I woke up on time. I did my normal daily routine. Then that’s when I started getting nervous.

I was going to a new school. It was way richer than my old school. And it would be kind of awkward. On the other hand, I could just hangout with the Host Club if things get too desperate.

I looked in the mirror and put my hair in a poni, pony tail with the ribbon I always used.

I walked down the giant stair case to the front door, were a bunch of maids waited for me like I was queen. I peeked through my sun glasses, to see Tamaki at the front door all exited waiting for me.

“Please god” I mumbled.

I walked towards Tamaki.

“Akari! I’m so exited! Today is gonna be a brother, sister bonding day! I cant wait to ride in the limo today!” He screeched.

I walked beside him and stopped, avoiding eye contact.

“You realize, just because I am going to Ouran, I don’t have to talk to you, right? What makes tu think we are going to have a better relationship now? Huh?” I walked por him.
“Your already starting to piss me off, Tamaki,” I dicho honestly.

I got into a limo, and looked out the window to see Tamaki sulk into a different limo.
I might have been hard on him, just a bit, but at least this time, he got a clue that I didn’t want him riding with me this morning.

I pulled up at the school. It didn’t look bad. It was tall, beautiful, rich, and looked very educational. It seemed ok, if I wanted a good career.
Unfortunately, my dad says, there is only a 10% chance, for me to own up as suited as Tamaki might be, and 90% chance that I would be working for that moron.
I walked up to the entrance of the school, not really knowing what to do. Then all of a sudden, my still sobbing brother walked passed and into the entrance and muttered something to me.

“You just walk in. There will be an escort for you. I was going to escort you, but no, So I called a backup.”

I did what the dramatic king had said. I walked in and looked around for my escort. I then saw the brunette, Haruhi there. “Miss Suoh?” She asked me
“Yes?” I asked.
“Oh, hey, I’m your escort.” Haruhi said.

“Ok, mostrar me around then. And por the way, please call me Akari.” I offered.

She showed me around the school and where all my classes will be. Most times, I daydreamed and didn’t listen at all. I got kind of bored with all of her useless “Commoner Talk” and I think at one time, she started talking about caballos for some odd reason. And because of all the boredom, I made up an excuse to leave her tour.

“Well, thanks, that should be good, I think I’ll figure it out, ok? Umm, just please mostrar me to my class. History, please.” I said.

But unfortunately, my plan to escape her nonsense backfired- big time!

“Hey! That’s my class too! And Kaoru and Hikaru’s too!” She said.

That’s just great! This girl cant take a hint to get lost either!

“Cool, umm lets go!” I dicho trying to act natural, but unfortunately, I’m not even close to natural!


In history class, I took a asiento in front of Haruhi. Two empty desks were beside me. So that was good. But, I couldn’t see Kaoru and Hikaru.

“Where are the twins?” I asked Haruhi.

“They sometimes skip when they get bored. They don’t care.” She explained.

I sighed, waiting for class to finish.

Finally soon, after an hora of soñar despierto class was over. I walked out of the hall into free period. I had realized a lot of girls were going to the same place. Like I mean they were like rushing to get to somewhere!

I followed the crowd, to find out what was going on.

At the hall, in the corner, all the girls were entering the música room. After the halls cleared up more, I went over, and read the sign up at the parte superior, arriba of the door.

música Room 3

Was what it said.

But when I opened the door,


My dad was sadly, right. It was popular. And it was also disgusting seeing my brother fuss over a bunch of desperate girls.

Tamaki noticed me.

“Akari! Come over here and sit with us!!” He yelled and waved.

I sighed and walked over to him and sat across from him. siguiente to him were 2 girls.

Tamaki continued doing his “job” even though it was kind of awkward watching him.
He looked at the girl and dicho misceláneo and romantic stuff. I felt kind of weird, so I tried to leave all together. But I was stopped por Honey. He grabbed onto my arm and wouldn’t let go!

“Hey Aka-Chan! tu wanna have some cake with me? We have chocolate?” He asked.

Mori came over and took Honey off of me. “You must be más calm.” He told Honey.

“Ok, Takashi” He agreed. They both walked away.

“Phew!” I thought I dicho to myself- but apparently not!

“Hey Suoh…” The twins greeted.

“What do tu want?” I asked.

“Well, we couldn’t help but see tu there” Hikaru said. “And we have no clients at the moment, so we thought we’d entertain you.” Kaoru said.

I didn’t say anything. I just stood in between them with a dull look on my face. Then after about 15 seconds, I finally spoke up.

“What do tu mean, entertain me?” I asked.

“How about-” Kaoru started “We mostrar you” Hikaru finished.

I waited for what was supposed to happen. Then, all of a sudden, Hikaru turned my head really close to his face, and said.

“I couldn’t help myself. Your beautiful passion pushed me to this terrible deed. I’m sorry.”

I felt butterflies. Then Kaoru did the same thing but faced me towards him.

“I surrender! Your beauty is too strong for me to hold back my feelings towards you!” Kaoru blushed.

“But, yet again…” Hikaru started. “Don’t tu agree?” Kaoru asked.

“Having homosexual twins is every girl’s dream?” The both asked at the same time.

“ Because…” Kaoru started. “Having 2 loves…” Hikaru finished.

“ Is better than one?” They asked.

I stood there for a few seconds. Then spoke up

“ Quite an act tu guys! It really made me feel like I was ummm….. Special, we’ll say, ok?” I said.

I walked out of the host club. I know what they were saying was probably all an act, but I’ve never seen that kind of side of the twins. Romantic? If tu knew the guys perverted, outgoing side, tu wouldn’t expect guys like those to be in a host club like that! I know I tried, and didn’t really mostrar it, but I kind of liked that side of them. It gave me butterflies, honestly.