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bright_angel posted on Jun 06, 2012 at 09:33PM

I wanna believe that One Direction for all of us, it is not just a band! It something more, something deeper, something that put all the differences that we have beside and be a team, a family! l know that we probably won't even get a chance to have a proper conversation with them, they don't even know that some of us exist, but they mean so much to us! So I thought that it will be beautiful to get to know each other and share our love for them!

Just introduce yourself and start talking about everything you want! I'm gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

1) bright_angel - Maria
2)lovonedirection - Hannah
3)talia_bieber - Talia
4) Vamp_Fan_25 - Chelsea
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hace más de un año bright_angel said…
I will start! Well my name is Maria and I am from Cyprus! I don't know guys If you know where is Cyprus but it is very close to Greece! I am nineteen years old and I am studying Law!
I never thought that collage will be so hard and I understand my parents now when they told me that school is the best!

So 5 months ago my life change! ONE DIRECTION CAME TO MY LIFE! After this I am a dedicated Directioner! <333333
hace más de un año lovonedirection said…
Okay, my name Hannah and I'm from the United States! I'm 12 years old and I'm starting my second year of middle school this comming August! Ever since I heard them sing for the very first time I have been more than a HUGE fan! I've had to search up fan mail addresses, pictures, birthdays, videos, EVERYTHING I could think of to get to know them better! Now I know just about everything! I wish I could meet them just as much as the next directioner and I totally agree with you bright_angel!
hace más de un año talia_bieber said…
Vas happenin, my name is Talia and I live in United States. I am 13 and I will be in 8th grade in August. I am a HUGE directioner. I have a twitter and I want to write a One Direction fanfic, if you guys have any ideas just tell me. Thanks and GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!!! Haha just kidding.
hace más de un año bright_angel said…
@Hannah Nice to meet you Hannah! I am so glad that you joined the forum chat! Have you ever been in a concert of 1D??
hace más de un año bright_angel said…
@Talia Hey Taliaaa! I would love to read an 1D fanfic from you! Well let me thing a topic! Maybe you could write a fanfic with the guys be in a tour and tell some crazy things that happen with fans or something like this! Add me please in twitter @maria_siempre! :))
hace más de un año talia_bieber said…
@bright_angel Thanks for the idea, I will think about it and post the story when I'm done. I just followed you on twitter follow me @lovedonthate123 :)
hace más de un año bright_angel said…
@Talia I followed you back! What happen with twitter the last days??! I mean many people are furious because they are losing followers!
hace más de un año Vamp_Fan_25 said…
Vas Happening Directioners...:)
I'm Chelsea (Vamp_Fan_25) and I live in Australia.I am a HUGE directioner just like my sis (VampireChild320) and I have heaps of posters in my room, 2 CDs and their Dare to Dream Book.Plus if anyone wants them I have their fanmail addresses.I loved them since I heard WMYB and I adore Larry Stylinson.

Oh and Eleanor and Louis are my fave celeb couple their gorgeous :)
hace más de un año bright_angel said…
@Chelsea Heyyy Chelsea! I am so happy that more directioners come here to have a converstation! I wan their fanmail addresses, send them to me with msg! I love Larry too but my favorite bromance is Niam! I mean they are so cute with each other and I do believe that Niam is as strong bromance as is Larry! What other bromance do you like!

As about Louis and Eleanor, I really like them too! I saw a video that some fans asked Louis how is Eleanor and he almost cried because he really miss her so much! But I LOVEEEEE the couple of Danielle and Liam! I see so much love in this couple!
hace más de un año Vamp_Fan_25 said…
^ Hello.It's my pleasure
Oh here they are:
I love Niam to (so cute).I love Zouis and Ziam <3
Louis/Eleanor - Aaawww that is so cute can you send me a link??
hace más de un año bright_angel said…

They are so funny because they are drunk and Niall keep saying Richard! haha
I love Zouis and Ziam too but my favorite are Niam and Larry! Also I like Narry and Ziall too! <3
hace más de un año Vamp_Fan_25 said…
^Hahaha :D
I love all the bromances but I love Larry especially it's something else.LoL
hace más de un año bright_angel said…
big smile
hace más de un año Vamp_Fan_25 said…
^ OMG really that is so exciting.What do you mean by 95%
They came to Australia April this year and are coming again September next year but I'm not going :(