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Michelle121094 posted on Apr 13, 2010 at 07:40PM
Hey guys.
I saw a good idea. And I think this is a great idea for this spot. So the spot will be more active.
I'll make some picks. They're about your [favorites ...]
The first round will be: [What's your favorite music video?]
I start the round with all the music videos of Paramore. And then you have to choose your LEAST favorite video. After 5 days I'll start a new round with the rest of these videos (this video, which was chosen as the LEAST favorite music video will go out) and so on. After many rounds we've got our favorite music video of all videos from Paramore. and then I'll make more picks about other themes. [:
Any questions?

Favorite Music Video:
- That's What You Get -

Favorite Song Of "All We Know Is Falling":
- My Heart -

Favorite Song Of "Riot!":
- Misery Business -

Favorite Song Of "Brand New Eyes":
- Ignorance -

Favorite Hair Color Of Hayley:
- link -
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hace más de un año Jessica4695 said…
good idea,hun :D
your so creative and its a great idea to keep this spot alive
hace más de un año IluvJacob99 said…
no and my fav music vid would probably be between misery business and ignorance but i will have to go with misery business. :)
hace más de un año desmariemay said…
hace más de un año Michelle121094 said…
after the "RIOT!" - contest, there'll be a "Brand New Eyes" - contest.#
now I ask, do U have more ideas for such a contest, when the BNE-contest is finished? =)
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