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One Direction fondo de pantalla
fondo de pantalla
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This one direction fondo de pantalla might contain bien vestido persona, juego, juego de pantalones, traje pantalón, persona bien vestida, traje, pantalones traje, pantsuit, pantalones de traje, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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posted by NvrShoutNvr4evr
okay so has anyone read the zux fanfic? like the really dirty one? well if so im just here adding my opinion.
1. ok that was seriously disturbing and the writer, who i will leave anon and let tu figure it out on your own, obviously has some mental issues that she needs to work out with a professional.
2. tu do NOT under any circumstaces ship an 8 mes old baby with 18+ men okay?

so thats the negative, but all tu so called directioners should not be sending this poor girl hate. she has recieved many death threats and people saying that she deserves death and she does not. she made a mistake and shes apologized so everyone needs to mover on.

its the same when the boys get a girlfriend. its never right to send anyone hate and death threats no matter who they are and no matter what they did and no matter how much tu dont like them.

so if tu have read that fanfic dont spread it and definitely dont send her hate. shes gotten enough and its not right.
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