Zac & Josh Farro.
So as everybody knows that Zac & Josh are leaving the band, and they will be sorely missed por the whole paramore fandom. I mean the original 5 has now came down to a 3.

So I decided I might do this time line to mostrar paramore from 2004-2010



paramore was created : The band members were: Hayley,Josh,Zack & Jeremy
Once the group learned the meaning of the "paramour" ("secret lover"), they decided to adopt the name, using the paramore spelling.
paramore (2004)


All We Know is Falling was released mostly centred around Jeremy's leave from the band.

paramore (2005)


Not much happened during this period but that año they were voted "Best New Band", and Hayley Williams was voted as #2 "Sexiest Female", por readers of the British magazine Kerrang!

paramore (2006)


Riot! was released and Hunter cordero left the group to get married so Taylor York joined (Yay!)

paramore (2007)


The Final Riot! was a tour in 2008 and paramore released two songs for Twilight. (Decode and I Caught Myself)
paramore (2008)


Brand New Eyes was released and Hayley was infected por Laryngits.
paramore (2009)


Josh got married to Jenna.
Zac & Josh leave the band :(
paramore (2010)

I,with many other fans, will continue to support paramore all the way through. Maybe one día the Farro brothers might decide to come back like Jeremy =)

Source: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Google.