one tree hill OTH Quote Contest [Round 4] Haley James Scott {Full frases in cmnt}

Pick one:
swimchick;'Your thanks send people to the free clinic!'
Nibylandija;'I believe in true love. I believe in amor at first sight'
BeautifulN;'There wasn't a time when my corazón wasn't here with tu in árbol Hill'
Team_Brooke;'.. math because math don't care. And neither do I.'
kellyclarkson12;'Thank tu for sleeping with my husband'
oth_leyton_tla;'Death is not the greatest loss in life...'
TizzFan4evr;'She doesn't want to go. She doesn't wanna see her high school...'
xQueenOfHearts;'Nathan, it's been dicho that there is one word that will free us '
ns_23;'Life is short and opportunities are rare...'
XNaley_JamesX;'Why is it that it's so much easier to forgive a stranger...'
OTHjovana;'The rest of your life is a long time ...'
AMYonetreehill;'This is your world. You're here. tu matter...'
Leytonfan4ever;'What are tu gonna do, snort her?'
kellyerin87;'The only thing wrong with love, and faith, and belief ... '
HaleyDewit;'You know, I keep, I keep putting myself out there..'
 Jessica4695 posted hace más de un año
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