Paris the left and Princess Diana right
well I publicado a pregunta on the Michael Jackson spot asking; is paris named paris for a different reason. Well Michael named paris because that's michael favorito! city in the world. But at first Michael was going to name her Princess because of Prince & Princess but Debbie was against so they used Paris both of their favorito! city. But I think there is another reason way Paris is name Paris.
I think of Princess Diana. Michael & Diana Spencer met only once at a concierto in Londres July 16, 1988. After meeting they would talk constantly on the phone :They would talk about feeling hunted and trapped por the paparazzi,"

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Besides that . Diana died August 31, 1997 at Paris, France and Paris was born on April 3rd, 1998. I mean it's weird even if Michael & Di haven't seen each other más than once they at least talked to each other and her loved her the queen of hearts. And he thought of her when Paris was born. Her would name her of not only of a Princess who was in everyone hearts but a fan of Michael, a Lovely Humanity, & Mother, Wife, Daughter, Teacher, & so much more. Who died too soon:(

The King of Pop & queen of Hearts are in Heaven in our hearts, mind, soul, & body L.O.V.E:)
Michael & Diana june 16, 1988