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Fan fiction by HannahHutton97 posted hace más de un año
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The Start Of The End - Part 3

At 10am, morgan showed up. She saw me sitting on the bench, and came over to talk. She looked over at the line of people queuing up to see One Direction.
"Am I too late?" she smiled.
"By about an hour!" I laughed. "I was the 301st person to mostrar up" I said, nervously looking at the bulky bag morgan was holding.
"Well, I've got something that might cheer tu up" she smiled, opening the bag. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
The helium balloon rose up into the air. Quickly I grabbed it, before the balloon floated away. I then tied the balloon to my bag.
morgan replied with her trademark "Oopsy daisy" before handing me an envelope. Smiling, I opened it. It was a beautiful handmade birthday card, with a £15 iTunes gift voucher. She knew me too well.
"Thank you!" I exclaimed whilst hugging my friend tightly.
"What did Raman get you?" she asked.
"That parte superior, arriba from New Look I wanted" I beamed.
morgan smiled "It's a good thing I didn't get tu it then! Do tu want to go get a drink o something?" she asked. I nodded.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Carter spat out her té and her eyes widened. Liam didn’t just say that… She refused to believe it.

“I’m 16 Liam! I DON’T NEED A BABYSITTER!” she roared.

“It’s not a babysitter! He’s just here to keep tu company while I’m away!” Liam protested.

Carter’s blood boiled inside her. Its official, she had blown her top. She was furious that Liam would do this to her.

“I don’t need any company Liam! I’ll be fine on my own!” she screamed. “No tu won’t Carter!” Liam objected. “And why is that Liam?!” she questioned, crossing her arms.

“Because tu a wreck Carter! That’s why! Every día tu come inicial with a new injury and puffy red eyes! You’ve tried to kill yourself on numerous occasions and tu can’t take care of yourself!” Liam’s words stung Carter directly in her heart.

Even her brother, the person she cared about the most, has lost faith in her.

Tears brewed in Carter’s eyes as she made her way through the hallway. “Carter, wait!” Liam tried to call Carter back but she ignored him and walked on.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Harry groaned as he got out of cama the siguiente morning. He dragged himself down the stairs and into the kitchen. He had a bad hangover as a result of the amount of alcohol he had consumed last night and a pounding headache to parte superior, arriba it all off. He opened the drawer and took out two painkillers. He threw them back his throat and forced them down with a glass of water.

He re-heated some left-over pizza from last night and brought it into the sitting room. He flopped onto the sofá and switched the channel on the TV, wrapping a duvet around him afterwards.

Not only did Harry have a horrendous headache, but he was also nursing a broken heart. He wasn’t used to being in the position, as he was usually the heartbreaker of his relationships. He would mercilessly leave girls in tears after breaking up with them, only for another girl to fall for his charm and get her corazón broken.

When he found Lucy, he knew that she was hot, but he never got the mariposas when near her. It felt más like they were ‘friends with benefits’ o something of that sort. Still, it broke his corazón know that he couldn’t really trust any girl in school. They were all...
Fan fiction by HannahHutton97 posted hace más de un año
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Me and Raman practically ran to hmv, where One Direction were doing the signing. Being much faster than me, Raman got there first. The guy stood there asked her for her name, which he then wrote on a wristband and handed it to her. Raman looked at it. Name: Raman Number: 300. When I finally caught up wth her, I saw her looking at her wristband. i glanced down at it, and sighed. She looked up at me sadly.
"I want tu to have it. It is your birthday after all" she smiled. The guy who had handed out the wristbands must have overheard.
"These wristbands are non-transferable, look, it even has your name on it" he dicho before walking away again.
"It's fine, look, tu see that bench over there?" I asked. Raman nodded. "I'll just sit over there until you're done"
"Are tu sure?" I nodded. "See tu later then"
Raman took her place in the queue, and I took mine on the bench.
300 people, takig an average of 1 minuto each, calculated at 5 hours. That would be until 2pm. It was only 9am now. It was going to be a long day.
Fan fiction by HannahHutton97 posted hace más de un año
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19th June 2011. The día One Direction came to do a signing at my town. Also my birthday, and the día my life changed forever.

"We're not going to get in if tu don't hurry up!" I yelled to my best friend, Raman, who was upstairs making sure her hair was perfect. Well, it's not everyday tu meet One Direction. Although, when she came down, I had to admit she did look good. Her brown eyes glittered, and her long, brown hair was perfect. She didn't look happy though, she was pulling at her t-shirt, like she didn't feel good enough. So, I started canto What Makes tu Beautiful to her. naturally.
"You're really good at singing!"
"Or so everyone seems to think" I smiled, rolling my eyes.
"That's why you're canto with Matt in the school concierto thing tonight. And he's quite fit..."
"Not as good-looking as Niall though" I laughed. "Oh, and morgan dicho she would meet us there at 10" i added.
Raman frowned. "They're starting handing the wristbands out at 9, and there's only 300 of them. Does she really think she'll get in?"
Article by Progatozona posted hace más de un año
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What Makes tu Beautiful lyrics:

You're insecure
Don't know what for
You're turning heads when tu walk through the door
Don't need make up
To cover up
Being the way that tu are is enough

Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you

Baby tu light up my world like nobody else
The way that tu flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when tu smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
tu don't know
Oh Oh
tu don't know you're beautiful

If only tu saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want tu so desperately
Right now I'm looking at tu and I can't believe
tu don't know
Oh oh
tu don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
But that's what makes tu beautiful

So c-come on
tu got it wrong
To prove I'm right I put it in a song
I don't know why
You're being shy
And turn away when I look into your eyes
Article by Progatozona posted hace más de un año
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One Thing Lyrics:

I tried playing it cool
Girl when I'm looking at you
I can't ever be brave
Cause tu make my corazón race

Shot me out of the sky
You're my kryptonite
tu keep making me weak
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe

Some things gotta give now
Cause I'm dying just to make tu see
That I need tu here with me now
Cause you've got that one thing

So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you've got that one thing

Now I'm climbing the walls
But tu don't notice at all
That I'm going out of my mind
All día and all night

Some things gotta give now
Cause I'm dying just to know your name
And I need tu here with me now
Cause you've got that one thing

So get out, get out, get out of my head
Article by mayuni posted hace más de un año
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Girl I see it in your eyes you’re disappointed
‘Cause I’m the foolish one that tu anointed with your heart
I tore it apart
And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence
And no woman in the world deserves this
But here I am asking tu for one más chance

Can we fall, one más time?
Stop the tape and rewind
Oh and if tu walk away I know I’ll fade
‘Cause there is nobody else

It’s gotta be you
Only you
It’s gotta be you
Only you

Now girl I hear it in your voice and how it trembles
When tu speak to me I don’t resemble, who I was
You’ve almost had enough
And your actions speak louder than words
And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard
Don’t be scared, I ain’t going no where

I’ll be here, por your side
No más fears, no más crying
But if tu walk away
I know I’ll fade
Cause there is nobody else

Article by Bieber_luvr_1 posted hace más de un año
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Please, if your a One Direction fan please read this: link
It's very important and sad. If tu can do anything to help let me know. Especially if tu have a twitter account. We have to keep these things trending. If tu can help then Tweet me at @LiamsLilShawty How would tu feel if tu just wanted to live a normal life working on your career in another country and people constantly called tu a threat and/or a terrorists. Just think about this. Thank tu and Merry Christmas.

Fan fiction by iluvPrinceMJ213 posted hace más de un año
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Walking to tu sunsets over the cliffs
I look up at the same face I’ve looked into for years
amor flows into me like it did at our first touch
I meet those eyes that penetrated my closed façade
I speed up wanting to be in your arms sooner
And then we touch and life is perfect again…

“Hurry pack o you’re not coming,” Liam yells from the living room.

“Well sorry for not being told till today.”

He sighs and said, “I’m sorry for not calling, I just got back and I barely got mom to let me take you.”

“Yea cause a girl in house with a bunch of boys is so unusual.”

He walked into my room and said, “Hey the only reason she’s letting tu come is because you’ve always been friends with boys and you’ve never dated any of them and she doesn’t think that’ll change. And it better not.”

“What’s it matter to you?”

“Their my band mates now and you’re my sister.”

Article by mina27 posted hace más de un año
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Name: Harry Edward Styles
Age: 17
DOB: 01/02/1994
estrella Sign: Aquarius
inicial Town: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Fave Film: amor Actually
Fave Band: The Beatles
Fave TV Show: Family Guy
Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole/Emma Watson
Man Crush : Louis Tomlinson
Bet tu didn’t know: he has 4 nipples
Turn-ons: Giggling, hair extensions, pussy cats.
Turn-offs: Swearing and squealing.
Harry is a loyal and faithful boyfriend. His mum also says that he is very romantic. On a fecha he would wear a nice pair of jeans, boots, a nice parte superior, arriba and a blazer. His perfect girl would have a good sense of humour, cute and someone who is loyal. Apparently, he has been grabbed on his crotch a couple of times. One Direction’s name was his idea. Harry’s always getting naked. Simon Cowell thought ‘Pussygate’ was hilarious. He misses having a girlfriend but girls really confuse him.
preguntas answered from Harry :
Best thing about being a boy? I guess being able to act like a bit of an idiot sometimes.
Article by mina27 posted hace más de un año
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Name: Liam James Payne
Age: 17
DOB: 29/08/93
estrella Sign: Virgo
inicial Town: Wolverhampton
Favourite Film: All three of the Toy Story movies
Celeb Crush: Leona Lewis
Man Crush: Michael McIntyre
Bet tu didn’t know: He only has one kidney.
Turn-ons: Knee socks, PDAs, giggling, squealing and tattoos.
Turn-offs: Burping, farting, swearing, fake tan and bling.
Liam is a loyal and faithful boyfriend.
On a fecha he would wear jeans and a T-shirt.
His perfect girl would have to be cheeky but quiet and a bit shy as well. He likes happy, smiley girls. He also likes mousy brown haired girls.
Apparently, he has been grabbed on his crotch a couple of times.
If he sees tu cry, he will probably go out with you.
He owns a pain of rosado, rosa hair straighteners.
He’s the daddy of the group.
preguntas answered por Liam Payne :
Best thing about being a boy? Well, it’s a man’s world!
Best thing about being in One Direction? There is never a dull moment.
Article by mina27 posted hace más de un año
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Name: Niall James Horan
Age: 17
DOB: 13/07/93
estrella Sign: Virgo
inicial Town: Mullingar, Ireland
Favourite Film: Grease
Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole
Man Crush : Michael Buble
Bet tu didn’t know: He’d rather lick a fat man’s armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise.
Turn-ons: Hot pants, farting and being funny.
Turn-offs: Birkenstock sandals, disney films and granny cardigans.
Niall is a loyal and faithful boyfriend if he likes them.
On a fecha he would wear a pair of jeans, black shoes, a camisa, camiseta and a blazer, plus a quick squirt of aftershave.
His perfect girl would be someone who can take a bit of banter and she has to be hot.
He’s a closet chav.
He loves to fart. He can clear a room in segundos with the foul smell.
preguntas answered por Niall :
Best thing about being a boy? Chasing all the girls!
Best thing about being in One Direction? That we all get along.
Best cure for One Direction infection? Go to the doctor and get a jab.
Article by mina27 posted hace más de un año
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Name: Zayn Javadd Malik
Age: 18
DOB: 12/01/93
estrella Sign: Capricorn
inicial Town: Bradford
Celeb Crush: Megan Fox
Man Crush: Justin Timberlake
Favourite hair colour on a girl: Brunette
Bet tu didn’t know: He celebrated his 18th birthday with a trip to Nandos with the boys.
Turn-ons: tatuajes and stripper shoes
Turn-offs: Punks, burping and sweating.
Zayn is a loyal and faithful boyfriend.
On a fecha he would wear jeans, a T-shirt and trainers.
His perfect girl can’t be too clingy and someone who acts cool. Megan zorro, fox would be his ideal partner.
He loves the mirror.
He’s a secret bad boy.
He is actually a bit shy.
He’s NOT dating Geneva Lane.
He’s the Mary Poppins of the group.
preguntas answered por Zayn :
Best thing about being a boy? I get to fecha girls.
Best thing about being in One Direction? All the free clothes and I get to do what I amor everyday.
Best cure for One Direction infection? There isn’t one.
Article by mina27 posted hace más de un año
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Name: Louis William Tomlinson
Age: 19
D.O.B: 24/12/91
estrella sign: Capricorn
inicial town: Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Favourite film: Grease
Favourite band: The Fray
Favourite TV show: The X Factor
Celeb crush: Diana Vickers
Man crush: Robbie Williams
Bet tu didn’t know: He owns boxers with ‘lubbly jubbly’ written on the front
Turn-ons: Fake glasses, fake tans
Turn-offs: PDAs, tattoos, farting and Cher Lloyd
He’s a bit of a joker.
He’s a very loyal boyfriend.
On a date, he would wear his purple chinos and a polo o T-Shirt and a cardigan.
His perfect girl is someone who is loyal and has a sense of humour, and is kind-hearted too. They also have to be tidy. His girlfriend would also have to eat carrots.
The rest of the band are banned from dating his sisters.
Being his girlfriend is hard work.
Feel free to grope his biceps.
He reckons Harry Styles looks like Susan Boyle.
Review by lois4 posted hace más de un año
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One Direction have dado an insight into the magical world of pop música por revealing their backstage secrets at the start of their new tour.

Hundreds of thousands of hopefuls audition for The X Factor every año and now the former contestants have revealed what it's like to live the high life off the back of the show.

The group embarked on a UK tour this week and revealed the secret to their masses of on-stage energy is to have one Haribo sweet before the performance.

Speaking to The Sun, Louis Tomlinson said: "That's it. Before every concierto we are having a sauna o a bath together."

It appears the Haribo and group sauna did the trick as after the mostrar Louis tweeted: "Absolutely loved the concierto tonight. amor tu all! X"

Fellow One Direction star, Harry Styles tweeted: "Southend tu were amazing tonight!! Thank tu so much for having us .xx"

Niall, however, seemed a bit confused about where he was, tweeting: "Hello to those girls that we just waved to on the M1, enjoy the mostrar tonight girls!"
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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It was now the día of the prom, and to be honest, Liam and the boys seemed to be más excited than Carter. They spent the whole día talking about it.

Carter was somewhat worried about the event. What if Harry was there? Surely he would make it his business to ruin the night for her. And what about her hair and make-up? It’s not like the boys were going to be any good at it. It was times like these when she wished that her mum was still with her. She would know what to do.

Carter hopped into the ducha, ducha de and washed her long brown hair thoroughly. She let the warm water relax her muscles before getting out of the ducha, ducha de and exiting the bathroom. She dried her petite body and threw on a pair of joggers and a vest top. She journeyed downstairs and walked into the sitting room where the boys were.

“Do tu guys have any idea on how I could do my hair and make-up?” she quizzed. “I’ll do it for you.” Zayn piped up. “Really?” Carter questioned in a surprised tone of voice. Zayn nodded and got up off the couch. He took Carter’s hand and led her upstairs. He grabbed his bag of make-up on the way and threw it onto the bed.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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It was now Monday, and Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall had just arrived at college to sort out their trip to Ibiza. Liam was somehow worried about going on the trip, as he did not want to leave Carter alone for three weeks, especially since she’s been actuación so strange lately. What if she began to cut herself again?

“Liam, have tu filled out the Health and Safety form?” the teacher questioned.
“Yes sir. Can I ask tu a question?” Liam spoke.

“Of course.”
“Would there be any way my sister Carter would be able to come on the trip?”
“How old is she?”
“I’m afraid not Liam. It’s strictly over 18’s.”
“But sir, tu don’t unders-”
“I understand that Carter is old enough to take care of herself. Now, I must go. Goodbye Liam.”
“Bye sir.”

Liam sighed and sat down. What was he going to do now?

‘We can collide!
We can collide!’

Hazza Calling.

Review by lois4 posted hace más de un año
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She has failed to deny talk of a budding romance between herself and the teenage boyband member who is poised on the brink of massive stardom.

But it seems that Caroline Flack's secret is finally out as One Direction singer Harry Styles, 17, was seen leaving her inicial Londres inicial at 9.30am yesterday morning, confirming the 32-year-old is smitten with the school-leaver.
In pictures that will break the hearts of One Direction's young female fans, the tousle-haired heartthrob was seen leaving the Xtra Factor host's inicial carrying his overnight bag.

Caroline emerged two hours later at 11.30am with a wry smile from her Muswell colina home, but hiding behind her trendy sunglasses.
Dressed in tight ciruela, ciruelo coloured AX Paris jeans, black boots and carrying a black floppy hat, the presenter hurried off to an appointment.

According to The Sun newspaper, 17-year-old Harry arrived the night before at 10pm.

Earlier Caroline had been spotted buying comida and wine for what appeared to be a romantic evening in - though Harry is not legally old enough to drink any alcohol.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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“Mum! I’m home!” Harry announced as he strolled through the door and shut it closed.
“Harry darling! How was school?” Anne, Harry’s mother cooed.
“Fine thanks. Is it alright if I stay at Liam’s tonight?” Harry questioned.

“Of course! Speaking of Liam, I saw Carter walking inicial today with tears in her eyes. What happened to her?” Anne asked worriedly as she was very fond of Carter.
“I don’t know mum.” Harry retorted bitterly.

Anne nodded and looked down, sighing slightly.

“Just look out for her Harry. She’s had a rough time and after all, tu two used to be the best of friends. She’s on her own at school Harry. There’s no one there to look out for her. She probably has no one to turn to.”

“I promise mum.”

Unfortunately, those 3 words Harry had just tittered were complete and utter rubbish. There was no way in hell he was going to do that. He didn’t need a petty coward like Carter ruining his reputation.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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It was now Friday, which meant Carter only had to suffer one más día of torment from Harry.

She hopped out of cama and tugged her body into the en-suite bathroom and got ready.


She skipped downstairs to where Liam and the rest of the boys were.

“Morning boys.” She smiled, scratching her head sleepily.
“You’re up early Carter!” Louis chuckled.
“Really?” she quizzed, unsure of what time it was.

“Yup! Do tu want to go to the cinema later?” Niall inquired, flinging his arm over her shoulder.
“I can’t, I’ve got soccer.” She reminded him. He nodded understandably.

“Ah the big game is coming up!” Zayn winked, nudging Carter as she beamed brightly.

Carter was on the all-boys soccer team as no one shows up for the girl one. She loves soccer but there’s one thing about training, Harry and his friends are always hanging around there, waiting for her.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Carter awoke slowly that morning, oblivious to what was surrounding her. She adjusted her eyes to the bright light and gazed around the room. She hopped out of cama and strolled into her en suite bathroom, cleaning her hands, face and teeth thoroughly.

Harry hadn’t caused her much damage last night so there was no need for make-up.

“Carter! Breakfast is ready!” Zayn called from downstairs.
“Two minutes!” she answered, running out of the toilet and quickly changing into her clothes.

She scampered down the stairs in a hurry, knowing that she was already late for school.

“Morning boys.” She chirped.

Zayn pulled her onto his lap and kissed her cheek.

“How are tu feeling Carter?” Louis asked.
“Tired, you?” Carter replied, a smile playing on her lips for the first time since Harry came last night.
“The same. Too bad tu have to go to school!” Louis teased, unaware of how unlucky Carter really was.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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“Carter, come here babe.” Niall held his arms out for a hug later on that night.

Carter stepped into his embrace and he wrapped his arms around her tightly. He kissed the parte superior, arriba of her head and sat down on the couch, placing her onto his lap.

“You alright now babe?” he asked as he stroked carter’s cheek gently.

“Yeah I’m fine.” She smiled.
She cuddled into his chest and they watched Eastenders.
“I amor fatboy so much!” she swooned.
“He’s not as good-looking as me, right?” Niall quizzed, narrowing his eyes at me.
“No! Not at all dear!” she patted his head and giggled.

* * * * *

The front door swung open and Harry walked in. carter tensed up in Niall’s arms as Harry sat down beside her.
“Hey everyone!” he grinned.
The boys responded with either a hello, a nod o a grunt.
“Uh… hi Harry.” Carter stammered.
“WRESTLING IS ON!!!” Louis cheered, grabbing the remote off Niall and switching the channel.
Fan fiction by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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[i]My name’s Carter, Carter Payne. I’m 16 years old and I live in Homes Chapel, Cheshire, but I’m originally from Wolverhampton. I’ve got one older brother called Liam. But to me, I’ve got 4 brothers. The other three: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. Those three boys have been like brothers to me for years and I amor them to bits.

I used to have another brother. His name is Harry Edward Styles. We used to be inseperatable, always together. That is, until 2 año ago, when everything changed. When Harry changed.

This is what happened:

Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall became friends with me and Liam 7 years ago, when we first moved here. Harry and I immediately became the closest. I even had a bit of a crush on him.

Then, out of the blue, when I was 13, Niall asked me out. I was shock. I agreed to go out with him and we became a couple, but I made sure that I spent as much time with Harry as I did with Niall, as I knew he would get jealous.
Opinion by xMrsNiallHoranx posted hace más de un año
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Who's she besar now? Caroline Flack gets cosy with One Direction's Niall but Harry keeps a close eye on them.

After her much publicised kiss with One Direction's Harry Styles, the 31-year-old Xtra Factor presenter appeared to be moving on to band mate Niall Horan, 18.

Following the group's performance on X Factor last night, the Xtra factor host was pictured saying goodbye to the youngsters and enjoyed a lingering hug with the teenage singer.

Baring her tanned legs and wearing a black winter capa with towering nude stilettos, Caroline looked rather happy as she left the Londres studios.

The former Bo' Selecta! estrella apparently went out of her way to avoid curly-haired Harry, but that didn't stop her from embracing with Niall.

However it seems the pair haven't stopped talking completely as yesterday Harry decided to tweet Caroline ahead of the band's appearance on the mostrar - perhaps hoping to break the ice.