ouran high school host club Anyone wanna RP?! :3

pinkiepie213 posted on Oct 07, 2014 at 03:50AM

Name: Ukia
Age: 15
Crush: Kaoru Hitachiin
Looks: link
Bio: Her parents died in a fire when she was ten... She ended up living in the burned down house, and eating the burnt food, because she couldn't have gotten a job... One day, she ran out of food, so she was walking down to the grocery store to ask for food from others. But since she hadn't eaten in about two days, she had fallen in the middle of he street, to weak to stand. She had seen a boy about her age help her out and save her. His name was Kaoru, he ad told her. He had Taken her back to her place and had called up Tamaki. Tamaki lent her the money to go to the school for the rich, and after she had grown to be 15, she had joined the host club, but she entertained young men instead.
Gender: Female
Pets/Family: Pet kitten named Silver, and an older brother named Tatsuku

Name: Usana Korino
Age: 16
crush: Tamaki
Gender: Female
Looks: link
Bio: Her and her brother, Haru, are orphans. Their parents died from severe injury and sickness. They had left her and Haru a huge fortune. Haru and Usana both go to Ouran academy, and are both part of the host club.

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