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Post your characters and DFs on here, so it's easier than scrolling through the RP. That way, when we need to look them up, we can.
 Post your characters and DFs on here, so it's easier than scrolling through the RP. That way, when we

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Name: Rakki Tenshoku ('Lucky Weather')

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Age: 27

Appearance: He has light-brown eyes, that are almond-shaped and with dark pupils. His hair is messy and mid-length (just covering his ears), with a longer fringe, that often gets swept back; it is also dark-brown, that appears to be black when it is wet. He is fairly tall, reaching about 7'11 and he is quite well-built, even for his moderate size. He wears a black overcoat, with a white singlet on underneath; he also wears black slacks, that are shiny, with metal bolts sticking out of his belt and studs running down each leg.

Personality: He is the very image of a typical pirate Captain, strong, principled and intelligent. In theory, he is probably the very opposite, in personality, to the current Pirate-King. He treats each member of his crew with respect and would never harm them - he also avenges the deaths of any of his men in a heartbeat. He is serious during battle, and sometimes normally, but he can also laugh when he and his crew are feeling jolly and drinking rum.

History: He grew up in East Blue, on the same island that the Pirate-King Monkey D. Luffy grew up on (Windwill Island). He was always in awe of Luffy's sucess and grew up following his example, and eventually becoming a pirate. Has been a minor pirate for many years, but recently got some fame after raiding a Marine base and killing a Vice-Admiral. His bounty was increased from 9,000,000 beli to 25,000,000 and his Vice-Captain had a 15,000,000 beli bounty placed on his head. In spite of this small bounty, he is actually quite strong and has defeated many pirates with larger bounties on their heads. These days, his bounty is 35,000,000 and his Vice-Captain's is 20,000,000; they are currently heading for the Grand Line, where they plan to make their mark on the world.

Special ability: Butsuri Butsuri No Mi (Physics Fruit)

Other abilities: He is an expert at martial arts, and can fight his way out of almost any situation.
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Name: Long John (Johnny Regal)

Age: 42

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Rank: Commander

Appearance: A tall, muscular man with long, green hair and sideburns. His hairstyle resembles that of Franky's before he rebuilt himself with metal. His eyes are red/black. Customarily, he always walks around, wearing his chain-mail, something he got used to doing; this allowed him to become used to moving his body while it was under weight stress. He also wears white slacks, with a black belt, with a metal buckle. Underneath the armor (chainmail) he wears a red top, with long sleeves and a v-neck. He has a bit of an infatuation with jewellery, often wearing gold bracelets, with rubies, or saphires set in them and he always wears his necklace, which is shaped like a dragon. All over his back, arms and chest, he has a series of red, green and black tattoos, that each represent something he is proud of in his life.

Personality: He isn't fiercely intelligent, or incredibly stupid. Instead of being known as intelligent, he is remarkably straight-forward and logical - he doesn't boast superior knowledge, unless it is about history, instead he merely concentrates on the things that are important. He is not a nasty man, or a nice man, rather he is nonchalant to a point, but can get violently angry if his nakama are harmed. Along with his Captain, they both believe in revenge for their nakama, if it was required.

History: He grew up alone, his parents died when he was about 4 or 5. Because of the way he was taught, Johnny never bothered to try and find someone to take care of him, instead he grew up alone and taught himself everything he needed to know in order to survive. When he was 14, he met a man who claimed to be his grandfather and they lived together for a time, at least, until he decided (at the age of 20) to become a pirate. He joined a pirate crew, known as the Phoenix Pirates and worshipped Puzzle, the Captain, until his death. After Puzzle's death, the former First Mate, Stansen, took over being the Captain and Johnny stayed with them for a while, until he received an invitation from a youngster claiming to be the Captain of a pirate ship. That was when he met Rakki Tenshoku, a 18 year old kid, with big ambitions and a fierce resolve. Johnny decided to leave the Phoenix Pirates and joined the kid as his First Mate. As their crew grew larger and larger, the need for a Commander became greater and greater, until Rakki asked Johhny to be the Commander. Soon after, Rakki changed the name of the pirate crew to the Dragonlance pirates, instead of the Fedora pirates. It should also be known that, during his stay with his grandfather, that he learned a lot of history about pirates, Marines and of the world.

Special ability: Tsume-Tsume No Mi (Claw-Claw fruit)

Other abilities: He wields a large rapier, with two blades, like claws. This blade has a dragon's wing-spread as the guard and both blades are silver/chromed. He also can fight one on one combat, but prefers to use his Ittoryuu style swordsmanship.
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Name: Barrie 'Bug-eye' Andrew

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Rank: Crew member/Lookout/Sniper

Age: 28

Appearance: Short, brown hair, that spikes out at the front and the back, but it is flat on top. His eyes are blue, with dark pupils and white irises. He is fairly average in height and weight, but, for his size he is very strong and he has a very defined musculature. He normally wears well-fitting martial arts robes, with a large coat over the top, when it is cold.

Personality: He isn't very bright, and can be slow at times, but he has a well-liked personality and is loved by the rest of the crew. While he isn't chilidish, generally, on occasion, he can be and gets along well with the Chef, Bacon, and some of the more immature crew members. Even Rakki, sometimes, enjoys a joke with Bug-eye. Deep down, Bug-eye is actually a lot smarter than he appears most of the time and he is always deadly serious in battle. The point of this is to appear unintelligent to his crew, so he can slack off to the a certain degree and leave the complicated problems to the captain. He is an accomplished battle tactician, though.

History: He grew up with his grandfather, Jyabura, who is a former CP9 member. Jyabura taught him many of the components of Rokushiki, notably Tekkai, Geppou and Rankyaku. He learned all of these by the age of 12 and spent the other 6 years of his life mastering them to a certain degree. At the age of 18, he joined the Fedora Pirates, not long before they changed their name. He has been a member of their crew for 4 years. He specialises in swift, close-handed combat and acts as their assassin, when it is needed; so far, his 'special services' have only been needed once, which was to kill a government official. He also functions as the lookout in the Crow's Nest, and keeps a watchout for changes in weather, islands and other ships. He is, in fact, the sniper and does have a DF, that the others, excluding Rakki, don't know about. The others assume he is the lookout and that's it. However, when Rakki got him to join the crew, Bug-eye explained that he had a DF, but didn't want it broadcast, so Rakki named him the sniper, but hid that by him being the lookout officially and the sniper unofficially.

Special abilities:

Rankyaku ('Leg tempest') When he kicks, this sends a blast of wind/energy, that can cut through even the toughest of materials. This is often used in close combat and ranged combat, as he can fire it at a great range.

Tekkai ('Iron mass') When he uses this, his body appears to harden like iron and can resist tough punches and sword strikes. If the opponent is stronger than him, or has more training, then this will work to a lesser extent than it normally would.

Geppou: He can swift his weight, while in the air, in order to appear as though he is flying and kick the air, in order to continue rising in height.

Soru: One of the six Rokushiki arts. Gives the ability to move much, much faster than usual and often outstrip the speed of normal humans and even most DF users.

Shigan: The user pushes their finger toward the opponent at high speed, like a bullet, causing a wound similar to how a gun would leave a bullet wound on a regular human.

Devils fruit: Hou Hou No Mi: Mohan Fuzei
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Name: Jimmy 'Bacon' Savoy

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Rank: Chef/Comedian

Age: 25

Appearance: Jimmy is of average height and average build, being about 5'11 and weighing about 68 kgs. He generally wears a blazer, over the top of a pastel-coloured shirt, the colours of which tend to vary; sometimes, he wears t-shirts. He also wears baggy trousers, that are usually either blue or black and often match his blazer. His hair is a very light-brown colour and kept short and trimmed, and never is allowed to grow past his ears - this is due to his high belief in hygiene, something he will never compromise. While cooking, he wears a white apron, with a black trim and a white chef's hat, along with rubber gloves. He never wears jewellery as he considers it to unhygienic.

Personality: Jimmy believes in well-kept hygiene and often growls at the others to wash up before eating; if they don't, he will refuse to serve them, often causing a fight. Jimmy can be very funny, very serious and very aggressive and this tends to vary on his mood and his instructions being followed. Even though he berates Long John and Rakki, he has the utmost respect for the two and will never truely insult them. Because he is usually telling jokes and being funny, he often acts as the boat comedian and tells them jokes when they are bored. When he is insulted by someone, he defends his honour with a fierce temerity and will never back down from a fight; during a fight he is always serious. Jimmy is only ever serious during a fight, or when he is feeling down.

History: He grew up on an island on the Grand Line and spent many happy years with his parents, until they were killed by a pirate crew; interestingly enough, it was the Buggy Pirate crew that ambushed and killed his parents and he swore revenge on Captain Buggy. He was 10 when his parents died. A relative, his uncle, was friends with Shanks, from the Red-Hair Pirates and Shanks agreed to transport Jimmy out of the Grand Line and to East Blue, where he had always wanted to live. During his time on their boat, he gained an affinity for cooking and was taught minor skills by the Red-Hair Pirate cook. When they arrived in East Blue, Jimmy begged Shanks to take him to Baratie, the restaurant of the fighting chefs and where Sanji, of the Strawhat pirates came from. He pleaded with Owner Zeff to take him on and allow him to become a chef. Zeff, who had become somewhat lonely over the years since Sanji left, decided to take the boy on and he trained him for 5 years. When Jimmy turned 16, Zeff regarded him as a chef and allowed him to work for food and meager pay. After 6 years, Jimmy grew restless and wanted to leave to become a pirate, just like Shanks. Zeff was growing unwell, and Jimmy finally left when he died and roamed East Blue, until he happened upon Rakki and his pirate crew, who had docked at Windmill Island to visit his younger brother. Jimmy decided to join them as their cook.

Skills: Jimmy is small, but he is quite tough and resilient for his size, often defeating opponents twice as large as him. Shanks taught him Haki, during their voyage to East Blue, Mantra, or the Colour of Observation. He is also well-versed in karate, using his superior kicking power to his advantage.

Equipment: He has two long knifes, a bunch of throwing knives (he has deadly accuracy for someone who has no sharp-shooting skills) and a staff, that has curving blades on the top and bottom - he can wield this extremely well.
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Name: Hou Hou No Mi: Mohan Fuzei (Gun Gun fruit: Model Air)

Type: Paramecia

The Hou Hou No Mi: Mohan Fuzei is a model of the Gun Gun fruit, which allows the user to fire highly compressed air from his fingertips. The fingertips can become metallic, with openings to fire the air from, whenever the user wishes to use their power. The whole arm of the user is modified (from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers) into a heavy Tungsten HA185 grade with Ni-Fe binder alloy, capable of resisting radiation and up to 2 million lbf. The inside of the modified arm has a vacumn/compression device, capable of sucking in large amounts of compressed air. The nozzle has a piece to change the settings of the amount of air released, as well as adjusting the pressure fired, in lbf (pounds force).


Gorogoro-shotto: ('Scattershot') The user fires multiple shots of air bullets which have the effect of scatter shotgun shots, comparative to each bullet having 80,000 lbf.

Magure-shotto:('Lucky shot') A passive ability for the user of the Hou Hou No Mi. This can bypass certain restrictions on the DF, like the velocity of the air bullets and being able to exert pressure on contact of any object, or organism. It is passive,because the ability activates once every ten air bullets, being the lucky bullet, so to speak, excluding special abilities, like Tama Goro Goro and Toroburushotto.

Toroburu-shotto: Another special ability, which is the second most powerful Shot, in terms of force (exceeding 500,000 lbf) of the Hou Hou No Mi.

Kouseido-shotto: ('High Precision Shot') This is essentially the Hou Hou No Mi equivalent of a sniper shot, which operates around the basis of high accuracy/precision and from an extended range of up to 5.6 km (9 seconds time in which opponent could potentially dodge, if they were aware of attack, either by kenbunshoku Haki, or adaptive instinct from familiarity of ability. This ability is the only other ability to exceed 400 m/s, travelling at 600 m/s.

Kyosei: ('Big shot') The most powerful ability in terms of force. This can fire one shot at maximum 2,000,000 lbf. This requires all of the remaining air in the arm, whether it is full, or not (the less air, the weaker the shot, can fluctuate between 100,000 lbfs and 2,000,000 lbfs).

Apuro-chishotto: ('Approach shot') A melee shot, or rather, a close combat shot. The user swings their arm in an arc and releases the air in one large shot, using a variable amount of air each time.

Tentou-shotto: ('Counter shot') A shot that is released automatically, whenever the arm is used for defense, particularly when the arm is defending against katana close-combat attacks.

Gekitai-shotto: ('Repel shot') This can be used to repel cannonballs and bullets, or any objects with similar properties and size travelling towards the user at velocity.

Amugan: ('Arm gun') The whole arm is used like Shigan, except more powerful at range and even more so in close combat. This is a Rokushiki developed technique for the user to potentially use.

Weakness: Logia-users, sea stone, salt water and kenbunshoku Haki
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(I made a mistake when I first posted this... it was supposed to be a Mythical Zoan, being a dragon, yet, I never actually listed it as one. So, here's the recorrection.

Name: Tsume-Tsume No Mi (Claw Claw fruit: Model Dragon)

Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: The user can shift between a completely human appearance and a dragon appearance. They can modify this to their choosing, meaning they can become as 'Draconian' as they like, or as human as they like, but they cannot become completely dragon. If they don't switch back to human form after ten minutes, the user will automatically be shifted back, due to time constraints.


Densetsu Doragon ('Legendary Dragon') This is the transformation to become a dragon completely, without any human-like appearance, whatsoever. This can only last five minutes.

Soukou Hakari ('Armored Scales') Can temporarily strengthen scales in Dragon form, or Hybrid form. This hardens them beyond the strength of steel. In Hybrid form, this ability is known as: Kousotsu ('Armored warrior').

Other abilities:

Doragon Tsume ('Dragon Claw')

Doragonse Enkou ('Dragon's flame')

Ryujinn ('Dragon god')

Hiryuu ('Flying dragon')

Weakness: Water. Not just being in water, but being doused by water, or by ice will have adverse effects on the user of this Fruit. The only way to escape this weakness would be to use Dragon's fire on the water, or ice before it reaches the user, otherwise they will be greatly weakened. Also weak against the 'Colour of Observation', or Kenbunshoku Haki.
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The revised version of Rakki's Fruit. Hopefully, it will make more sense now. XD

Name: Butsuri-Butsuri fruit ('Physics fruit')

Type: Logia

Appearance: The user's body can shift from becoming solid, gas, or liquid. This makes their body seem very, very different each time they use the Fruit or intend to fight. This can take on the appearance of any liquid, gas or solid substance, including water, however, they cannot become water when immersed in the substance. Their appearance has little effect on the environment around them, i.e. freezing themself to become ice, as opposed to water, will have little effect on anything else around the user. Being ice will not give them the ability to manipulate the substance.


Butsuri No Kaze: This is the special wind created by a perfect control of anything involving physical manipulation. This differs from wind in general, as this can use gravitational forces to change the max-windspeed and pressure of each gust that blows. While this may sound complex, this actually exhibits particular patterns of the wind in the 'Roaring Forties', a weather pattern that only is shown on countries that exist within the 40-latitude line of Earth. Basically, the user can control the wind around the different kinds of weather that appear in the Roaring Forties, which involve heavy southerlies and drastic nor'westers. The pressure of these weather patterns is important, because the power the pressure, the more chance of 'typhoon' or 'cyclone-like' weather. The user can use an unimaginable amount of weather patterns to cause storms, lightning, hail, rain and other effects, which all rely on a lower level of pressure for this to work.

Butsuri No Jijou: This can use the concept of 'magnetic force' in order to manipulate ANY metal into acting the way that they wish. This could involve fastening metal objects onto a wall, or drawing swords away from their owners.

Black hole: The user allows their body to become an irresistable force and they will attract large objects, pulling them in and attempting to compress them down to about 1/10th of their normal size. This can only work if the opponent is weak, or has no Fruit abilities, otherwise it is fairly easy to escape. The compression only works on opponents with abnormal bodies i.e. Devil's Fruit users, as any normal person would be crushed and killed by`the ability. The compression lasts for about 30 seconds before the affected person's body returns to relative normality.

Speed of sound: The user can speed up individual movements, allowing them to move at around 600 m/s. This can only be sustained for short periods of time.

Special Power: The user can enhance the amount of gravitional pull around a specific object, including other humans. This ability means that said person/object will draw in objects around them within a 100 meter radius - these objects will orbit around person/object, unless their mass is greater than that of the person/object with the applied gravitational force.

Weakness: The user is weak against lightning and thunder. Lighting disrupts the bonds between their gravitional fields, as wellas their aptitude for using physical applications in order to further their own goals. Thunder causes them to lose their concentration, as the user of this fruit has to have ample control, otherwise they will not be able to use their abilities to their fullest. Other weaknesses include that of some other Logia types, Haki, sea stone and being in salt water.
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Name: Lucia Lawson

Affiliation: Shichibukai

Age: 30

Appearance: A lithe young woman with short, black hair with long bangs and deep olive skin, hazel eyes, and a fair complexion. She wears tight clothing that covers her from neck to wrists to ankles, including a turtleneck and long, clinging pants, each made of black velour. She tends to keep either keep her tail in a short pony tail for casual occasions, though when she’s on the job she lets it flow free.

Personality: In many ways, Lucia is still the girl she started out as in Goa. She shows an amazing amount of naiveté for someone so widely traveled, having experienced the world mostly as a mercenary and fugitive. However, her history has left many an imprint. She trusts few people, and lets even fewer get close to her. Still, she tries to put on a happy face when she can, and is easily entranced by new and interesting scenery. She very rarely showcases the sorrow of her past, excepting her fighting style, which seems like a woeful dance more than actual combat.

History: Childhood for Lucia was straightforward – it was an abject lesson in the importance of power. She was born in the Goa Kingdom on East Blue, and though her family was poor, life wasn’t so tragic. The Lawson family was highly regarded, and due to the kindness of other residents, allowed to stay within the city. Unfortunately, that kindness didn’t last. The patriarch and matriarch of the family protecting them passed away, and her family was forced to pay exorbitant rents they couldn’t afford. As a result, Lucia was contracted out to the other family. At first, she was forced to play a role in removing trash from the city. That didn’t last. She was placed in more and more dangerous roles without her family’s knowledge, often forced to face down brigands and pirates in the Gray Terminal. Each job she survived became a mark of her ability, though her success was a constant annoyance to her employers, who had wanted her family kicked out time and again. They sent her into tougher and tougher places, even sending her off the island against severely dangerous opponents. She came back with blades, acquiring Kamakiri and Kurēn in her first off-island mission and constantly being pitted against more and more difficult opponents. She developed a 20,000,000 beli bounty in that time.

It was only after she acquired Kage Hokou that they became suspicious that she might be a Devil Fruit user, and planned to drown her. Thankfully for her, she was prepared. She found Kaido, and joined his crew. After proving herself worthy of a high role within the crew, she pressed them to attack the Goa Kingdom, intending to save her parents. Unfortunately, Kaido had other plans. He wreathed the city in flames. When she entered her former home, she found her parents slaughtered, and a man with two blades standing over them. In a rage, she fought with the man who stood over them, a Shichibukai contracted by the family who had used her. In one of the most brutal fights of her life, she stood triumphant. Taking both Yoruchi and Nido To Shinai from his corpse, she hardened herself, striding out of the city, leaving behind a furious Kaido (who wanted the blades for himself). When news got out that she had killed a Shichibukai, her bounty increased from 50,000,000 (upon joining Kaido’s crew) to a whopping 200,000,000 beli. For 10 years, no one heard from or saw her. Afterwards, she showed up at the Marine HQ, and demanded to become a Shichibukai. The reason for that choice is still unknown, but they took her. She appears completely loyal to the marines.

Special ability: Busō-Busō No Mi (Armament Fruit)

Other abilities: Though she is an expert with a variety of blades, most of her capability resides outside normal straight blades (i.e. regular swords and daggers). She is incredibly capable utilizing odd blade designs that go outside the norm. As the wielder of two Ryo Wazamono Grade, two O Wazamono Grade blades and one Saijo O Wazamono Grade blade, she has tremendous experience wielding top quality weapons. She also utilizes Kenbunshoku Haki lightly, and has dedicated much of her time to mastering Busoshoku Haki.

Weapons wielded: Yoruchi (Saijo O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath crossing down her back from her right shoulder), Nido To Shinai (O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her right arm with the hilt just under her right palm), Kage Hokou (O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her left arm with the hilt just under her left palm), Kamakiri (Ryo Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her right leg with the hilt just below her right knee), and Kowareta Tsubasa (Ryo Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her left leg with the hilt just below her left knee).

Kamakiri [Mantis] (Ryo Wazamono) – A wide shortword, 2 inches across for most of its length, rounded at the tip and 8 inches long. A heavy blade for its size, it’s made of very dense steel, complete with a green and brown hilt with a serrated guard. Meant as a defensive blade, the guard is almost as strong as the blade itself, a deep green with a thicker core than usually necessary, making the blade seem wider than it actually is.

Kowareta Tsubasa [Broken Wing] (Ryo Wazamono) – An incredibly brittle blade, considered practically unusable due to its regular shattering, it’s also one of the oldest. Though rust has been cleaned off the blade multiple times, it has stained its length a reddish brown. Its hilt is wrapped in several layers of plain linen cloth, the guard long-since disintegrated. A shortsword is even shorter than Kamakiri at a mere 6 inches in length and the blade itself is less than half an inch across. Despite all this, it is known as one of the sharpest blades of its grade, never dulling in its long years. The sole other benefit is that when it repairs, it does so seamlessly.

Kage Hokou [Walking Shadow] (O Wazamono) – The shortest of her blades at just 4 inches, it’s almost as much hilt as blade. The hilt is a series of black leather straps with finger holds along the sides. The sheath is charcoal grey leather with slits along the side that show the silvery blade underneath. That blade is an inch and a quarter wide. It’s so named because while it’s within the sheath, the blade seems to disappear as it passes through shadow.

Nido To Shinai [Nevermore] (O Wazamono) – The second-longest of her blades, the steel extends a full foot. It has a glassy, dark blue hilt with an icy look to it. The blade is a notched nodachi (one edge grey, one silver), slightly curved with a small guard. When the blade is removed from its light blue sheath, it seems to whisper unintelligible words. Cuts with this blade are especially dangerous, since any cut creates a short-lived vacuum around the site that draws out more blood from the wound.

Yoruchi [Nightblood] (Saijo O Wazamono) – A large black sword in a silver sheath, this is the only blade wielded by Lucia that is longer than a shortsword, extending to a length of 4 feet. The hilt and blade are all black. The hilt is capped by a black diamond, its length composed of two thin metal bars twisted about each other. The guard is a simple black “u” upturned around the blade itself. The blade is 3 inches wide at the base, narrowing to 2 and a half at the middle, and expanding out again to 4 inches just before the tip. It is fastened into the sheath with clasps. When it is removed from its sheath to any extent, the blade leaks an inky black smoke that seems to pour out of it. This blade is sentient, and talks to whoever is currently touching it. As such, it can act on its own as long as any of the blade is showing. This often causes a difference of opinion between the wielder and the blade. While the blade is difficult for the wielder to use, it’s nearly impossible for anyone else. If the blade deems someone nearby as evil, they will feel drawn to possess it, though the blade will take control of their movements the moment they do. Someone it deems as “good” feels sick in its presence.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Name: "Pharmhand" Simiao

Affiliation: Doctor of the Dragonlance Pirates

Age: 23

Appearance: A member of the Longarm Tribe, and as such has two elbow joints on each arm, and therefore abnormally long arms. Other than that factor, he looks like a normal human. He has short, messy hair, usually made worse by his attempts to keep it brushed back. Though young, he’s quickly balding, and more often than not sports a five o’clock shadow. He has to wear glasses, which are constantly slipping down his nose. His clothing is Chinese in style and teal in color, with a huge kanji on the front for “bored.”

Personality: A dedicated scientist who is always exploring new chemical methods to improve his abilities, he often does so to the detriment of other necessary tasks. If he becomes focused on something, pulling away his attention gets to be incredibly difficult. However, he’s also easily distracted, staring off into space during meetings and other things he deems unimportant. Easy to get along with, difficult to rile up, he generally fights passively.

History: A child of wayfaring parents, he was separated from his parents at a young age, captured and sold in the human market. As luck would have it, his owner was from Alabasta, and upon returning there, he was apprenticed to Dr. Ho, the palace medic. It was from him that Simiao learned about a variety of medical practices, and in his search for rare medical herbs, where he found his Devil Fruit. After he started modifying his methods to incorporate the strange abilities of the Ase-Ase No Mai, Dr. Ho dismissed him from service, and Simiao traveled in search of his parents. He traveled back to his home country, improving his fighting capabilities so that he could travel to the New World, where he believes his parents currently reside. He continued to hone his craft and improve his use of his Devil Fruit, and continues to search for his family to this day.

Special ability: Ase-Ase No Mi (Sweat Fruit)

Other abilities: His fighting style is almost entirely arm-based. While strong in hand to hand fighting in any case, it’s most powerful techniques involve a strange, slow style of fighting that allows him to gather energy into his muscles, making his attacks far stronger than they should be capable of doing. Similar to Fishman Karate, it has a more focused and therefore more powerful effect than most abilities in that spectrum. It also includes abilities similar to Rokuogan that release shockwaves from physical attacks with any part of his arms, however these are significantly weaker than the CP9 variant and are mainly used to enhance attacks. He’s able to use Busoshoku Haki to a basic extent.

Weapons wielded: His only “weapons” are a set of vials, most commonly hidden on his belt or strapped to his legs in order to allow easy access for his long arms. These vials contain well-preserved sweat, normally of lower grade due to adding chemicals to keep them viable, though some are experimental enhancements that he’s concerned to use through his Devil Fruit.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Name: Sergei

Affiliation: Head Navigator of the Revolutionary Army

Age: 48

Appearance: A much taller than usual individual at 13’11”, he is an imposing figure. He is all taut, solid muscle with deep brown skin. He wears red robes with deep, colored V-shaped patterns that clasp in the front. He wears a large number of rings on each of his fingers (including his thumbs), several bracelets at each wrists and a series of bracers all the way up his arm and to his shoulders. He wears sandals on his feet and a series of anklets on each ankle. Earrings ring his ears and he has a stud in each nostril and eyebrow. He keeps his head shaved, choosing to go bald.

Personality: As a general rule, he tries to make himself as useful as possible. His island was meant to be in service of the world, and he still views himself as a servant, if mainly one who is meant to provide knowledge. Sergei has a high opinion of himself, though it is somewhat validated, given that he has access to some of the most precious knowledge in the world. However, what he considers useful or important information often clashes with reality. He has a terrible fury when it comes to Marines, and a deep longing to see his people again.

History: Originally from an island called Terris, Sergei’s island. They discovered a method for transferring Devil Fruit from one person to another, though it required complete acquiescence on the part of both parties. Through this method, they transferred his Devil Fruit from one person to another, gathering a large number of memories into copper containers, bracers, armor, weapons and jewelry. With this, they intended to garner and hold onto a tremendous amount of information, acting as the world’s major repository of knowledge. They essentially became an island library, with much of the information transcribed into books and other materials to reduce overuse of their supply of copper.
Much like Ohara, they became privy to information that the World Government wouldn’t allow them to have. Unlike Ohara, the Buster Call that followed was foreseen, and both the current Devil Fruit user and a great deal of the leadership of the country were able to escape. Others tried as well, but most of the ships that left the island were intercepted by former Fleet Admiral Sakazuki himself and destroyed. Those who survived were hunted down and annihilated, and Sergei himself was harried constantly, losing many of the copper containers for his memories. He’s developed a healthy hatred for all things Marine. He joined Monkey D. Dragon’s crew for his own safety, some measure of vengeance, and to find any of the other surviving leadership of Terris, all of whom hold some of the vast store of knowledge in copper.

Special ability: Hozon-Hozon No Mi (Storage Fruit)

Other abilities: An advanced user of Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki, he’s a more adept close range fighter than long range, but is reasonably proficient with his guns.

Weapons wielded: He wields two ordinary pistols, each of which is holstered at his belt. He also wields two metallic canes, stuck in the back of his belt for close combat.
hace más de un año whiteflame55 said…
Name: Lotus “Red Dawn” Everly

Affiliation: World Government, Rear Admiral

Age: 23

Appearance: His red hair is long and wavy, coming down to her hips, but often tied into a tight bun with a single long strand brushing down over her face. She’s an even six feet tall with piercing dark red eyes and a spray of freckles. A busty woman, she wears her rear admiral cloak over a number of intricate and stylized dresses of all sorts, often cut in highly revealing fashions, but always parted in the right places to allow free motion while fighting.

Personality: Lotus wears many masks. Most often, it’s the mask of the debutante, a well bred young lady capable of showcasing an incredible amount of class and refinement. In battle or on a mission, she becomes a deadly weapon, though one with a soul that often compromises the very missions she’s sent on. She occasionally showcases a raucous side, one fully capable of drinking with men multiple times her size and enjoying bawdy jokes. Many have tried to discern which of these, if any, the actual Lotus is. The truth is, even she doesn’t know any longer.

History: Her history has been a mixed bag. She grew up in Loguetown, the daughter of a very wealthy family. After a number of years, she was submitted to the Marines for training. Expectations were set low, but she quickly managed to defy the odds, surpassing everyone’s beliefs in her. After a number of years in service of the marines, she was placed under the care of Vice Admiral Tsuru, who took a deep interest in the now Lieutenant rank Marine. It was under the Tsuru’s tutelage that she flourished, finding both of her blades within the span of a year. Since her promotion to Rear Admiral, she has worked in close association with the higher ups among the Marines, who have entrusted a long term mission of grave importance to her.

Special abilities: She is one of the very few people capable of using Haoshoku Haki, something she has become incredibly proficient in, along with other types of Haki. She shows incredible skill with assassination, made all the more effective by her dagger. Her hand-to-hand fighting capabilities are effective, though she is most effective with her staff in combat.

Weapons wielded: Sasayaku (O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath hidden within a pocket inside the right side of her vest), Kyūshutsu (Unknown grade, lashed straight up and down on her back)

Sasayaku [Whisper] (O Wazamono) – A kris with a twisting, thin blade 5 inches long, a half inch across and nearly paper thin, Sasayaku has an interesting appearance. The blade appears to be made of glass with a storm of clouds inside of it, with an opaque hilt made entirely of smooth rosewood and worked with twisting patterns. It includes only a thin metal guard that extends out to a point about an inch off of one side of the hilt. The wavy blade has unique properties, as it will cause no injury upon cut. However, blood will still pour out around the blade as though the blood vessels it passes through were actually severed. This causes no pain, and the recipient of the injury feels nothing aside from the blood loss. This effect only lasts so long as the blade remains within the opponent. Only against other steel will the weapon showcase an actual physical presence.

Kyūshutsu [Deliverance] (Unknown) – A staff with two, foot long curved blades at its ends. It’s 7 and a half feet long in total, and contains four handholds along its length (each 6 inches long), each made of leather. The staff itself is entirely made with metal, including two, inch-thick bars connecting the curved blades to two of the handholds (each another foot in length). Between each of the grips is a length of blade (each 6 inches long).
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Name: Cade “Long-shot” Locksley

Affiliation: Shichibukai; World Government; Thomas Tew's Mercenary's Guild

Age: 45

Appearance: Cade wears a traditional pirate captain outfit, albeit custom made to fit his style. He has a slim body that portrays him as a healthy outdoors-type, standing at a tall 6'5" with a pretty even distribution of length between his torso and legs. He has messy straight hair with long bangs that often hang over his face. His wears an oversized hat with a wide brim that stretched past his shoulders, easily swallowing the upper part of his head, yet managing to show his face clearly without going down his entire forehead. The hat is cleverly made with a crescent indent above the forehead, granting Cade easy aerial view at all times. Cade wears a simple white shirt tucked in beneath his a vest and wears his dark captain’s coat over that. The coat is fairly snug at the top, the sleeves and torso slender, but from the waist down, the coattails spread out widely to hang loosely by his ankles. He wears a cravat around his neck, but keeps it loose to avoid constricting him. His slender and long body resembles a ferret.

Cade’s overall appearance seems to be formal yet very relaxed and somewhat rebellious (similar to the standard English pirate captain portrayal). Cade has two belts hanging around his waist, possessing holsters to carry his two traditional pistols with blades underneath the barrels as well as his elegant rapier and sheath. He has two straps crossing his back to hold his two rifles as well.

Personality: Cade is undoubtedly a former pirate, holding a magnanimous demeanor and a strong sense of humor. He follows most of the codes of honor and still values them over his duty as a Shichibukai, choosing to follow his own morals in any situation. He acts laid back and relaxed most of the time, preferring to make friends with others on first meeting. He loves to drink wine and would share a drink with anyone, pirate, marine, civilian, or even a merman with joyous laughter and a grin, wishing to enjoy life to the fullest. But when it comes to his work, he always gets it done in the end, acting very precisely with his actions and showing little mercy against his opponents. Cade holds no reservations for killing anyone who he views as a target, wielding experience from years of working as a bounty hunter.

At least, that's the best way to describe Cade's more consistent traits. In a sense, he's a major contradiction--he rarely acts in a predictable manner and everyone who gets involved in him ends up with a major headache from trying to keep up with him. Cade is a liar who can say whatever he wants on whim, and there is often no real reason behind his decision to hide the truth. He acts on whim, so there is no way to say for sure about what he would do in any situation. However, he does seem to consistently value freedom, enjoy a good joke, and stick to his three priorities (wealth, women, and wine)--usually. He doesn't talk much about his past, for whatever reason.

History: Cade had initially been trained as a member of the marine and sailed as a subordinate under Vice-Admiral Garp temporarily. Under him, Cade began to develop some of his already lax morals, quickly becoming famous for his skills but failed to gain a rank that reflected his abilities due to his constant recklessness and unwillingness to follow certain rules and regulations in the marines. Cade enjoyed sailing the seas as a marine, but was irate with the restrictions placed on him and his actions, as Cade wasn’t the best with discipline. So in the end, Cade cut his ties with the marines without looking back once and began to travel as a vagabond through the Grand Line.

Cade made his living as a sort of vigilante bounty hunter, hunting down men who he viewed as scum of the world. Many people openly wondered whether he did the job for the money or because he believed he was doing justice, though it was hard for people to seriously continue to argue the latter possibility upon meeting him. Cade stuck his nose in places where he needn’t have been, chasing down and capturing pirates and other villains, sending them in to the marines to collect the bounty. This got him a bad reputation among the pirates and the marines, as he was taking care of jobs the marines intended to do themselves, making them look bad by comparison. To make matters worse, Cade intentionally prevented the marines from arresting people he felt were either being unfairly charged or were innocent--or people he'd taken a liking to--giving him the image of nothing more than an irritating nuisance. As time went on, Cade continued to dodge the marine’s attempts to arrest him and dealt with many underworld scandals that both helped and hurt his reputation. Soon, as if by whim, Cade began to join several pirate crews while traveling, meeting several big names through the New World and getting involved in all kinds of well-known incidents, causing his share of damage before disappearing and moving on before he attracted TOO much attention.

Sadly, this did not work out. In the end, he found himself in a tight situation where he was being hounded by the marines and the town he was in was surrounded. He was forced to choose between abandoning the kind people who he had shared drinks with and running away, or opposing the marines directly, which would make him an undeniable enemy of the marines. Choosing to live his life without regret, he ended up taking the lives of three rear-admirals, kidnapping and threatening a small group of marines comprised of men with various ranks, and blowing up all of their ships in the port before forcing the marines to submit. He claims this was all in self-defense, but the World Government took no pity on his case, declaring him a dangerous vigilante and traitor of the marines. His bounty continued to escalate, and bounty hunters finally became bold enough to begin to hunt him, though they ended up being hunted in return. Finally tired of his inbetween status, but still unwilling to give up his life as a bounty hunter, Cade agreed to making a deal with the World Government, becoming a Shichibukai, leaving behind his former bounty of 350,000,000.

At some point while he traveled the seas, Cade joined Thomas Tew's Mercenary Guild, which became the only place he stayed for an extended period of time. Upon becoming a Shichibukai, he also became leader of the guild, gaining amnesty for all of is members and opening them up to many more opportunities for jobs.

Special Ability: Cade is a sharp shooting master, expertly wielding guns in unorthodox ways no other snipers can hope to compare to. He is able to shoot down any target with his special pistols from long distances, without a scope, as if they were sniper rifles, though his pistols are better suited for close range gun slinging, firing a large quantity of bullets rapidly at point blank.

For sniping, Cade carries a pair of rifles slung across his back, capable of firing powerful shots at long distances, right through even mild winds that would normally make long distant sniping impossible. With his sharp eyes and inhuman accuracy, his shots could reach targets that would normally be hidden or out of range.

Cade can ricochet bullets off of surrounding surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, to reach his targets at a complicated angle, making his sniping and gunslinging three dimensional. With his ability to accurately hit impossible shots and his habit of making bets with people who don’t know better, he earned the nickname ‘Longshot’. This may also be in part to the fact the fact that he seems capable of making it through even the fiercest and most difficult situations through sheer luck and bravado.

Cade can also infuse Busoshoku Haki into the bullets of any guns he uses, giving them more destructive power (and, of course, the potential to harm a logias user). These enhanced bullets can pierce steel and blow away gas and flames with the surrounding force. Cade likes to use this to create small shockwaves to give his shots more devastating power when piercing targets.

He can also use a bit of Kenbunshoku to see his targets more clearly at times with bad visibility, such as in fog or smoke, and can also get a sense for when they are out of his sight, behind walls and such. He's not very capable when using this to predict oncoming attacks, preferring to use his natural reflexes instead.

Other ability: Cade’s guns are made to handle sudden shock and can block swords and blunt objects quite easily, thanks to Cade’s reflex. Though he can use the guns themselves almost like melee weapons (see Hidan no Aria: Aria vs. Riko for reference XD), he prefers to use his rapier up close. Though he is no master, he is extremely proficient with the weapon and can outmaneuver all low ranked marines, and many high ranked. He also has a short bayonet attached to the ends of both of his pistols, which he uses to attack at close range when he can't shoot. These two blades are really the reforged pieces of an O Wazamono grade blade that he'd broken in the past, though he claims to have forgotten its name.

Cade also likes to use gunpowder to create explosives out of the stiches of his own jacket. He carries matches, a knife, and ammo on his person while hiding them to make them difficult to find in case someone tries to mug him in his sleep or while unconscious.
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Name: “Namikiji” Sakuya Minamitsu

Affiliation: CPA (Cipher Pol Admiral); marines, World Government, Cipher Pol

Age: 52

Appearance: At first sight, Namikiji looks like a normal woman; calm, soft-spoken, eyes holding a great sadness. This is a common appearance for grown women who live in the Grand Line and witness killing and wars. However, Namikiji’s intimidating marine coat that she wears hanging over her shoulders often distracts eyes. Like many high ranking officers, she does not actually ‘wear’ the coat. The sleeves hang at the sides as the entire piece of authority flutters in the wind like a cape. People often say that she stands as tall as a tree, and is as thin as one, proportionally speaking. She stands as tall as her fellow admirals, though she seems to be slightly taller than them thanks to her high heels. She wears a pale brown dress dress with an odd pattern that resembles the curved lines in the bark of a tree. Namikiji’s long black hair is tied into two ponytails that hand down at her hips, except the hair tie is place near the ends, making it seem like she has two large tubes hanging from her head. Namikiji’s facial features resemble the person she’d once been; a woman of beauty who came second only to Boa Hancock. With the stress of work and age, it is almost surprising how well she’s maintained her youth. Her overall appearance resembles a tall, upright oak tree.

Personality: Namikiji means an “avenue of trees”. Normally, a stroll down such a thing would be calm and relaxing, with a light breeze blowing, rustling the leaves around to make a soothing sound. Namikiji lives up to this name, usually remaining calm and serene, never raising her voice unless she needs to be heard. At the same time, Namikiji is straight and firm, particularly with her beliefs. She never hesitates to speak her mind and tell the truth, giving her opinion regardless of what others may think. She is extraordinarily loyal and fiercely protective of her ‘personal justice’, unwilling to allow anyone do anything that may compromise it. At the same time, however, she is merciful and dislikes killing meaninglessly, valuing lives like precious gems.

History: Sakuya was raised as a normal child before joining the Cipher Pol agencies as an information investigator. Sakuya enjoys politics and learning new things in general, so the job was beneficial for her. She was raised in the South Blue on an island where she often practiced wood carvings before she was transferred to the North Blue and then the Grand Line, working in numerous places along the way. Her work showed her the dark side of all her information gathering and she gleaned knowledge that is not for everyone to see. Despite this, her curiosity was never satiated and she became a loyal and trustworthy member of CP8. She soon became an excellent political negotiator, being able to erect numerous treaties with countries all over between them and the World Government. She had even gotten into several fights, despite her nature, where she took initiative in order to uphold her own ideals. Thanks to her spotless record, she was promoted to the leadership position of CP8 along with her acquisition of a devil’s fruit and the pseudonym, Namikiji. Namikiji was a frequent visitor of Ohara, making friends with the scholars and researchers there as she shared her own ideas with them regularly, spending her vacations there. However, she had never known about them researching the Poneglyphs or the Void Century, and only learned of CP9 attacking the island through her numerous connections. She immediately headed over, but was too late. The island was already in ravages and the books had been tossed into the lake in order to be saved from the fire, though they weren’t of much use as they were. Wishing to see Clover, the first man who she had ever had a meeting of minds with, she found all of the researchers before the CP9 director at the time, Spandine. She arrived just in time to hear Clover’s entire conversation with the Gorosei, including the theory he has come up with. Due to the actions taken afterword, Namikiji promptly left with questions on her mind. Deciding to trust in the World Government she served, she headed straight to see the Gorosei.
It is unknown as to what happened after the meeting, which was closed off to everyone but the Gorosei and Namikiji, but Namikiji was promoted soon afterward and became the first CPA in history. From that day forth, she never spoke of the Void Century to anyone.

Special Ability: Mori Mori no Mi

Other ability: As an admiral, Namikiji possesses a strong level of haki, wielding all three forms, including the haoshoku, though she dislikes exercising it on anyone. Namikiji is also excellent when it comes to close combat, able to use a variety of weapons, though she prefers ones made out of wood.
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Martel Every “Sea King Tamer”

Affiliation: Yonkou; Azure Pirates

Age: 39

Appearance: Martel is an older woman with thick mauve hair that is tied tightly with several metal bands, giving it a heavy cylinder shape as it hangs to reach her calves. She has bright lilac colored eyes and is taller than most people, standing at the same height as the pirate empress, Boa Hancock. Martel normally wears a green t-shirt under a pair of long overalls, as well as ankle high fishing boots. She can be seen with a reed sticking from her mouth on a regular basis. When officially acting as captain, she puts on her lavender captain’s coat, sticking her hands through the sleeves to actually wear it as more than a symbolic cape. Martel’s appearance is not entirely indicative of her age.

Personality: All her life, Martel has only eaten sea food, due to living on the sea all of her life. She now stubbornly refuses to eat anything that doesn’t come from the sea. First impressions of Martel when she’s alone wouldn’t tell you that she’s a pirate captain, let alone a Yonkou. She likes to spend all day fishing with her favorite fishing pole, Ume no Tsubasa, and has incredible luck when it comes to catching the biggest fish, and even Sea Kings. She’s good-natured and relaxed, taking good or bad news with a mellow retort. She enjoys sea tales, no matter how truthful or unlikely they may be and is always happy to hear something surprising, as no matter how much of the sea you explore, there is always something new to hear. Due to her mellow nature and her special ‘ability’, she’s the only Yonkou to have every claimed the calm belt as her domain to any extent. But her demeanor changes drastically when she hears someone claim the sea as ‘theirs’, or insult it in anyway. For a multitude of reasons, she is very protective of the ocean and will crush marines and pirates alike if they hurt the pride of the vast ocean in anyway. She throws huge tantrums abruptly, similar to how a calm sea in the Grand Line can shift to a raging storm in moments. Martel has a penchant for fish men and mermen, having gone out of her way to recruit two powerful ones as commanders of her fleet. She may just love any non-human creatures with intelligence, as she has several Shandians and Skypeians that sail under her flag. Even her first unit commander and first mate is a giant.

History: Martel is a strange girl. When young, she spent most of her time drifting along the West Blue on a raft, eating whatever fish she could find with her pole. She doesn’t remember where in the West Blue she was born, nor does she honestly care. The first thing she legitimately remembers is the vastly expansive ocean around. She was still within her early teens when she accidently drifted into the Grand Line across the Calm Belt. It wasn’t until much later that people began to believe her, but she always explained how she survived by saying that the Sea Kings didn’t attack her, since she asked them not to. Frustrated that no one believed her, she began to gather people in order to create her own pirate crew. Despite her young age, she was extraordinarily charismatic. It was Sengoku who was the first high ranking marine she ran into, and due to undisclosed events that occurred in the encounter, she made it her personal goal in life to give him all hell. Even when he was promoted to higher status, the “Azure” pirates seemed to do everything within their power to make things the most inconvenient for the man. Upon crossing the Red Line into the New World, the “Sea King” pirates were already more than simple rookies. Martel herself was nicknamed all sorts of things, one of the most prominent being “Pirate Empress”, a title she later relinquished, and was expected to be one of the top pirates. Some even say that she was born late and showed the same prowess as famous pirates from older generations, such as Shiki, Edward Newgate, and even Gol D. Roger.
What happened later on is uncertain. Many people say that Martel had fought to reach the end of the world (Raftel) first against the Strawhats before being defeated. Others say that she had traveled into the calm belt in order to conquer it. Whatever happened, she and her crew were assumed dead as her face vanished for several years. Much later, she returned to take the open spot of a Yonkou, much to the dismay of the retired fleet admiral and a shock to the world. What was really surprising, however, was the fact that she had somehow retained most of her youthful appearance. Many questioned her return to supremacy, and she simply claimed that she was interested in what was going on now in the new era.

Special Abilities: Martel is a highly unorthodox fighter, due to her unique adaptation of weapons. The first weapon is her personal tool and favorite companion, Ume no Tsubasa. At first glance, it’s a normal lime green fishing pole with a single hook and no weights attached, a fishing line extending from the hook all the way to wind up on the wheel. Martel generally uses this to fish, but can use it as a weapon almost immediately. The hook alone weighs enough to leave a crater in the ground when it lands. The fishing pole weighs slightly more than that, making it lethal if simply tossed to a weakling. Martel can use Ume no Tsubasa as a sort of flail/spear hybrid. When reeled in, she can jab and pierce with the fishing pole expertly. When it unwinds, the hook flails out dangerously to slam into its targets and dig into their skin. The hook on the end is made of kairouseki so its potency is applicable even to devil’s fruit users. The fishing line is tougher than any normal fishing line, supposedly impossible to be cut or broken, which gives it the ability to catch Sea Kings along with Martel’s strength.

Her secondary weapon is something she normally only uses when fighting on her fleet of ships. She can fight using any of the massive anchors there, though she prefers the one on her main ship, the “Sea God’s Angler”. She normally holds the anchor by the extensive chain and swings it around furiously to destroy whatever may be near her all at once, reducing buildings and trees on the terrain to rubble. Those who had seen Martel during her younger days using this technique are the ones who started the claim that there was nowhere but the sea big enough to hold her.

Other abilities: Besides her incredibly overwhelming physical strength, Martel has the ability to ‘communicate’ with Sea Kings, a rare ability seen only twice before. Martel commands a large fleet of pirates with a total of thirty ships officially under her command. There is no current count for the amount of Sea Kings she has befriended as well.
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I'll post the CP9 agents later. I feel the need to reformat them a bit first. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: Haruki more commonly know as Mockingbird
Age: 53
D.o.b: November 1st
Gender: Male
Personality: Timid if not disturbed, likes to sleep, tactical, serious at all times.
Veiws: Hates Marines, cares little for fellow Pirates.
Dream: Destroy the world government and the marines and rebuild his pirate crew.
Status: widower
Vocation: Pirate
Crew: New Moon Pirates
Rank & job: Former Captain, wanderer
Hobbies: reading and playing shouji

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 193 lb
Body type: muscular
Eye color: Black
Hair color: dark grey
Clothing: changes constantly, likes to wear hooded vests and sandals with short pants.

Abilities: Dial Dial Fruit; for more info see
Skills: Proficient swordsman and close combat fighter.
Weapons: two ordinary Katana
Fighting style: single and two sword style
Other info: Bounty: 450,000,000, presumed to be dead

Past: At the age of 20 he got married and move to Ohara with his wife. Three days before the buster call was initiated and wiped out everyone on Ohara he went away on business. Upon his return he saw the entire island was set ablaze by several Marine vessels. He rushed to try to save his wife but sadly was too late. His resentment for the marines led him to become a ruthless pirate in the grand line. Two years after he became a pirate he ate the Dial Dial fruit. He also once when toe-to-toe with Whitebeard, but lost after being hit directly in the chest with the power of Whitebeard's bora bora no mi. It took nearly 3 years for his injuries to heal and even after his injuries healed it took an additional 14 years for him to fully rehabilitate his body. After seven years of being a pirate he was finally taken down in the new world by the joined forces of the newly appointed admirals; Kizaru, Akainu and Aokiji. His entire crew was killed and the last the three admirals saw of him was his frozen body sinking into the sea. He survived only because he was eaten by a passing sea king that was later killed by the Red-hair pirates so they could eat it. He went on a low profile for a while but has decided to come out into the open once more. He has vowed to kill Akainu and Kizaru as they are the ones responsible for the death of his crew. Aokiji on the other hand opposed killing his entire crew and fought him one-on-one. What he will do now is entirely for him to decide.
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: Levens S. Reaver
Age: 27
D.o.b: 4th February
Gender: Male
Personality: Loud, prone to speak his mind; prideful; hates losing
Dreams: Become the next "Hero of the Marines" by capturing/killing Monkey D. Luffy
Status: Single
Affiliation: Marine
Rank: Vice Admiral
Hobbies: considers training to be his only hobby, likes drawing though

Height: 6'6''
Weight: 218 lbs
Body type: slim, not very muscular
Eye color: Red, "Look into my eyes... can you see hell?"
Hair color: Black
Clothing: regular Marine coat with a white suit underneath

Ability/Devil fruit: Enerugi-Enerugi no mi
Skills: Master of the Rokushiki
Weapon: None
Fighting style: Kick boxing
Other info: quickly rose to the rank of vice admiral and has taken down 8 pirates with over a 200,000,000 beri bounty.

Past: Joined the Marines at the age of 23 and quickly rose among the ranks. After the death of a vice admiral that he shadowed, he was promoted to that position. The power of his energy fruit granted him the nickname "Supernova." Destroyed punk hazard just for fun when a wanted pirate that he was tracking refused to surrender and leave the island.
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: Legacy D. Soul
Age: 59
D.o.b: July 24th
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm and collected, easily annoyed
Dream: Protect those close to him
Affiliation: Pirate
Crew: Ghost Pirates
Rank & job: Former Captain, Doctor
Hobbies: Drinking and sleeping

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 184 lb
Body type: muscular

DF: Phase Phase fruit (its in Jstar's forum)
Other Skills: Judo expert
Weapons: none

Past: One of the pirates of the old age. He was known as the Ghost king due to the power of his devil fruit. Because he was not very notorious his bounty never exceeded 100,000,000 beri, however, he earned the right to be place in the same rank as Whitebeard, Shiki and other monstrous pirates. The reason being that no one could touch him in a fight, not even the hero Garp the Fist. He was also the first person to be shot with a kairoseki bullet. Now he lives on the island of Yukiryu acting as a Doctor and taking care of the people there. He also has a close relationship with Shanks as the 2 often drink together.
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Name: Legacy D. Rayen
Age: 21
D.o.b: December 30th
Gender: Male
Personality: Outgoing, trusting and a bit idiotic at times
Dream: To become immortalized through the memories of others and history itself
Affiliation: Doctors assistant
Crew: None
Rank & job: None
Hobbies: Anything he can do at the moment

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 193 lb
Body type: Thin but still kinda muscular

DF: None
Other Skills: None
Weapons: none

Past: Hasn't done anything note-worthy
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: Yamazaki Ania
Age: 18
D.o.b: August 29th
Gender: Female
Personality: Isolated and pessimistic, rarely laughs
Dream: none
Affiliation: none
Bounty: 190,000,000
Hobbies: skipping stones, training

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 129 lbs
Description: She is slightly petite with long, dark brown hair which hangs over her right eye.
Devils Fruit: Kyofu-Kyofu no mi (fear-fear fruit)

Past: She obtained her devils fruit power at a very early age but due to her inability to control it, she accidentally caused a great distress in the small village that she grew up in. This lead the villagers to believe she was a demon and they then threw her out of the village. She managed to find refuge in a cave and only survived because of a kind old widow that lived a short distance outside the village. The widow fed and clothed her and even gave her a place to stay. The widow became like a mother to her and the two grew almost inseparable, however because the villagers feared the girl the widow would usually leave her at home when she went into the village to trade. One day Ania followed the widow into the village. This in-turn caused another uproar. The villagers began to throw stones at her and she tried to flee but was backed into an alleyway where she could not escape. The villagers readied their stones and began throwing them at her. She sat down and placed her head between her knees to ready herself for the impact. Some time passed and she could hear the sound of the stones hitting the wall beside her, but none of them actually hit her. She looked up and saw a familiar figure standing in front of her, drenched in blood. The old widow had used her body as a shield to protect her. The villagers yelled and pleaded to the woman to move out of the way but she refused. One of the villagers took out a pistol and pushed the woman to the side. He aimed it down toward the little girls head, making sure to keep his distance. His finger slowly pulled the trigger, and Ania closed her eyes for what she thought would be the last time. She heard the sound of the shot echo within the small are she was in. Her face felt wet and a bit cold. She opened her eyes and to her disdain, the widow was there kneeling down facing her. The old woman's chest was bleeding heavily. With her final bit of strength she hugged Ania and ushered the words "I love you" in her ear. Time stood still around and Ania was left in shock. And in a sudden burst of rage, her power flowed out of control. The fears of the people around began to come to life and slaughtered everything in their path. The pain of that loss allowed her to awaken the full potential of her devils fruit. After that she wondered the world and eventually settled down on an island somewhere in the grand line.
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: Dial-Dial no mi
Type: Paramecia

Abilities: Allows the user to use the powers of all the dials that have ever existed. The user is limited to only using the powers through the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.

Strengths- of note the mere fact that the user will have the powers of the impact, axe and reject dials alone would give him/her an immense offensive and defensive prowess. Also the other dials such as vision and tone dial will give them great skills in intelligence gathering.

Weaknesses- with the nature of the dials the user will mainly rely on close combat meaning they will be vulnerable to most long and mid-ranged attacks. Also with the reject dial, unless the user has a great physique then it would mean using the power of that dial would cause injury to the user. Lastly with the exception of the impact, axe, reject, flash, tone, vision, breath, thunder and heat dials most of the others are useless.

Pretty much I can see this fruit beating most people except for some logia users.
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: Enerugi-Enerugi no Mi (energy-energy fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: an apple, half of it being rotten and the other half completely ripe

Ability: allows the user to manipulate and redirect energy. what is meant by redirecting is that the user simply removes all the energy from an object or area, (note: the energy can be in any form; solar, nuclear, electric, light, etc.) and concentrates it into another object or area. this can essentially cause wide-scale explosions.

Strengths: the user can turn any object into a bomb and can also set off ranged explosions.

Weakness: because this is not a logia the user can be harmed by the explosions and excess energy. also, depending on how big an explosion the user wants, it can take several seconds or even minutes to redirect enough energy.

Apocalypse: the user picks up a multitude of small objects, stones or marbles, and infuses them with energy. he/she then throws them into the air and upon landing they explode.

Initial chaos: the user redirects enough energy to destroy a ship in a single explosion. it only takes 10 seconds to create and has a blast radius of 15 meters.

Heavens touch: the user takes the life energy from nearby trees to accelerate his healing to an inhuman, if not godly speed.

Fates End: the user spend 10 minutes concentrating energy to a single point. upon releasing the energy it goes nuclear, destroying everything for miles.

*note: all attacks can be infused with Haki, however they cannot be strengthened with it; it is only used so that the attack can harm logia DF users.
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: Phase Phase Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Ability: allows the user to send his body into other dimensional plains. The users body is still basically visible in the 3rd dimensional plain. This makes the users body completely intangible, not even haki can be used against the user. The user can also leave portions of his body outside the 3rd dimensional plain while other portions remain in the 3rd dimensional plain. Example: the user makes the rest of his body intangible but leaves his fist tangible to be able to attack.

Strengths: Complete intangibility, ultimate defense; need I say more?

Weakness: Water and Kairoseki still affects the user as the energy they emit would technically be inter-dimensional. Also remaining in another dimensional plain for too long will shorten the users life-span.
Rate: 3 years after 30 secs and one month for every additional second after that.
Of greater risk is the fact that it takes 3 seconds before the user can shift back to another dimension. Explained: If the user enters another dimension to become intangible then re-enters the third dimension; s/he will need to wait 3 seconds before they can re-enter the other dimension again.

Note: this only works if the user stays in another dimensional plain for 30 consecutive seconds.

I think that this is clear. If anyone's confused about something just ask and I'll try to clarify it.
hace más de un año Cryogenic said…
Name: kyofu-Kyofu no mi (Fear-Fear Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Abilities: allows the user to see into someones mind and exploit their biggest fear. The user can then manipulate the space around them to create an illusion of the person's fear. The user then feeds off the fear to temporarily become stronger. This fruit can also directly affect another person. Example: if the user's opponent's biggest fear is being weak, the ability will directly affect the person's body causing them to become weak. If the fear is strong enough the user can dismiss the gain in strength and instead bring the fear into reality making it a physical manifestation. The strength gain would last up to 20 minutes, dependent on the severity of the person's fear; while the latter would last only 5 minutes, also dependent on the severity of the person's fear. After using the ability the user's body will suffer from extreme fatigue and would need to rest for several minutes.

Strengths: Can easily overpower people who are easily scared and because the user can feed off that fear then they can fight against stronger opponents.

Weakness: People who don't fear anything, water and kairoseki.
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hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Karasu Konjou ( Raven Spirit )

Age : 20

Height : 6'8

Affliction : Black Bird Pirates ( Captain/ Founder ) , , Shichibukai ( current ) , Raven Empire (current ) , Revoultion (former )

From : Revolution base located in South Blue

Weapon List

Kuchibashi Saijo Wazamono make ( first grade )

Kouchou O Wazamono make ( second grade )

Apperance : (picture below ) however the feather cloak is black. Kuchibashi and Kouchou being his prized possesions rest on his right side Kuchibashi being on top and Kouchou being on the bottom. all 4 swords are full legenth Katana's.

Devil fruit: Kaze Kaze no mi

other abilities :


Master of one sword & two sword style

extreme sight

way of the 100 fists ( black belt )

Bounty : 465,000,000 ( revoked )

personality : Karasu seems to have a some what mysterious personality he doesn't speak much if at all about his past and doesn't wish to attain strength witch is odd rather than be a loathing person Loathing those who wish to gain power. he is laid back and calm in most situations he is an extermly good leader and seems like he cares a lot about his crew. he is very loyal to the Shichibukai and his crew. despite his some what depressing personality he does show signs of happiness and laughter when drinking or celebrating with his crew. he almost never wants to resort to violence unless he really has to. Though there are times when he can be dead serious.

Past : Karasu is the son of a World Noble who defected and joined the revolution to try to help make the Navy see it's corrupt and evil ways. As such Karasu being a Noble didn't experience the power or wealth the other Nobles did. As such from a young age he took lessons from whatever anyone would teach him. be it Sword fighting , Navigating or cooking he always demonstrated a willingness to learn. Fed up with his Captive life he fled A revolution base from the south blue and set sail as a pirate at 13 years of age being he was young but considered a threat the Navy put a 30.000,000 berri bounty on his head. By the time he was 16 he had destroyed and sunk a few Navy fleets as well as destroyed some Naval bases. This rose his bounty to 200,000,000 Berri. His bounty increased further more after he fought and defeated former warlord Gekko Moria and Crocodile. This rose him up even further to 400,000,000 Berri. Upon reaching the New world now 18 years of Age Karasu reunited with and captured and handed over his own Father to join the Warlords of the sea. As it was a long Voyage back to Marineford his bounty reached 465,000,000 Berri where it stayed. As such his Nobility was reinforced.

keep in mind the feathery cloak is black and he has a long coat under neath like mihawks.
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 Name : Karasu Konjou ( Raven Spirit ) Age : 20 Height : 6'8 Affliction : Black Bird Pirat
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Akario Hachuu

Affiliation: Sea king pirates ( founder / captain ) sun pirates (former ), New fish man pirates (former ), Yonko ( current )

Age: 42

Appearance: Akario is a megalodon merman and is very tall standing at 14'8 he is also very Muscular and his muscles buldge out in almost anything he wears. his fin is located in the middle of his shoulder blades his hair is jet black and is kept in the fashion of Arlong's hair style. Akario has tinted white skin and razor sharp teeth. Akario's eyes are a deep green color. when enraged his eyes become blood shot and look more like an angry sea king about to attack. he wears long black pants with a red silk sash wrapped around it. He also has Large captains coat that he let rests on his shoulders ( like white beard ) with a plain black martail arts Gi that is almost sleeveless do to his massive size. Akario also has a tattoo of the sea king pirate flag on the right side of his chest.

Personality: much like Arlong and hody Akario absloutely despises humans and finds them as nothing more than insects that should be ruled by the mermen. Because of his extreme power surpassing his former captains. Akario is rather prideful and arrogant to the fact that he could be defeated. He is also Cruel towards humans by doing things such as enslaving them or selling them to Dolflamingo in a beaten up state. he also enjoys the pain and suffering of humans. Akario is best known of his really short temper and his rampages on random cities that reduce them to nothing. Akario like arlong and hody care deeply for his race and get's angered when humans pose his authority.

History: when Akiro was just a boy he admired Jinbe and wanted to follow in his foot steps so he started to study and train in the art of merman karate when he was 17 he joined Jinbe's pirate crew and when he was 20 got the honor of being the first mate to Jinbe however in the years to come Akario for reasons still unknown started to hate and despise humans and even hated his captain for allying with them so one day Akario seeked out the captain of the new fishman pirates Hody and challenged him for the right to be captain witch resulted in hody loosing his life. Now the captain of the new fishman pirates Akario was still first mate to jinbe so he set up an ambush for his former crew mates and captain. Akario returned to the sun pirates where Jinbe's age was getting to him Akario was then informed Jinbe wanted Akario to be the next captain happy with this outcome of events. Akario sicked the New fishman pirates on the sun pirates and Akario himself ended up killing his "captain" Jinbe. The marines took note of this and put a bounty on his head for 340,000,000. Now as the captain both the sun pirates and New fishman pirates he made the two merge into what he called the sea king pirates the new fishman pirates begun to influence and change the opinions of The sun king pirates. They begun to expand and take over islands with people and enslaved them for the fishman empire. taking note of this his bounty and was raised to 440,000,000. After a year of laying seige and expanding and killing two super novas. Akario's bounty became 490,000,000. when Akario reached age 32 he killed the Yonko known as Big momma and took over the proection of fishman island the Marines now terrified of the regin of the current merman raised his bounty to a whopping 580,000,000. and is now Considered a Yonko and one of the most dangerous pirates of the sea. he resides on a island in the second half of the grandline is rules over many islands in the 4 oceans and first half of the grand line. his crew is also noted to be the new protectors of fish man island as well as one of the largest. Any marines and pirates who have tried to kill or take Akario captive have all been sunk , died or captured and forced into his allied human trafficking with Doflamingo. his nick name is "Sea King Akario" or "Red shark Hachuu" Also unlike most merman Akario did something almost unthink able he ate the devil fuirt known as the Mizu Mizu no mi witch gives him power over the element or Water. This also might be a reason why he was able to kill both Jinbe and Hody so easily.

Devil fuirt : Mizu Mizu No Mi

Other abilities:

Fishman Karate ( mastered )

Super human strength

he also wields two war hammers that are named Kuzusu & Kurushimi

Bounty : 580,000,000 ( current )

this pictue below is the flag desgin of the sea king pirates
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Monkey D. Phoenix or "Demon King" Phoenix

Affiliation: Rumble Pirates, Revoultion ( former), Marines (Former ), Eleven Super Nova

Age: 24

Appearance: Pic

Personality: Phoenix is a very Aggressive and Crude pirate. Unlike his father and half brother he lacks the gentlemen like deamonr Luffy & Dragon have and calm mind manner for. he doesn't mis-treat or disrespect his crew but is rather understanding toward them much like Luffy & Dragon. However Unlike the Honorable respect Dragon & Luffy have for the Navy Phoenix absloutely can't stand them. even though he formly was a Naval soilder himself. he treats them like swine & dogs.Almost in human like. Much like his Half brother and Father he carries a strong sense of Dreams and Justice toward freedom and the open sea.

History: Phoenix grew up in the West Blue Isolated from the corrupt seas and war's being fought. But unfortunately Phoenix had a strong sense to set sail when he was of age. Bullied for his aqward way of thinking he was bullied and picked on. Until he was 10 years of age when Dragon decided to finally take his son along with him where he & Karasu both did anything to be taught whatever they could. he devolped a strong friendship with the child until they both parted ways and set sail. Phoenix was 15 years of age being the son of Dragon & Brother to the pirate King he was granted a starting bounty of 80,000,000 Berri. Phoenix later redeemed himself by Joining the Navy (unknowing to the Navy as a Spy) as such his Bounty was Temporarily revoked until his Captain discovered him transmitting calls to Dragon and relaying Info as such he destroyed the base he was docked at along with his commanding officers this caused and uproar and rose him up to 195,000,000 Berri. But rather then go back to the Revolution he made his crew known as the Rumble Pirates. Phoenix quickly started causing fights with Pirates and Navy's alike as well as one pictucarily former Super Nova Estuass kid. Being that he did so much. his bounty rose to 395,000,000 Berri as such He at some point ate the Hai-Hai-No-Mi and became an Ash human.

Special ability: Hai-Hai-No-Mi

Other abilities:

Bushoku Haki

Kenboshoku Haki

Hashou Haki

Ittoryu-Uknown make of a sword

 Name: Monkey D. Phoenix o "Demon King" Phoenix Affiliation: Rumble Pirates, Revoultion ( former
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Marshall D. Ruin or "Roaring Tempest"

Affiliation: Freedom Pirates, White beard pirates (former), Slave (former), eleven super Nova

Age: 22

Appearance: pic

Personality: Ruin is a very Stubborn headed & pig headed pirate captain. Much like his Father teach he has he is very anthoridox and aqward minded. But like his father he has a strong sense of dreams and freedom. Being a former Slave Ruin has become a person who enjoys life and takes each day on the sea as it comes. Ruin is a very Strong & well sensed Captain. He is devoted and more then willing to die for his crew. As such Ruin at the same doesn't show the same content for those he dreams as A enemy or the Marines.

History: Ruin was part of the White beard pirates during the time Old man Newgate ruled the sea with a fist of Iron as such Ruin was brought up with love and well treated respect along with his dad. When his father betrayed white beard. Ruin was unfortunately blamed and beaten by the hurting and sad white beard pirates as such he was brought to the North Blue and sold to a family of Nobles to be there slave. At the age of 18 Ruin rose up against his owners and killed them taking his former slaves with him forming the Freedom pirates as such because of his crime he was given a starting bounty of 165,000,000 as such Ruin continued to rebel in the North Blue by destrying Navy Bases. As such he destroyed and looted the Main HQ base of the North Blue this rose him up to 230,000,000 as Such ruin continued to target Navy fleets and marine bases in the Grand line this earned his Nick name "Roaring Tempest". His bounty rose to 265,000,000 by the killing of "Roaring tide" Scratchman Appo. As such Ruin is considered a strong Pirate

Weapon : Bachikentou- Kokuto O Wazamono ( Cursed Luck-Black Second grade sword )

Bachikentou-is a Nodachi that is Said to be cursed. The Blade is Pure Black with Blue swirls around the blade. Not only that but it is a second grade sword making it a high class blade.

Special ability: Ma-Ma-No-Mi

Other abilities:

Bouoshoku Haki

Kenboshou Haki


Notes : The Coat rests much like Teaches coat did in the war arc on his shoulders. He also has a Scar on his left eye and across his chest.
 Name: Marshall D. Ruin o "Roaring Tempest" Affiliation: Freedom Pirates, White beard pirates (
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Kiya Dagon

Affiliation: Marines, chore girl (former), pety officer (former), captain (former), Vice admiral (former), Admiral (current) ,

Age: 42

Appearance: picture., Just note she wears her coat how all the other admiral do resting on there shoulders.

Personality: Despite her age Kiya is a very up beat person and very out going she seems to have a postive out look on life. She also seems to be and act very rightoues when it comes to her rank. she is very nice towards marines and acts hateful and scornful toward pirates oftein sinking them on sight. She has even treats most of the Shichibukai though she has respect as well as a deep hatered for the three swordsman in the Shichibukai. Karasu, Mihawk & Lucia. She is also very strict and runs her squad with an iron fist oftein doing ruff training excerises on there days off.

History: Kiya was raised by the retired marine Monkey D. Garp just after his loss of ace. Kiya was found on the grand line some where she had been floating on a raft and was as garp told her half dead. Garp took in the little girl and begun to take an interest in the young girl as she couldn't say anything but "Kiya" Garp started calling her"kiya" and the girl soon reconized this as her name. Garp also begun teaching the young girl how to fight with swords and train her so she could fend for her self. Garp also beat her up constantly and encourged her to eat big meals. when Kiya turned around 10 Garp begun traing her in the art of Haki at that time Garp also begun to fall ill do to age. Knowing that he didn't have enough time Garp left a detailed list of excerises on Haki and just as she turned 15 Garp passed on but left him a gift and the location of some one else who would continue her training. She seeked out a man known as Sengoku who garp had talked with at some point about Kiya's well being so Sengoku begun to train the young lady when she was 18 she departed from senoku's care and went to the marine base. She ended up becoming a Chore Girl as she was laughed at for being a girl. during some time in her life she fended off a pirate crew and consumed a devil fuirt known as the Sen Sen No Mi. so she trained with her new power and incereased her Haki and sword play. at age 24 she became captain and age 28 Vice admiral at 39 she was finaly premoted to Admiral. her dream doesn't stop there as she wishes to become the fleet admiral some day.

Devil fuirt : Sen Sen No Mi
Weapon(s) :
Martail arts ( mastered )
Katameru O wazamono (second grade)
Other abilities:

Benshoku Haki (Mastered)

Kenboshoku Haki (Mastered)

Hashou Haki (Awakend)

Ittryuo (Mastered)

Rokushiki (Shigan, Geppo,& Soru)
 Name: Kiya Dagon Affiliation: Marines, chore girl (former), pety officer (former), captain (forme
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…

Name: Seimon Yagar "Red Fist Yagar"

Affiliation: Marines / World Goverment / CP9 former

Age: 34

Height: 6'9

Rank: Vice Admiral / Base commander of G5

Appearance: Pic

Personality: Seimon is a very odd individual as he has many strange hobbies and habits. his favorite being when in a battle he has weighted clothing on that he called the 10 layers of discipline. Much like Garp Vergo he'll constantly fall asleep on the job or state he has bought things that he never did or even needs. Nun the less he is no less dedicated to catching Pirates. Nor is he shy about killing them if needed. he carries out each assignment with dedication and pride.

History: Seimon was Originally a member of the CP9 core and was a talented individual and rather good at delegating his tasks. However when he reached the Age of 24 he requested a transfer for unknown means into regular military.Because of his outstanding performance he was granted the rank of Captain where he stayed for quite some time. Once he reached the Age of 30 he promoted to Vice Admiral position. As such much like Garp he has declined the position of Admiral for quite some time.

Devil Fruit: Doki- Doki -No-Mi

Other abilities:

Benshoku Haki (Mastered)

Kenboshoku Haki (Mastered)

Rokushiki (Geppo, Soru, Shigan, Kam-e)-Mastered

A Bamboo rode of witch he hardens with his Haki (much like Vergo)

Notes: the Coat on his Shoulders is more of the One piece look Obviously
 Name: Seimon Yagar "Red Fist Yagar" Affiliation: Marines / World Goverment / CP9 former
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Okay my balck bird pirates are coming back I love them too much to just get rid of em............. SO without further A do the reintroduction of everyone's favorite bird of the sea

Name : Naraku

Age : 38

Height : 6'2

Afflictions : Black bird pirates ( first mate ) , Raven empire , World Goverment ( current) , Revoultion (former ), Wano country (former)

Devil fuirt : Iki Iki No mi Mohan Raion

Weapon : Kagen unknown grade

other abilities :

Super Strength / Senses

Busohoku Haki (mastered)

Kenboshou haki (expert )

Bounty : 285,000,000

Personality : Naraku is very ruff and tough and the exact opposite of his calm minded captain. he enjoys drinking and can always been seen with a gourd of sake or some type of rum. he's very energetic and very short tempered often getting into fights with his crew members though he doesn't hold them. in combat he has very hard time holding back.. he's oftein seen as reckless and insane in combat. however Karasu holds him highly as a friend and wouldn't trust anyone else with his life of the title of first mate of the black crow pirates.

Past : Naraku during his teens and most of his child hood was a raised in the Wano country by his Mother his father was being a pirate who couldn't settle down left them there with no intention of going back as such Naraku at age 18 ended up setting sail to be reunited with his father. upon his discovery Naraku's father had killed by the on going fame of the famous Super nova Estuass Kid for insulting his dream. Naraku at age 20 confronted his fathers murder but it was to no Anvail as he was brutally defeated. at age 24 Naraku met up with another Super Nova. of whom was Karasu as such the two hit it off and Naraku became part of his crew becoming the first mate and most tursted person to the Black Bird crew. Naraku set sail to the grand line and eventually the new world once more.

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 Okay my balck bird pirates are coming back I amor them too much to just get rid of em............. SO
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Donquixote Mistsukai

Affiliation: Doctor of the Black bird pirates, World goverment (current), (Donquixote pirates former)

Age: 28

Appearance: picture

Personality: Mistukai is a very laid back and calm person. he has an up beat attitude about his life. at times he acts like he enjoys immortality other times he acts like he loathes it. As he is " he is also proven to be senile and isn't scared to go that extra mile to get a result he is a dedicated scientist. he is also seen as very smart and insightful when it comes to medicine as he does anything he can to save his patients however if he feels the patient is going to die even if he works hard he seems to not try to save that person.

History: Mitsukai grew up in Dress rosa as a member of the honorable Donquixote family however once he was of age he didn't approve of his king's ideals as he became a family leader he left surprsingly on good terms with Doflamingo. As such Mitsukai at age 16 found his way into the south blue where he lived for a while studying medicine. As such he ended up getting himself involved with the pirate Karasu Konju he joined the pirate's crew at first out of fear but realized he was a good person. Knowing his Captains true ideals Mistukai ended up leaking some Vauleable intell on the Donquixote family. As such he has become the loyal / Noble doctor to the Black bird pirates.

Other abilities:

Bushoku Haki (master)

Martial Arts

Bounty : 95,000,000
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 Name: Donquixote Mistsukai Affiliation: Doctor of the Black bird pirates, World goverment (curren
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: "Sharp shooter" Kamo Rakuin

Affiliation: Black Bird pirates , World government (Current), Marines (former ), Kid pirates (former)

Age: 32

Appearance: Picture

Personality: Much like his Captain Kamo is a very calm and self aware man. he is also rather blunt often being called rude as he isn't scared to say what he doesn't like about people. Kamo is also some what strict in proper as he is known as the strictest man through out the black birds and doesn't take well to "messy" or "unclean" things or situations. As such he takes it as his responsibility to "clean up" after who ever left the "mess". He also seems to have some what of a Rivalry with first mate Naraku.

History: Kamo grew up in the west blue. constantly studying the art of marksmen ship and gun play. As such by the age of 12 Kamo was already a deadly advisairy with a gun. by the time he was 14 he became a small time bounty hunter. Catching pirates in his town as such by the time he was 20 he set sail to catch what he called bigger game. In that time because his intentions of bounty hunting weren't "justified." He has he gained a small 20,000,000 beli bounty when he met Karasu in the town of Jaya upon entering the new world his bounty sky rocketed to a whooping , 145,000,000 big ones.

Bounty : 155,000,000 (revoked)

Other abilities:

He seems to pose something called "Gun slinger Kenpou"

He also poses two 6 shooter revolves that seem to be his main weapons of choice.

Bushoku haki

Kenboshou Haki

hidden behind his coat are two small one handed rifles & on his back seems to be a large rifle with a scope on it.
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 Name: "Sharp shooter" Kamo Rakuin Affiliation: Black Bird pirates , World government (Current), M
hace más de un año wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: "Niiro hige" Kyojin

Affiliation: Black bird pirates-Shipwright ( current ), World goverment (Current ), Iron hammer pirates (former / retired ) , Elbaf (rumored ),

Age: 58

Appearance: (picture )

Height : 14'0

Personality: Despite his Large apperance Kyojin is a very friendly and cheery old man. He is very strong willed and strong spirited. he isn't above a good laugh or drinking with his crew. he is known as the Most kind person among the Black birds and hasn't upset anyone that's ever met him. Kyojin is also honorable and noble when it comes to combat and despises people who "cheat" in combat by using cheap tricks. He also hates Lairs. Like most pirates he enjoys a nice hard bottle of rum at the end of the day.

History: It is unknown where Kyojin is from but with his large height everyone assumes he is what is considered a dwarf Gaint from the Island of Elfbaf. Kyojin set sail at a unknown age as such like most pirates he caused hell all the way into the new world and back agian. He never made it easy for the marines to catch him. As such he became quickly on the most wanted list with his starting bounty of a starting 195,000,000. After causing a rucus in the North , South , East & West blue by destroying Multiple Goverment bases he gained rose up to a whooping 395,000,000 by the time he reached the grand line and entered the new world he was well over the 400,000,000 million beri mark. As such strong enough to be considered a pirate of legend rather as a pose to a Yonko. Kyojin retired and changed his name to Regi where he lived in Water 7 at age 39. As such he became skilled in the art of mending ships and fixing them quickly becoming A member of the legendary Galley-la company. at age of 45 the dreaded CP-9 came after Kyojin. Kyojin being able to escape the over whelming strength of CP-9 on his own was forced to leave his life peace and set sail once more. reinvoking his bounty. by age 56 Kyojin's Bounty reached past the 500,000,000 million beri bounty mark due to his past bounty. some where in the Grand line Kyojin Joined wit hthe Black bird crew and has hopes for the young captain. he is the ship wright and is finally able to live in peace due to his Captain being a Royal Schibukai.

Bounty : 500,000,000 (rumored )

Other abilities:

Bushoku Haki (Mastered )

Kenbushoku Haki (Mastered)

Hashou Haki (Mastered )

Martail arts (Mastered )
 Name: "Niiro hige" Kyojin Affiliation: Black bird pirates-Shipwright ( current ), World goverme
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Name: Keshou

Affiliation: Black bird pirates - Muscain ( current ), World government (current )

Age: 28

Appearance: ( Picture )

Personality: Keshou is very playful he often teases people and mocks his opponents laughing while he does it. He's also very easy going almost as if he's always high on life. he seems to let nothing bother him. One thing that seems to annoy him is when people interrupt his Music or interfere in his fights. He is also Honorable.

History: Not much is Known about Keshou other than he was a former CP-9 member and was said to be the strongest member during his generation. At some point in his life something changed about how he viewed CP-9 as such he killed his Generation of CP-9 with out hesitation including the former director than left to sea. this earned him a Bounty of 180,000,000 Beri he than seeked out former CP-9 members, ,Califa,Fukuro, Lucci, Kumadori & Blueno. it is unknown how and he has never revealed how he did it but he managed to Kill those 7 members of CP-9. once fleet Admiral Garp got wind of this he ordered his bounty to be raised to 295,000,000 Beri bounty as such killing such strong former members of CP-9 earned him a rather fearful reputation at sea. At some point for unknown reasons he Joined forces with the black bird pirates and became there Crew member and rather loyal one at that. However he also hasn't revealed no information about the marines. he has also earned himself a rather hateful repuation among the famous Kreig from the current members of CP-9

Devil fruit: Naru-Naru no mi (Echo-Echo Furit )

Other abilities:
Busohoku Haki (Mastered )

Kenboushoku Haki (mastered )

Master Rokushiki

Ippai Haburi Shigan (Full power Finger gun) increasing the out put of Viberations keshou is able to only Strike through some one but cause a Massive hole in the person he strikes with this move.

Tenka Rankyaku (Lighting Storm Leg) again using his fruits power to incerease the Viberations caused by his Rankyaku the blast charges rather quickly and has larger impact on the oppents body.

Ippai Chisoku Geppou (full speed Geppou) again using the Viberations created from Geppou Kashou is able to incerease in speed rather fast almost becoming unseen & is able to cause a rather strong Impact.

Koudo Soru (Advanced Soru) Again using the viberation created from Soru kashou is able to incerease his speed with Soru greatly becoming unseen and even being able to cause after images.

Tekkai Kenpou (he is able to move while he has Tekkai Active )

Finaru Rokuogan Dageki (Finale six king strike ) again using the viberations generated from this attack Kashou is able to increase the damage and force of this attack exceptionally.

Life Return
 Name: Keshou Affiliation: Black bird pirates - Muscain ( current ), World government (current )
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Name: Kanetsu Enkatsu

Affiliation: Black Bird Pirates-Combatant

Age: 18


Personality: Kanetsu is a very odd person as he does things such as think it's end of his life over small injuries like saying things like "please tell my family I loved them" or he'll make a big case out of nothing. He'll also constantly beg for forgiveness even though he's done nothing wrong. He also seems to have odd laugh witch is "urfufufufufufu". Kanetsu when in combat feels that while he's in his normal form he can't win a battle and oftein seems to get "beaten" up alot however once in his hybrid form he seems to become more Dominate and alot more deadly. becoming the complete oppsite of his personality.

History: Kanetsu grew up on the island where Rokushiki is taught . As such by the age of 8 he was considered good enough to go into the actual orginzation and only to be given minimal tasks of importance. Kane met a 18 year old Kashou and the two became friends and buddies right off the bat. After the incident of Kashou murdering everyone. Kanetsu adied him in his escape now of age 14. the two set to the sea Kanetsu earned himself a starting bounty of 70,000,000 million berri's. After he set sail he at some point ate his devil fruit the Neko Neko No mi mohan Tor. As such this incereased his power. Kanetsu's training of the Rokushiki was cointued by the now butcher of the Rokushiki art Kashou. boht Kashou and Kanetsu joined the Black bird pirates as such upon entering the new world his bounty rose to 95,000,000.

Bounty : 195,000,000 (revoked )

Devil Fruit: Neko Neko No Mi Mohan Tori ( Cat-Cat Fruit Model Tiger )

Other abilities:


Tekkai Kenpo

Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin



Shigan Bacchi


Bushoku Haki (Mastered )

Kenboshoku Haki (Mastered)

Life Return (taught to him by Keshou )

Rokuogan (Taught to him by Keshou)
 Name: Kanetsu Enkatsu Affiliation: Black Bird Pirates-Combatant Age: 18 Appearance: P
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Affiliation: World Government, Kuja Tribe, member of Thomas Tews’ Mercenary’s Guild

Appearance: Dandelion is a pretty young maiden with long rosy colored hair that extends wildly down to her hips, several strands sticking out here and there to give her a wild and unkempt appearance. Her entire body is seems slender and devoid of any useless fat and her skin is fair and frail-looking. Her cold eyes are an electric yellow in color and her entire face usually seems to lack too many expressions aside from glares, sneers, and disgust. Dandelion usually wears golden plated armor that consists only of a breast plate, metal skirt, shin guards, and sandals that gives her a roman gladiator-like appearance while baring her naval, legs, and arms. She wears various other clothes, usually made from animal pelts, to blend in when hiding her identity for whatever reason.

Dandelion’s muscle density is incredibly high due to the giant blood that flows through her veins, so her strength and weight cannot be accurately measured from her size and height. The Hoof of the Flying Dragon is emblazoned across Dandelion’s back, which is usually in plain sight, and she proudly does nothing to hide it.

She has a pet snake named Taraxa that is far longer and thinner than most snakes and far more flexible, capable of imitating the shape of many objects. It is the longest snake any member of the Kuja tribe possesses.

Personality: Dandelion is horrible dispassionate, to the point where she does not seem interested in anything around her. She comes off as rude, irritating, curt, and impetuous. While she may be rude, she is far from disinterested. As a slave, she learned all the tricks to observing her surroundings at all times without standing out and reading the expressions and postures of others to glean their personalities, mood, and thoughts and instantly respond to them. Her tendency to act rude is mostly due to her biting attitude that results from her treatment in her earlier days along with her desire to exercise her freedom of speech.

Unlike the rest of her tribe, she is well-acquainted with men and knows what they are. She doesn’t necessarily hate them, but doesn’t trust, like, or appreciate them at all. She lived her life being mistreated by them and can only seem men as cruel animals who seek only to satisfy their barbaric lust and greed. This leaves very few men who she’s met that she tolerates. Plus, compared to the men she suffered back when she was enslaved, she’s willing to tolerate most men she meets, to an extent.

History: Dandelion’s great grandparents were an odd couple; it was not common for giants and humans to mate. Their son was a half breed who made a name for himself as a pirate, though he never became one of the big names in the new world. Those two facts are the only things Dandelion knows for sure about her family; it was all the people who owned her had ever told her. Sold into slavery as a rare human with diluted giant’s blood, Dandelion became the servant of a family of Celestial Dragons in Mariejois, bought specifically to serve their youngest son and eventually become his wife. She was treated horribly and cruelly, just as any other slave was, but her situation was slightly abnormal. The child she was meant to serve took a liking to her as a person since he was young and treated her with kindness at first, which gave Dandelion some hope for mercy in the hellhole that she lived in. However, this only lasted for a few years. Another slave, who also served the Celestial Dragons who bought her, grew jealous and stole from their masters, framing Dandelion for it. The son who Dandelion served had just turned ten and his father was absolutely furious. It only took a night of talking with his son to convince the boy; the very person who Dandelion saw as a source of kindness in her painful life turned on her, punishing her mercilessly and vehemently, even enjoying it and prolonging the punishment for his own pleasure.

Between the vindictive male slave who turned against her, the young noble who betrayed her, and the father who she always despised for dismissing every wife he found after only a month, Dandelion’s faith in men plummeted like as rock. Her heart closed off completely and disgust built up within her like never before. She harbored those feelings, letting them fester, for another year after that incident, until the time where her masters decided to leave Mariejois and visit an island. For some reason, a massive Sea King leapt from the ocean and swallowed their ship whole, causing the Celestial Dragons to panic at the concept of being stuck on that island any longer than they had to. In the confusion, a female pirate with a fishing rod helped Dandelion escape, taking her onto her own ship and sailing off. Dandelion didn’t hesitate for a moment; any stranger would give her a better life than the Celestial Dragons could.

Dandelion enjoyed her time spent with the pirate who saved her, travelling with her crew for a long while, but eventually decided to go to the Kuja Tribe, where she felt she was best suited. It was there that Dandelion honed her incredible talent with haki and brought out the underlying strength in her giant blood. Not long after, she was asked by the tribe to keep an eye on a certain warlord who couldn’t be trusted; a task she reluctantly accepted. To her, every moment of freedom was a moment of blissful heaven compared to the hell she experienced as a slave.

Abilities: Thanks to her giant blood, Dandelion boasts incredible latent strength that far surpasses anything a human her size should possess. While she does not possess the necessary size of an actual giant, her human potential gives her access to physical prowess that is comparable to a monster’s, though she is reluctant to display it to others.

Dandelion is a prodigy when it comes to her capacity with Kenbunshoku, possessing unnatural finesse and control. She possesses the normal ability to sense everything around her and evade oncoming attacks, regardless of their speed, with natural prowess. But what sets her apart is how she can take her sensing a step further. She can feel the general direction in which a person she’s met before resides in, much like log pose, but cannot grasp distance or three-dimensional positioning. At close range, Dandelion can literally ‘scan’ three-dimensional space within a limited distance with high efficiency in order to find what she is searching for. The extreme efficiency of this is extremely unnerving for those who know of her ability.

What is probably Dandelion’s most fearsome trait, though also most underappreciated by any who don’t know her personally, is her highly accurate intuition. Arguably, it may be her intuition that makes her haki so accurate, or it could just act as an extra boost.
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Thomas Tew’s Mercenary’s Guild

Leader: Cade ‘Longshot’ Locksley, 16th head

Currently: A large guild of various skilled individual who do work for hire. Every member is official recognized as an ‘underling’ of Royal Warlord Cade Locksley. 90% of the members working in the Grand Line are called 'totems' and are essentially professionals.

Creator: Thomas Tew, 400 years in the past (a little before Admiral Noland began his exploits in the New World). Its original form was a group of hired men who protected Tew’s trade routes as he performed shady transaction in the North Blue Blue.

History: This mercenary’s guild originally started off in the North Blue some 400 years ago, created by Thomas Tew himself, in an attempt to create an alliance of sorts between bounty hunters, body guards, assassins, and any other weapons for hire. However, this failed quickly due to the differing priorities and goals of those who joined. So the guild had to be built up again from scratch; this time as a firm to assist mercenaries with a particular common interest; money. The guild seeks to bring together mercenaries all over the world to establish connections between them, giving them all a place of reference when searching for jobs and requests and maximizing the profit of those who contribute.

Over the years, the guild grew quickly. Thomas Tew managed to succeed in recruiting the best of the best from the North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue and their infamy grew quickly because of this so that their name was heard all over the world. Enemies of the marines, but ally of the people, the received hundreds of requests every day and the members of the guild were never out of work. The guild eventually grew big enough that it spread its influence into the Grand Line. The guild’s name became something whispered through the underworld and no one knew what to expect from it at any time. For four hundred years, marines have struggled to handle this guild that was held together by nothing but profits. It eventually came to the point where they were a nuisance that had both its benefits and concerns that could not be ignored, leaving them uncertain of what to do. That was when a particularly skilled mercenary in the guild, known as the world’s greatest gunslinger, stepped forward and decided to become a Warlord—a dog of the world government.

This decision was supported by members of the guild and approved by the Gorosei for multiple reasons. With this addition to the warlords, TT Mercenary’s Guild would become protected by the law and would receive amnesty for their actions, considered an ally of the government, even if many of the jobs they take are shady and unacceptable under normal circumstances (the guild accepts any and all requests, including, but not limited to, smuggling, assassination, and espionage). This would give the World Government a reason to turn a blind eye to them and allow them to continue their useful work, and even send in some requests of their own. On the other hand, any members of the guild would be given amnesty for any previous crimes and would be allowed to continue their work as a member of the guild. With their actions approved by the government, the potential profits for the jobs they took multiplied, making the arrangement beneficial for all.

The main condition for this was that this new warlord had to become the leader of the guild and make those within it his ‘underling’. Jonathan Tew, the ancestor of the original founder of the guild, now known as one of the richest pirates in history, decided to happily retire from his position as leader of the guild that he’d inherited, giving it to his unexpected successor—Cade ‘Longshot’ Locksley.

Today, the guild is an organization where only skilled professionals are admitted. Each person is there of their own free will and has very little obligations. The modus operandi is ‘Bond Forged Through Profit and Gain’, mostly referring to the fact that the members of the guild were only connected for the purpose of making profit and nothing more. There are three requirements for joining: 1) You must be invited after proving your skill or have enough fame to be recommended by other members 2) You must swear to never take any actions that would directly jeopardize the guild. Personally issues with other members and infighting is perfectly fine. 3) You must agree to become the Shichibukai’s underling, albeit in name only. Aside from those three conditions, there are no other official rules in the guild.

Currently known members: Cade 'Longshot' Locksley (leader); Dandelion (leader's right hand); Azai Asaemon 'Kaishakunin' (Bodyguard); Cha (bounty hunter); Digger Garett (Bounty Hunter); Jean 'The Bandit' Ango (Bounty Hunter); Lapis 'Bend' Peabody (Organization Manager); Ruscello Mycroft (Information Manager)
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I'm gonna go ahead and make the first of the pirate princes.

Name: Cole
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Captain of the Twisted Flame Pirates, Pirate Princes
D.o.B: Unknown
Personallity: Incredibly loud and boisterous
Dreams: To become strong by crushing all those who are stronger than him and to defeat his former captain.
Bounty: 850,000,000

Height: 6'6''
Hair color: Black with White tipped spikes.

Abilities: Kaiju-Kaiju no mi model Ifrit
Skills: Proficient fighter and smarter than he appears to be, Master 2 haki types and his armament haki is said to currently be unmatched by anyone in the grand line.
Weapon: none

Past: When he was younger he challenged his captain, Kaido, and was beaten to the point of death. Ashamed he left Kaido's crew to start his own and swore that one day he would defeat his former captain. He later stumbled upon a mysterious fruit that would help him achieve this goal. Upon mastering the abilities the fruit gave him, he went on a rampage at Mariejois where he killed hundreds of world nobles and even defeated both Fujitora and Ryokugyu. At that point he went on to declare "I'm a Pirate Prince baby!!! And if you Yonko think we can Rule that half of the grand line then fine by me, I'll rule this half." Those words ushered in the era of the Pirate Princes.
hace más de un año LivingOrdying said…
Name: 'Reaper of the Seas' Living (surname: Ordyin)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Affliction: Captain of the Reaper Pirates, stand alone Pirate Crew
Personality: Collected, Creative, Joyful
In Combat: Sometimes fights in a carefree playful nature, others in a serious emotionless trance.
Dreams: To reach Raftel (but not to claim the one piece if that's what you're wondering)
Bounty: 215,000,000
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Brown, medium and spiky(ish)
Appearance: Medium built, Blue eyes, Blue tattoo-like rings on the back of the hands. wears a robe like attire, has an odd bracelet on right arm that allows user to draw blood.
DF- Ora Ora no mi (Aura Aura Fruit)-In create your own devil fruit
Soru-to some extent
Busoshoku Haki- can use but in development
Mild grasp of Kenbunshoku Haki,

Weapons: +A steel collapsible scythe
+Weapons created with DF power- mainly Scythes-Hence the name 'Reaper of the Seas'

Armor: Hooded robe made of Vampire Silk- Staying true to it's name the material is silk like- light and soft, however it differs from ordinary silk as it's very hard and difficult to cut. Also if the material is "fed" blood it will become stronger and provide it's wearer with additional physical strength and changes colour from it's usual murky grey to chalk white ( allowing Living to use Soru) which is how it receives it's name.
(Considering all the weird stuff on the islands of the grand line it isn't too much of a stretch to say something like this existed-(however it is in theory very similar to Luffy's Gear Second as it enchances the power of the user but reduces their lifespan in battle.))
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For reference, are the dragon zoan devil frutas and wind logia devil frutas taken? hace más de un año
whiteflame55 commented…
Dragon yes. Wind no. hace más de un año
whiteflame55 commented…
You're right, he did. However, despite introducing that Devil frutas so long ago, he has failed to present the character that accompanies it in the RP. So as tu said, it doesn't matter. hace más de un año