paramore Wha do tu think of the Misguided Ghost Lyrics??

djsheshe posted on Feb 22, 2010 at 07:10AM
What do u think. what did they mean for you??

For me personally, when i first heard it anyway, i felt i could relate. A lot. they were just so awesome. Even though its not my favourite paramore song at the moment, i still listen to it. It keeps me inspired. And I love the name.

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hace más de un año scarsdntfade said…
Yeaa same i love the name of the song and I can relate to it too.It's become one of my favortie song of thier's. The lyrics are really deep and i love that the whole song is acoustic. =)
hace más de un año neru said…
big smile
hace más de un año amymeymy said…
love 'em
hace más de un año kerikeri said…
i agree with scarsdntfade! it's awesome!
hace más de un año IluvJacob99 said…
big smile
i really like them but i think they sound better when they do energetic songs like ignorance,misery business, pressure, and born for this (thats not all of them but i like these the best) and i know thats just my opinion but thats just me :).