one tree hill My OTH favourites, your favourite out of these?

Pick one:
Favourite female character; Haley James Scott
Favourite male character; Lucas Scott
OTP; brucas
segundo favourite couple; naley
Favourite friendship; Baley
Favourite recurring character; Chris Keller
Favourite season; 3
segundo favourite season; 1
Favourite quote; People who are meant to be together, etc.
Favourite CODA; For Blue Skies
Favourite Haley performance; 3x15~ Halo
Favourite dream episode; 2x20
Favourite season finale; 4x21
en general, general favourite episode; 3x09
Favourite kiss; BL 2x23
Favourite sense of style; Brooke in s5
Favourite car crash; 3x22
 PurpleMonkey82 posted hace más de un año
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