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Ok i have noticed in the last few days and weeks that their has been a lot más fighting between fans of both sides recently más than we usually do.

I know this is not easy to do but i am sick of the fights between both sides. I mean i am friends with some pretty hardcore leytoners and i mange to be able talk about the mostrar and the ships with out get in a fight. But it seems to me that some people just say things on purpose to piss off fans of the other ship.

I say sense it is the holidays and it supposed to be a fun time of the año lets not fight for a while. We will never see to eye on things but the constant telling us brucas fans why they suck and Leyton rules does not help matters and i am not saying brucas fans are perfect but things like that do not help things. I have seen recently a lot of immaturity lately por some fans.

i think it is rude and childish for us to attack each other because we ship different couples. I mean saying things about some one tu do not know is wrong and then when a friend of someone who gets attack they get attacked for being on that person side.

I say until oth comes back on that we try and have peace on the spot and i think the best way to keep this going is to not have any picks about brucas o Leyton that is the best way to keep the fights from starting.

So what do tu guys think are tu with me o not and do not attack me for this i am just so sick of the stupid fighting i am 24 years old i find up surd to being doing this over a couple on a show. comentarios o thoughts.
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