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Review by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has confessed he thinks rival boyband JLS are enfriador, refrigerador than his own band.

Tomlinson, along with his bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, finished third on The X Factor last year, and Louis claims that JLS have nothing to worry about when it comes to their dance moves.

Speaking of the Jack the Lad oscilación boys to We amor Pop magazine, the teen heartthrob stated: "We won't be doing dance routines like them. We wouldn't be as cool. We'd trip over our shoelaces. I don't want us choreographed and matchy-matchy anyway."

Earlier this week, Louis also found himself in trouble with the police in the US during the video shoot for One Direction's debut single.

While the band were filming on a public road, Tomlinson was stopped por cops, with Louis explaining to The Sun: 'I got pulled over por the US police. They thought I was all over the place.
Review by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Nicole Scherzinger feels personally responsible for the success of One Direction.

Though all 5 of the lads failed to get through the X factor auditions as solo acts, it was Nicole who suggested they form a group.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik then made it to 3rd place in the 2010 final.

And now she's taken over from Cheryl Cole on US X Factor, Nicole likes to remind Simon Cowell of her triumph as a guest judge in the UK.

'Oh yeah, I helped him out so much when I came on that show,' Nicole, 33, tells us.

'I practically put One Direction together with my hands tied behind my back - just joking!

'I'm really excited to be working with Simon again.'

Review by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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TEEN sensations One Direction admit they were "terrified" of canto live on The X Factor - but spending seven months on the road has calmed their nerves.

Now the lads reckon they are ready to take the pop world por storm.

Mentor Simon Cowell was stunned when Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson failed to win last year's series.

But the band, who finished third after being thrown together at boot camp, dicho they needed más time performing together as they were "strangers".

Since the show, they have been belting out songs to screaming girls across the UK during the X Factor tour.

Zayn, 18, said: "Time, and performing to thousands of people, has dado me confidence.

"We didn't know each other when we were at the mostrar - we were complete strangers.

"Now we feel más comfortable as a group. We're all best friends, o más like brothers."

They spoke of their excitement at releasing a song - with an album on the way - following the success of Cher Lloyd, whose single Swagger Jagger is out on July 31. Louis, 19, told parte superior, arriba Of The Pops magazine, out...
Opinion by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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ONE Direction fans should scream, faint and spontaneously combust because all five boyband members are single and ready to mingle.

Within the last week, X Factor runner-up Rebecca Ferguson has binned toy boy Zayn Malik – while Louis Tomlinson has also dumped his long-term bird Hannah Walker.

música to their mass of teenage girl fans’ ears no doubt.

Mum-of-two Rebecca confirmed the división, split on Twitter saying: “I’m happy to say I’ve decided to be single. My children, my family and my career are now my world!”

And I’m told Louis has also called time on his two-year romance after deciding it was only going in one direction – the wrong one!

My fuente close to the band told me: “All the lads are now young, free and single to concentrate on recording their debut album and promote their new single.”

Nothing to do with banging groupies then?

My insider went on: “Zayn was pretty gutted about the break-up.
Review by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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X Factor couple Rebecca Ferguson and Zayn Malik - from One Direction - have ended their relationship, according to the papers.

The Sunday Mirror reports that Rebecca, who finished runner-up to Matt Cardle in the 2010 series, and Zayn, who finished third as part of the band made the decision to part company for the sake of their careers.

Rebecca has reportedly told friends she is "completely gutted" that their romance is over.

However she added, "I'm happy I've decided to be single - my children, my family and my career are now my world."

A spokesman for Rebecca said, "It's sad but it just wasn't working."

However there is speculation that the couple parted company because Zayn was under pressure to be single when the band launch their pop career.

A fuente told the paper, "Saying she was fine was a complete bluff for the fact that she's heartbroken. Zayn’s upset too – he was getting a lot of pressure to be single for when the band start to release music.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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“uh hi niall.” She dicho shyly.
She had taken her make-up off and her black eye looked really sore.
“hi Mickie.” I dicho quietly as I sat down beside her.

Mickie’s P.O.V:

I had forgotten niall was coming over. I look like shit!

“I’m really sorry for leaving tu like that today. Kate needed my help.” I apologized.
“ah that’s ok. What were we about to to when we were interrupted again?” niall winked.
“oh tu cheeky bastard!” I laughed.
“I guess you’re going to have to teach me a lesson.” He smirked.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped open.
Niall grabbed me and pulled me into him, our lips inches apart.
We both leaned in closer, until our lips lightly brushed off each other.

We deepened the kiss, niall pushing me down further onto the bed.

“WOW.” Is the only word I managed to mumble when we pulled away.
“I want tu Mickie.” He whispered in my ear before pressing his lips against mine once more.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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“kate why did tu do that?” I asked while being dragged away from niall.

“I did something bad.” She dicho nervously.
“so? tu do bad things all of the time! I was about to kiss niall horan!!!” I told her.
“good for you. Now come on!” she roared.

She finally stopped pulling me and gave me a freaked-out look.

“oh shit! Mickie your make-up is after washing off your eye!” she shrieked.
“yeah I know.” I said.
“did niall see?” she asked.
“yeah. It washed off when he was talking to me. And we were about to kiss when tu rudely interrupted us!” I said, annoyed.
“whats más important: tu besar niall o me doing something bad?” she asked, crossing her arms.

“ME besar NIALL!” I laughed.
“well then. Anyways, harry left his phone on the mesa, tabla in class and he got a text message from his girlfriend. I opened and she asked him to call over and I replied that he couldn’t come because his grandmother is sick. But now she wants to come and visit her with him!” she explained.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Tanya’s P.O.V:

The little perra snuck out! She’s such an ungrateful brat.
“Close the cellar door.” Melissa ordered.

I walked over to the cellar door and saw that Mickie was lying in a pool of her own blood. Serves her right.
“Jesus Mel! How hard did tu hit her?” i asked.

“The usual. Why?” she asked.
“She’s bleeding badly. I think she may need stitches.” I told her.

“Oh shit really?” Emma asked. I nodded.
“No problem. There’s some paper stitches in the press from the last time.

Andrea went to the press, got the stitches and handed them to Melissa. Melissa wiped some of the blood away from mickie’s eye and put the stitches on.

“Ooohh! Looks like she’s gonna have a really bad black eye in the morning!” Emma told us.
We all giggled.


Mickie’s P.O.V:

My eye was throbbing really badly the siguiente morning and was very sore. The cellar door was open so it was bright in there. I looked down and saw a pool of blood on the ground.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Mickie’s P.O.V:

I woke up late that morning, which meant I was late for school. I quickly got ready and ran out the door. I didn’t bother getting any breakfast as I didn’t want to bump into any of my sisters.

I got to school about an hora late. I ran to my locker and grabbed my books. I began to make my way to my siguiente class when I bumped into someone and fell.

“Woah! Somebody’s in a rush!” the person who I bumped into laughed as he helped me up. I looked up and saw that the person I bumped into was niall. Oh shit.

“uh um sorry. I’ late for class.” I stuttered.
“ahh you’re a good girl.” He teased.
“only when I want to be!” I blushed.
“I’m niall.” He dicho as he put his hand out to shake mine.
“I’m Mickie.” I shook his hand.

Just then the campana rang.
“I’ve got to go.” I smiled.
“alright then. See tu around.” He nodded.
“uh ok.” I stammered and walked away to my class.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Mickie Leanne Rosemary lives with her five older sisters, Melissa, Andrea, Claire, Tanya and Emma.
Her parents past away 10 years hace when she was young, she’s 16 now. Before they died, her and her sisters had daily chores to do. Now all of those chores are up to her.

When she was about 4 years old, she collapsed and her body stopped working. Everyone thought she was going to die, so her parents gave her a lot of attention. She could sense that her sisters were jealous, but they were very kind to her.

Then she miraculously got better and everyone was so happy. Well, at least that’s what she though.

2 years later, mickie’s parents were going to America for a weekend away, but they died in a car crash on the way to the airport. She was devastated.
She was left to stay with her sisters which she was really excited about because they were so nice.

That all changed the minuto they got inicial from the funeral. They changed.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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I could take seeing her dead. I ran out of the hospital and so did harry.

“this is all my fault.” We dicho at the exact same time.

Everyone else came out except lois. They were all in tears. I think even kate was crying! But then again those could be happy tears.

“i-i-i-I guess we should start planning the funeral.” Amanda cried.

I didn’t reply. I didn’t want a funeral because she shouldn’t be dead.

Lois’ P.O.V:

I stayed in the room with leah because I had to call louis to tell him the bad news. He started crying on the phone and dicho that he wanted to put carrots on her grave.

I heard a beeping sound coming from the other side of the room. It was a corazón monitor. I looked around and saw that it was LEAH’S corazón monitor!

She was ALIVE??????!!?!?!?!!?

I hung up on louis and ran out like a bullet.

“GUYS GUYS!!! COME QUICK!” I roared.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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“ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” niall dicho as I pulled him down the road.

“come on!” I dicho and let go of his ear.
“why cant I stay in the hospital?” niall sulked.
“because I want someone to come with me to the take-away.” I replied.

“because he’s too busy for me. He puts leah first all of the time.” I grumbled.

“well she mightn’t make it through this! I guess we all just want to stay with her.” he told me.

“don’t make me feel guilty blondy!” I roared.
“well he IS her brother! They’ve always been insepretable.” Niall said.

“oh be quiet! I know the reason got shot. It’s your fault. If tu didn’t get jealous over such a stupid thing, she would still be ok, well back to the way she was at least.” I shouted at him.

He stopped and froze. I smiled to myself.

“you’re right.” He said.
“im ALWAYS right niall!” I smirked.
“its all my fault.” He looked down on the ground.
Fan fiction by niamhykins posted hace más de un año
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niamhs Pov **

when we came back from shopping , me and Niall decided that we would have a lovley D.V.D night ..

he let me decied on what D.V.Ds we were going to watch ,so i ended up getting ,

Paranormal activity 2 , New Moon and The Hangover 2 :')

i <3 them films and so did Niall so i thought why not ??!!

i wasnt long before we were snuggled up on the sofa , under a big duvet ! :)
no better way to celebrate our annaversiray :)

Half way through paranormal activity Niall decided he had to go pee ... but i didnt want him to .. but he told me hed pee on me if he didnt let him go , so i toldd hm to run :)

he was gone about 5 mins now , it started getting really stuffy under the blanket , and just as i came out he was there , right in front of me ..

He had a dozen rosas in his hands and a little wrapped box :o

Open the bos first "he said"
Fan fiction by niamhykins posted hace más de un año
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Niamhs P.O.V

We got to the shopping center and went to the shoe comprar 'Cans'

and Niall bought me a pair of red kneen hight converse. Aw, I amor that boy!!

Then we got ice cream and went to the park. 'Niamh, there is this dance on...' Niall dicho quitly '

and I was thinking about asking Sarah'. I looked at him my eyes filled with tears. 'Oh god!! I was only joking!! I didn't mean to upset you!!'

I wiped the tears from my eyes 'Who were tu going to ask?' I smiled 'My girlfirend, who is nicer and prettyer then her twin...'.

'Love tu too Niall' We heard some one behind us. It was Sarah and Harry. 'Oh, did tu hear that?' he dicho shly.

'Yeah' Sarah laughed. 'Sorry' he went all red.

Then I Sarah this look, and she got the idea.

'Come on Harry lets go to monsoon'
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Harry’s P.O.V:

We ran into the hospital.

“where’s leah?” I roared at the secretary.
“I would prefer if tu talked to me in a más mannerly way young man.” The secretary dicho sternly.

“sorry ma’m, but could tu please tell me when leah is?” I asked in my poshest ever voice.

“room 220. But tu will have to wait as the doctors are in with her.” She said.
“ok thank you.” I dicho as me, louis and zayn headed towards room 220.

Leah was lying in the hospital bed, motionless. She had a load of tubes attached to her and was on a drip. Niall was sitting outside the room.

“how is she?” I asked as I sat down beside him.
“I don’t know. The doctor has been with her since we got here.” He replied shakily.

There was one word to explain all of this: LIAM. He did this, I know it.

Amanda and lois came in with the drinks. Louis and zayn headed to the shop.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Harry, louis and zayn ran upstairs.

“man what happened? We heard roaring.” Zayn said.

“it’s hayley’s gang – they’ve got leah. They have a gun up to her head right now and if I don’t do what they say, they’ll shoot her.” I said, trembling with fear.

“WHAT?!” they roared.

“and I have to meet niall in the alleyway if I want leah to live.” I told them, shakily.

“we’ll come man. In case tu need back-up.” louis said.
“no tu cant. He dicho I have to come alone.” I trembled.

Harry kicked the muro in anger.

“harry man it will be ok. Niall will save her.” Zayn patted him on the back.

“I was supposed to look after her. I promised mum before she left.” Harry cried.

“harry its not your fault.” Louis said.
I looked at my watch. I had only 15 minutos left to get to the alleyway.

“guys I’ve got to go now.” I said.
They nodded and I ran out the door and to the alleyway. There was no on there.
Opinion by niamhykins posted hace más de un año
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i woke up the nest morning in the same palce that i fell asleep ,
Right in Nialls Arms , Snuggled in as tight as i could , and his arm pulling me tighter !

Ugggh im not moving !! Someone else can answer the door ...

Im comfy ;D

and if nobody else gets it , they can come back later ,, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ......

Ugh .. hola wait wheres niall gone :( Niaaaaaaall ? ? ?

Yeeees ?

Where are tu ? o.O

Booooo !!

Arrrrrrgh :/ Bold Niall :( *Hidesundertheblanket*

Niamh Come out , your going to suffacate , and then i wont be able to bring tu to buy new lovley clothes :D

Me : Shopping ?

Niall : Maaaabeey (Y)

Me: give me 5 mins and ill be down stairs :D

Niall : Good girl , be there o were not going :)

Me , Ok ok ok now go away so i can get dresses on go SHOPPPING :DD
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Niall’s P.O.V:

I came downstairs after about an hour. Louis, zayn and harry we lectura something in the sitting room.

“hi guys.” I dicho quietly.
Harry ignored me but louis and zayn smiled.

“look haz. I’m really sorry for actuación like a jerk.” I said.
“it’s ok man.” He smiled.

We had a bromance hug for a minuto before I sat down beside zayn to see what they were reading.

It had ‘rules’ written on the front of it. It read:

‘1. Don’t eat MY food.
2. don’t touch MY stuff.
3. don’t come into MY room. (unless tu are harry)
4. don’t come into MY sitting room.
5. do what I say, o ELSE!
amor from

God. I’m REALLY scared of that girl!

“what does she mean por ‘her sitting room’?” I asked.
“go outside and check.” Harry said.

I went out and saw on the door of the segundo sitting room:
Opinion by niamhykins posted hace más de un año
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we were just coming up to the house ,
and the front dor was open ? Hmm
Strangee ...

We Walk on in anyways , Hello ??
were in here .... heheheh ..

Maria : Heey Guys ;) S'craaaaaaaik ??

Me : Maria are tu drunk ? And why are tu sitting on someboys knee ??

Maria : mabey Possilby i am !! I am sitting on LIAMS knee cause he is my wonderful BOYFRIEND :D

ME : Oh ok , now wheres Niamh ..... And Niall ??

Maria : There went outside with the ipod and speaker half on hora hace o so :)


Me : Harry your gunnah toss something be care... oh he didnt :O thats my boy ;)

Niall :P what did ya want me to come outside for ? :)

Niall : Just wanted to get out of their befire i had to kiss maria o tu ahd to kiss Liam:/ i don;t think i could take your besar someone else at this stage even though were only going out like and hora , ut i like tu , ALOT !! :(
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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We came downstairs and went out to the back garden. There was a GIGANTIC swimming pool outside and a trampoline! And also a tree-house!

All of the boys immediately stripped down to their underwear and dived in. niall was the last to dive in and when he was running to dive in, he accidently bumped into kate and knocked her into the pool.

“OH SHIT!” niall roared.
He ran over to the trampoline for cover. Not a smart idea.
Kate came out of the pool, dripping wet and climbed onto the trampoline too.

She started chocking niall so we all ran over to help him.
It took me, harry, Amanda, lois, louis AND zayn to pull her off him!

“YOU’LL END UP IN AN EARLY GRAVE IF tu EVER DO THAT AGAIN BLONDY!” kate roared once we had managed to pull her off niall.
Niall nodded in shock and fear.

He got off the trampoline and gave me a hug.
“its ok niall. She’s gone.” I assured him.

Opinion by niamhykins posted hace más de un año
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Part Six bebés :)
hola Harry , mabey we should go over
to my house and see whats happening
over there ..

Okaay :) wait Whos overthere? i seen four people walkin in erlier ?

Emh i Think its maria Niamhs friends And i dunoo who the other person is ,,,

Mabey its her boyfirned ;) wait theres
someone else going inside now ..
should we go over ?

Yes !!

Niall your firneds here !
Niall : Ill be down in a segundo babe get the door and tell him to come in ! :) ok ?
Me : yeeeap :D
Liaam : Is that Nialls friend coming ?
Me : yes Liam it is , jsut dicho that ! **THINKIG* no wonder him and maria hit it of the two of them are a bit doppiee !

Me : hola , im . emm ..
Niall : My girlfriend :D
Sean : Yes man whats the craic ? does your girl friend have a name man ?

Niamh : yes she does her Name would be Niamh <3
Review by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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1.How do tu feel about being voted One Direction FOTM?

xMrsNiallHoranx: I feel shocked, I though a lot más people deserved this SO much más than me!

2.Who is your favourite member? Why?

xMrsNiallHoranx: Niall James Horan:) why? Here’s why:

I am a ✔verified niall horan lover! he is AMAZING!
his big blue eyes that sparkle whenever i see him
his dirty blonde hair! (which he changes ALL the time!)
his laugh!(which u can hear ALL the time!)
his smile that lights up the my world:D
his personality which is also AMAZING!
his talents (the lista of them is ENDLESS!)
his fit body!
his accent! (the SEXIEST irish accent i have EVER heard!)
his voice! Makes me drift into another world!
niall makes my life worth living:Dxxx luv u 4 ever nd ever niall ♥ x

3.What was your favourite live mostrar song? Why?

xMrsNiallHoranx: I have a couple. Viva la vida, only girl in the world and chasing cars because niall’s dancing is just too cute in viva la vida, they all looked so hot in only girl (especially niall!) and...
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Louis’ P.O.V:

I went into my new bedroom and it had…. CARROT WALLPAPER!!!!! And carrot bedcovers, a carrot laptop cover, a carrot tv, a mini- fridge with carrots inside and my FAVOURITE DVD EVER: ‘the life of a carrot!’

Lois’ P.O.V:

My bedroom was a dark-ish rosado, rosa colour. It had a flat screen tv, a walk-in wardrobe, a wii (finally I can play it now without louis saying ‘its not for girls’) and Justin Bieber, Ronan Park and Jayden Smith posters on the wall!

Then I walked into a room that dicho ‘louis + lois’ on the door. It was a massive room with a big en suite toilet. Louis walked in too.

“OMC lois did tu see my bedroom?” he roared.
“yes lou. I did!” I laughed.
“it has CARROT WALLPAPER!!!” he screamed.
“I know! And mine has a walk-in wardrobe!” I grinned.
“what’s so good about that?” louis asked seriously and walked away.

I laughed to myself and went back into my wonderful bedroom!
Opinion by niamhykins posted hace más de un año
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[b]Hey im Niamh & this gobshite would be Maria :D

Hi girls , so i take it your the niamh niall has been talking about ?
Why would Niall be talkin about me ? :o

Liam : No Reason ...
Ok so we ready to go guys ?

Me : i wanna see honey 2 :)
Niall : Me too :D

Liam : I Dont i wanna see Rodrick rules !!!
Maria OMG so do i :)

Ok So then why dont me and Niall go see Honey2

and tu and Liam Go see Rodrick rules Maria ??

Ok thats a good idea yeah 'said maria :P

' i amor dancin but i can't :/ ' i dicho
im sure tu can ;) come on ...

ok so mabey after the film :/ oh god i need to do this Right !!!

NO ! Im not dancin infront of everyone .. Niall stop it in not dancin ... Arrrrrrrhh .. NIALL PUT ME DOWN NOW !!

Niall I swear to god if tu dont put me down right now i will bite tu ... ok mabey i wont but i will hurt tu ..
Fan fiction by niamhykins posted hace más de un año
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*NEXT DAY* Nialls Pov !

This is it , im gonna do it tonight , ium just going to kiss her before we go see the movie .


Waaaaasup Guys ? I dicho
Nawthin much tu ? ;) Niall dicho wi a wink ,
Why does he keep winkin at me :/ Hmmmmm… its really worryin me now , Aweel :L

I cant wait to Maria Gets here ,, whoopwhoop ,
(Btw maria is Niamhs Bestie From before she moved)

Shit I better ask Niall when Liams getting here , (Liam Is nialls friend from his old school )
NIIIAAAAALLL !!! Whens Liam Coming ? (:
Niall : In like 10 mins why ? whens Maria Coming ? :P

Ten Mins :P hehe ..

Go get something to drink in the cocina ,im sure tu know where it is por now :P …. Ok no reply means get found comida , oh dear , I need to go save my cocina from niall ,ill be down in a wee min :P …., Ok so im wearin my high waisted skinny jeans and Nialls Hoddie , my hairs curld and just normal makeup <3