one tree hill Brooke/Sophia's {in my opinion} parte superior, arriba 15 performances - Which do tu think was the best? {in no particular order}

Pick one:
1x15 - Confronting Peyton about her & Lucas.
1x19 - Admitting she's not pregnant. "In the end, it all hurts the same."
3x22 - "I am holding on for dear life, but i need tu to need me back!"
3x13 - Rain fight. "But what is the difference?"
2x09 - playa scene "The good guys lie to get in your heart."
3x17 - "I just wish tu could rescue me." "From what?" "All of it."
3x22 - "Didn't tu miss me while tu were away?" "EVERYDAY."
5x18 - Giving Angie back. "She's gone Luke."
1x06 - "Oops. All gone!"
1x13 - "People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end."
2x21 - "Let's not screw this up now, okay?"
3x05 - "I wanted tu to fight for me."
3x09 - "There are 82 letters in here & they're all addressed to you."
4x17 - "Maybe we can be better"
1x11 - "I never gave a rats culo before."
 xoheartinohioxo posted hace más de un año
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