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YugiohFanatic1 posted on Apr 26, 2010 at 06:47AM
If you're going to role play,you need a character!^^ When you make your character you can start.Anyone can join at any moment!^^

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hace más de un año YugiohFanatic1 said…
Name:Chiharu Hitachiin
Hair color:Light brown
Eye color:Gold
Relatives:Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin
Story:Being the only sister of the twins that everyone loves,I've figured out how to use my boyish looks,including a really flat chest,to be almost exactly like my brothers.They're mischievous,and so am I.I'm in the host club dressed as a boy and they keep my secret.The host club is the coolest thing I could ever be in!My brothers and I almost never leave each other.Even when we were kids,we never left each others sight.
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hace más de un año demon_wolf said…
Name: Suki Haninozuka
Age: 17
Hair Color: Coal Black
Eye Color: Light Green
Relative(s): Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka
Looks: Her hair is cut short, but not too short, it goes to about her eyes, covers her ears and ends at the nap of her neck. She is able to wear a boys uniform, because of her flat chest. She is no bigger than an A cup. Because of her extensive training in the martial arts her body has lost most of its curvy figure, adding to the boyish look.
Backround: She is the sister of Honey and like Chiharu, her boyish looks have aided her in school, everyone thinks she is a boy, and so that is why she's in the club. The only ones that know she is a girl are the host members. She is always by her brothers side, trying to get him to cut back on the sweets. Mori is her closest friend and even though they may not talk much, they are still close. They both have the need to fulfill every wish of Honey. Though Suki foesn't have too she likes to spoil her brother and give him what he wants.
hace más de un año BeB said…
Name: Juilet River

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Age: 15

Relatives: None in ouran gang...yet.

Hair color: White at the roots turning to a dark gray then black at the tips due to a medical condition.

Eye color: Dark black

Stlye: Hair down a little past her shoulders and wears long shirts and usaully baggy pants, wears mainly dark colors as in dark red, dark blue, but rarely white, black, or gray. Curly and unruling hair and dark mysterious eyes and pale skin like marble. With a strange yet kind personailty.

Story: You'll just have to wait to hear HER tell you! ^^ Tis all for now~

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hace más de un año YugiohFanatic1 said…
Everyone's character is so cool.I can't wait until we get more people to join.Not very many people join RPs these days,but I'm sure this'll catch on.^^
hace más de un año BeB said…
Oh I kinda forgot to add one more thing, my character has a little bro! (A few days younger) I'll make his profile too!

Name: Rue River (RR)

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10 1/2

Age: 15

Hair color: Black with slight naturall redness in the roots.

Eye color: Dark brownish black.

Stlye: Wears mainly jeans and short sleeved shirts and ALWAYS (except in class) a baje hat with black sunglasses. His hair is straight except for the ends their slightly curly and usaully wears checkerd pattern shirts. He has a more brighter personailty (not in intelligence but in friendlyness) and is always kind to everyone but a total knuckle head with his sis!

Story: Can't be revealed since its like his sisters!!! XD You'll have to wait some more!!! Sorry!

hace más de un año amethyst44 said…
Name: Alli Fujioka
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde (light brown)
Eye Color: Violet-Blue
Height: 5'01
Relatives: Haruhi Fujioka
Looks: Wild and messy curly locks that reach almost down to the waist, she acquires mostly the same traits that her father has. Casual wear would normally be sharp jeans that hug around the waist, and hoddies that are far too large. Bracelets cover her arm as much as her memories cover her mind, each color representing a new addition to the crew of friends. :)
Story: She ran away at a young age when the world just couldn't be any more rougher. Chasing after her mother, she came back into terms with her sister, Haruhi, and found out the truth. Sadly, she took her position in a hotel from there and managed to raise enough money to stay at the hotel and get a spot at Ouran Academy with her sister. Since she is more laid-back, she didn't join the Host Club...but for important reasons not doing so...
hace más de un año itachifan1 said…
name: Beyond

hair color: Blue and Blonde

eye color: blue

Height: 6'05

Realatives: none

Story: as a child she had no friends. As she got older it got harder for beyond to fit in. So she ran away. By high school she joined the host club.

looks: Black bows in her hair. a purple and black skirt and hoodie. black and white striped socks. wears black and purple converse.Blonde hair with blue in the front
 name: Beyond hair color: Blue and Blonde eye color: blue Height: 6'05 Realatives: none Story:
hace más de un año YugiohFanatic1 said…
Hey...Sorry,but you have to join the host club in the rp now.When the rp starts,and you want to b in the host club,you have to join in the actual rp...But since you've already ruined that,I guess I'll let it slide.
hace más de un año BeB said…
O-Oi M-chan please don't be mad... ^^' Please??
hace más de un año darkmintoutau said…
Name:Louise Kumoide
Age: Real age unkown about 14-16 yrs
Eye color:Dark Rose
Hair color:Jet Black
Nicknames:Black Louise,Lulu/Dark Lulu
Hobbies- Drawing,writing poetry
Childhood/Information:As a child it was hard to live on her own since her parents have been killed by gunshot range by a man from her parents past.Since then she look out for others without them knowing,because of this no one has ever known her.Therefore she is helping people from early death,as a promise from her parents death.Louise also has different sides of her since she us trying to locate her parents murder,for people she has first/like that she met,she will be nice,bright, and kind,but if she fells any werid vibes from people she will show there dark side as she calls it "Black Louise/Dark Lulu"
Anymore infomation is classfiled
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 Name:Louise Kumoide Age: Real age unkown about 14-16 yrs Eye color:Dark Rose Hair color:Jet Black Rel