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I just watch the episode of Dan dies and I wanted to know everyone thoughts on it?

I never liked Dan esespecially after he killed Keith but after watching this episode it made me like and I understand him. I like the scenes with Dan & Nathan as well as the scene With Dan & Keith.
 RoseLovesJack posted hace más de un año
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neilandcobie said:
Well I hated him until he shot Nanny Carrie (twice) but then after that I hated him again I kinda felt sorry 4 Nathan though but from the way he treated Lucas and SHOT his brother because of his deluded ways and thinking it was Keith who started the fuego was WRONG! en general, general I would say because it was near the last episode anyway no one really had time 2 miss him because S9 had a lot going on....
I think Dan was an important part of the mostrar in it's earlier seasons but he is just a pretty forgettable character.....
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posted hace más de un año 
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