one direction Project against Hate

Karin1232 posted on Aug 22, 2012 at 09:15AM
Hey guys :)

So after everything that happened yesterday I feel like the boys need to know we support them. So we are starting a project right here :)

We ( a few Directioners and I )want to make a video but we need your help.

It would be a nice idea if we would tell them that we are against hate and that's the plan:

1. Write a message to the boys on a piece of paper. ( It can be only for Zayn or for all off them doesn't matter)

2. Take a picture of you holding it

3. send it to and we are going to put it all in a video.

4. I will upload it on Youtube and then we have to send it all over the world to let the boys know what we did

We need help to get people so if you think it is a nice idea please tell all the real directioners you know. Tell them on tumblr, twitter, facebook, other websites that we need their help

I hope this is going to work!


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