscles in his body strained as he tried to pull himself up. Sweat spurted down his weary face. Water rushed down on him. The ballena was trying to force him down. Just before the water hit him, visions flashed before his eyes.

He was little looking up at his dad. His father looked at him in disgust and shame.

"You're too weak to be my son!" He shouted at the trembling young Skipper.

The siguiente he was slipping onto a barco leaving Antartica at dusk. He hid behind some boxes. Hans stood extending his flipper toward him. Skipper's gut groaned, but it didn't phase him because he shook his fin.

Another scene took over his mind, but this one was más dreadful. Skipper ran out of a town set on fire. He was burnt all over and coughed from the smoke, which hovered over the inferno. Clapping came from behind him, and he turned around. Hans stood laughing.

A sunny sky replaced the blood red smokey sky. Skipper stood on the H.Q. with Kowalski and Rico. "I'm Kowalski, and this is Rico." The tall one said. Then, the penguins disappeared. It was raining and a storm was brewing. They leaped onto the island. There sat a basket. Skipper cautiously waddled over and peaked inside. There lied a hatchling crying. Skipper held it and the other two played with the chick. Finally, the last vision had appeared Marlene stood in front of him. The Marlene he knew, not the one Hans had created.

In a flash everything was back. The water assualted him. He closed his eyes and began to fall back deeper and deeper. His flippers slid helplessly.

A foul image gave him great remorse. Private was tied up and Hans held a whip in his fin. On the other side of the room the rest of his team and Marlene were tied up too.

He opened his eyes and climbed. It was like he had gained a new strength inside him it was ..... a reason to fight. The ballena swallowed más water but nothing brought him down. He finally reached the mouth a wrapped his flippers onto the tongue. It jerked back and forth to get Skipper off, but he didn't move. The orca chomped down on its own tongue, but Skipper dodged in time. The killer ballena screeched in pain and Skipper jumped out of the mouth. It all happened in slow motion for him as he was tossed in the air.

"Skipper!" Private yelled elatedly.

"You're alive!" Kowalski cried.

"Yay!!" Rico cried.

"Yes, but how?" Marlene asked pleasantly suprised. Skipper landed on the floor dripping water. "Stay back, Skipper!" Hans dicho pointing a lazer toward him. "Rico, hand me a knife." Skipper said. Hans quivered and took steps back. Rico burped up a knife. Skipper glared at Hans and Antonio. With out turning his back on his enemies, he cut the rope around Marlene and the one around his other friends. Private got up and hugged him snuggly. The rest of the team joined in, but Marlene stood awkwardly with her back to the wall. "I'm glad you're okay, Skipper." She said. "Thanks," he replied, "don't worry we'll have tu back to normal in no time."

Just then, Hans shot the lazer aimed at Skipper. Skipper fell back into a deep sleep and Marlene caught him before his head hit the ground. The other penguins besieged Hans and Antonio. They struggled to fight both of them. Out of the door they entered through and into the lair came Doris. "Doris?! Am I in heaven?" Kowalski asked dazily. "What? No!" Doris said. While they were talking Antonio made his mover and went for Kowalski, but Doris knocked him out with her tail. "Wait, now you're helping us?!" Rico said. "You tried to kill us, before." Private said. "I know, I know, but Hans shot me with that lovulator and I lost control. Actually the lovulator impresses me nice job inventing it." she said. Kowalski blushed and giggled. "Um, Kowalski, we kinda need your help!" Rico groaned. "Oh, right, right," he replied. "I'll help Skipper." she said. She headed off on her segway.

Marlene cried with her head on Skipper's beatless chest. "What have I done?"

"You did nothing wrong. That wretched frailecillo, puffin and his lovulator manipulated you." Doris said. "No, something inside me told me not to hate him. I denied it though." Marlene admitted. "Well, you're normal, now." Doris dicho sheepishly. "It's too late," Marlene weeped.

The penguins were so furious that they fought better actually. They had Hans tied up quickly. Soon they rushed to Skipper with Private leading. "Wait, maybe tu can save him, Marlene!" Private dicho as his frown faded and a bright smile. "Private, stop," Kowalski cried. "No, Kowalski-" Private said. "Private, Skipper's gone! No one can bring him back!" Kowalski yelled. "I was going to suggest Marlene kiss him." Private snarled.

"That only works in fairytales-"

"I have to try, I owe him that."

Marlene leaned in. "Ha, that will never work, tu fools. Your Skipper is dead. He has finally met his doom." Hans mocked and chuckled. Marlene didn't listen and kissed his beak cautiously. She felt a electricity when her lips met his beak. She retreated hesitantily to check if it worked. It was hard for her to quit kissing, but he was still unresponsive.

"See, I told, tu it wouldn't work stupidies." Hans sneered in victory. Private proceeded his cry. They all went to comfort him.

"Private, why are tu crying?" Skipper asked rubbing the back of his head. "Skipper!" Private shouted and hugged his leader tight. "What I miss?" Skipper asked rubbing the back of his head puzzlingly. "Hans hit tu with a lazer and your corazón stopped beating. Also, some one owes me an apology." Private dicho turning to Kowalski. "Sorry, but that shouldn't have worked." he replied. "Yeah, I know that, but how'd I come back to life?" Skipper asked. Every one looked at Marlene. "Well, I kissed you." she said. "You did?! I mean, tu did?" Skipper dicho nearly jumping up excitedly. "Yeah," Marlene dicho shyly. "Oh, how was it?" he asked embarrassedly. "It was ... um, guys, can Skipper and I talk alone?" Marlene asked. "Sure, and I wanna talk to Kowalski." Doris said.

"Where were we?" Skipper asked.

"It was amazing." Marlene blushed.

"Nice job out there, Kowalski." Doris said. "Oh, it was nothing, I do that that all the time." Kowalski dicho gloating for his crush. "Well, I thought tu were quite brave." Doris flirted and kissed his cheek, "I better go, see you, Kowalski." Doris dicho and left Kowalski dazing out after her. "Bye,"

When they got back to the zoo, Julien approached them. "Hey! Where have tu smelly birds been with my new ladyfriend? tu missed my dance party! This is unacceptable!" Julien shouted. "Ringtail, she's not your girlfriend! She's been trying to tell you! tu need to respect her decision. I'm her boyfriend." Skipper said. "Yeah, Julien, I'm sorry but I like Skipper." she said. "No one denies the king, so I am the one who is dumping you." Julien said. "Good enough for me." Marlene dicho shrugging.

Skipper and Marlene holding eachother's hand, entered her habitat. "I guess we missed the dance." she sighed. "I don't know about that," Skipper said. He pulled a white sheet off an object to reveal a mesa, tabla with candles and clams. siguiente to it was a stereo. "Sorry I can't serande tu with the Spanish gutiar. With all that was going on, I forgot how to play."

"You taught yourself to play?"

"Yeah, for you,"

"Well, let's dance." Marlene wrapped her arms around him. "I'm not really good, though." He blushed. "You're doing fine," she dicho and rested her head on his chest. Under the luminous moonlight they danced the night away in eachother's arms.
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Well for the spanish speaker, like me ^^, the Penguins f Madagascar movie in mexican spanish. Blessigns. Bueno para os hispanos hablantes, como yo ^^, aquí la película de Los Pingüinos de Madagascar in español mexicano. Bendiciones.
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Los pingüinos de Madagascar
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