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Before I begin, I would just like to warn anyone who's lectura this article, that there ARE spoilers. I'm warning tu now, so don't complain if tu keep lectura and tu find out something that tu didn't want to know. Again: SPOILERS ARE TO FOLLOW!!!

If tu are still lectura this, then that means tu are either fully up-to-date in all things One Piece, o tu really don't care if tu find out about the things that tu haven't seen o read yet, either way, please enjoy lectura this articulo :)

Sabo... Where is he? In One Piece, people are hard to kill, especially strong and important people. Who's...
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posted by GoodLuckTroll
i know this has probably been passed around before, but the idea of a water devil frutas has had me thinking lately: anyone with that kind of power is instantly the most powerful devil frutas holder in one piece. think about it, this character could be the one to finally best Luffy...for good.

now, i have had some thoughts about this character. i hope tu like what i got, and i HOPE that someone from up parte superior, arriba see's this and makes the character

VILLAIN: he would have to be a villain. and a sinister one at that, one who has no fear of anything because he holds the most powerful...power in one piece:...
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