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Should i start watching One árbol Hill? [[read first]]

Im not sure yesterday i saw that episode idk what season it evenwas it was like 'can 50 minutos change your life' ? like,they dont have the class and can go around campus with their partner and answer Qs. I really like the mostrar but idk how good it really is, should i start watching it ?Whats the story even about?
pls help
 Should i start watching One árbol Hill? [[read first]]
 piperleoforever posted hace más de un año
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xxDUKE30xx said:
tu should totally start watching's about two half brothers Lucas and Nathan who have grown up hating each's got a little bit of everything, romance, friendship, tragedy, betrayal and basketball!!! I saw one episode and I have been wathching it ever since.
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posted hace más de un año 
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