ouran high school host club What do tu think most of the host club members think of Haruhi as?

sakura1444 posted on Jan 11, 2010 at 02:35AM
Well, what do you think each host thinks of Haruhi as? I mean, as in outside of Tamaki's family game. Please feel free to share your thoughts! ^_^

Here's my thinking:

Tamaki: Being the idiot he is, I still think that he'd say it's fatherly love. Although, I guess she may become Tamaki's girlfriend. (because of what happened in the last episode.)

Kyouya: ? He is the Shadow King after all. You never know what he's thinking. Although, it is quite true that he cares about Haruhi and is interested in her. But, I really don't know if it's the romantic interest though. Probably not.

Hunny: I'd say maybe a sister or a close and important friend. After all, he does call Haruhi, "Haru-chan." Maybe a heroine too... (See first episode of anime)

Mori: ? Still no clue. He's almost always silent. All I can say is that it's probably not romantic feelings. Probably kouhai feelings. He is Haruhi's senpai and also, Haruhi is a friend of Haninozuka.

The Hitachin twins: I'm not quite sure about how Kaoru feels about Haruhi but as for Hikaru's feelings, I believe they are maybe romantic feelings. But then again, who knows? They are tricksters after all. I think that Hikaru somewhat likes Haruhi because of that episode in Karuizawa when Haruhi's fellow middle school classmate appears and Hikaru is very upset.

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