( JC's P.O.V )
" Dude...." A hush voiced whispered, I groaned pulling the almohada over my head and rolling on my stomach. " Dude get up " the voice said. I layed there for a minuto trying to process what was happening, what had happened last night? what the heck did i do?, and who the heck was talking to me?. All these preguntas filled my clouded brain when finally I felt a jab in my side, " Ow!! " I yelped out as the almohada was pulled from over my head as I curled up into a ball in an attempt to sooth the sharp pain in my side and somewhat defend myself. My hazel brown eyes traced up to a tan strong figured man, Of course. It was Ricardo. " Good morning! " he announced, I stared up at him for a minuto dazed and rubbed my tired eyes " what happened last night? " I asked sitting up scratching back my dark brown hair. " tu drank A lot " Ricardo said, " was that all..? " I asked scratching the back of my head. " Well I saw tu talking to some girl" he said, " Oh god " my face feel into the cup of my hands " was she a fan?, did I screw up and make her hate me? " I asked as my voice muffled in my hands. " Actually JC....she wasn't a fan, she didn't seem like all the other fan girls, I don't even think she knew tu were a youtuber " Ricardo stated looking around my room and picking up a can of Arizona in the five cases stacked por my dresser, opening it and taking a sip. Surprisingly that didn't bother me because my mind was fixed on that girl that Ricardo was talking about, " well what did she look like ? " I blurted out. He shrugged " It was dark, tu were in a crowd of people I don't know ", I looked down , " But.... " Ricardo said, I snapped my head up staring up at him with hopeful eyes, " I do remember tu taking a picture of her " Ricardo said. I quickly grabbed my phone off my dresser and unlocked it, scrolling through my pictures until I landed upon the picture, my hazel brown eyes fixed on the rich green eyes that stared at the lense with shyness and wonder. I looked up at Ricardo " I have to find her ".

( Fey's P.O.V )

The ringing of my cell phone awoke me from my slumber, I gasped sitting up ripping through my covers in an attempt to find it. To my success I pressed talk and put the phone to my ear, " hello? " I asked in a tired tone yawning. " Fey where are you? " Perris asked on the other end, " why where are you...? " I asked, " outside of Starbucks, I've been waiting here for fifteen minutos " she dicho as cars honking and people talking sounded in the background of our phone conversation. I cursed quietly and fell back into my bed, how had I forgotten? I thought to myself as all these scenarios played in my head, there were so many possibilities of how this had happened as my gaze fell on the red flashing numbers on my alarm clock, Of course. My alarm clock hadn't been set. Typical me always being so damn forgetful I thought to myself and let out a deep sigh, " Are we still gonna meet up? " she asked. " Yeah I'll be there in half an hora " I muttered throwing my covers to the side and sliding my legs over the edge of the bed. " Okay I'll see tu then bye", " bye " I replied hanging up the phone and returning to my contact list, my green eyes traced to his name on the screen. The two initials of his name brought shivers down my spine, as I thought about the hazel brown eyes that lit up when that smile appeared on his face. How the heck had I gotten his number last night? maybe I should text him? I thought to myself. Wait, snap out of it Fey he was drunk, he probably doesn't even remember tu I dicho to myself. I let out a deep sigh placing my phone on my cama and getting up and making my way into the bathroom.

( JC's P.O.V)

" Tell me again why tu need to find this girl? " Ricardo asked, I sighed leaning on my cocina counter as I pondered how I would put the words for Ricardo to understand me. " There's something about her that I don't see in other girls " I muttered lifting my head revealing my hazel brown eyes under my bangs and red beanie. Ricardo rubbed the back of his neck, " man this is weird tu never really seemed like the kind of guy to just like a girl right off the bat " he dicho looking at me with his dark brown eyes. I sighed " well what do I do, I don't have her number o her name , all I have is a picture ", Ricardo pondered for a minuto until a smile crept onto his face " what if a picture is all tu need? " he said. I looked up at him again with wonder " what are tu getting at? ". " Dude we're members of one of the most watched YouTube collabs in the world , use what tu amor to do to find her " he dicho " there's bound to be one person to be able to find her ". I allowed myself to smile at this, he was right.

( Fey's P.O.V )

I let out a sigh as I sat down in a booth across from Perris with a vanilla frappe, to admit I was never much of a coffee drinker as much as many of the other teens were. " Sorry I'm late " I dicho placing down the drink on the mesa, tabla looking at her. She smiled a bit " It's okay Fey, honestly " Perris dicho placing the coffee lid to her lips and taking a sip. Her words surprised me when they came out, " so, who was that hot guy at the party last night? " she dicho placing her coffee on the mesa, tabla with a small thud. Oh great, he was the one thing I was not to keen on thinking about, I stayed silent taking a sip of my drink. " Fey he totally liked tu , " he was totally drunk Per " I retorted. " So? tu don't just let an opportunity like that pass! he was charming " she dicho smiling, my cheeks flushed red as I continued to think about him, that smile intrigued me along with the laugh that came with it. She gasped " tu do like him don't you!? " she dicho raising her voice in excitement. " Shh not so loud...please " I muttered in almost a whisper, I hated attention, I hated being noticed, I just wanted to be invisible though, I know that's hard when tu have a loud outgoing best friend. " So tell me " she dicho crossing her arms on the tables edge leaning in waiting for my response. " Tell tu what? " I asked innocently, " tell me about him, what's his name, whats he do for a living? anything!, now spill ", I let out a deep sigh about to speak when two people walking in caught my attention. That laugh filled my ears as he smiled at the tanned muscular boy beside him, " Fey? " Perris asked. Ignoring Perris I immediately ducked onto the floor under the mesa, tabla and began to crawl my way through the coffee comprar towards the front door, maybe I could escape without him seeing me, maybe I could just wait a while until this whole thing disappears from my mind and hopefully his. Spinning my head around to see Perris yelling after me , I suddenly bashed my head into someones legs soon after feeling the heat of something wet and hot spill onto me making me let out a squeal. My green eyes slowly made their way up the pair of blue nube toms to the pair of legs wearing worn out blue jeans and upper body wearing a red Elmo shirt, to a towering boy with pregunta and guilt in his hazel brown eyes under dark brown bangs and the red beanie on his head. " Shit, sorry are tu okay? " he asked until realization hit his features, " wait, do I know you? ".