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wolfblade87 posted on Apr 13, 2009 at 06:14AM
I just hate it when I ask people "do you know the band Paramore?" and they answer "yeah,they were the one who sang decode in twilight right?"

GOD! everytime I hear that I wanna rip my hair out! decode isnt the only song Paramore has! Decode is even my least liked songs in all of theyre songs there are so many much better songs like decoy, born for this, another day, all we know, etc. but then why is it always the word "DECODE" I hear?!

*note: I didnt mean to offend anyone who likes decode.

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hace más de un año sweet_twilight said…
Well, Decode was their "hit" song, well they had other hit songs too but I dont think they were as known as Decode was. Not sure. So some people only know Paramore for that song. Others like you and me, know their older songs from Riot! and All We Know is Falling. But there is the factor that there are a lot of Twilight fans, so Twilight fans will know Paramore for Decode because they wrote the song for it.
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hace más de un año AliceCullen1112 said…
I agree with Sweet-Twilight I know you are going to think of me as an idiot but I have never heard of Paramore before I watched Twilight and heard their song Decode. Yes, I'm guilty. I do like their other songs like decoy and before they made the movie Twilight I listened to a few of their songs but I didn't know that they were the people who made it. I just heard the name of the song on the radio but never heard "Decoy by: Paramore" on the radio. I know this sounds retarded. "How can you not know the name of the people who made the song when you like the song?". Yeah well I'm not very good with putting songs to certain bands and singers. I just hear the music. So I am one of the people who know Paramore because of Decode. I'm guilty as charged. Slap on the cuffs i'm going to Paramore Jail. Just kidding but I am guilty as charged. BYE!!!
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hace más de un año thisishowwedo said…
i actually didn't listen to paramore until they were in twilight...
my freind was a fan and had riot, so i asked to borrow the cd & it was FANTASTIC!! so, now im trying to get the counch cd (ok, i know its call "all that we know is falling", but me & my freind get a kick out of calling it "the counch cd" lol). so i guess it was good 4 paramore 2 be in twilight, that really got them alot of fans