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Fan fiction by 1Dluver19 posted hace más de un año
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Saphire's POV
We finally got to a resturaunt called "The zorro, fox and the hound" so we could grab something to eat and sort everything out and get to know each other. We got inside the resturaunt and right away harry dicho we'll pay, and i thought that was very gentle man like. I think I like harry,he is very sweet to me for some reason he walked siguiente to me and talked to me the whole entire way to the resturaunt. When we sat down i wasn't really hungry so i ordered a salad,but so did everyone else. I got to know harry while we were eating but i also got to know everyone else. Harry was the sweet perverted type, Louis was the más mature type, Zayn was the quiet type, Niall was the joker,and Liam was all of the above. en general, general we talked alot about eachother and I think we became very close.

Liam's POV

So there we were all at a resturaunt that noone has ever heard of. All confused and trying to forget what had happened only hours earlier.All i could think was what just happened. I tried to forget it and get know these girls but it was pretty hard with all the flirting Harry and Niall were doing. I could tell Harry and Niall like Saphire and Ayleen just...
Fan fiction by fiestagirl12345 posted hace más de un año
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Alexis's P.O.V

When we leave I head to my house and sneak in the back. But it was to late my parents caught me on the segundo floor"WHERE WERE YOU?"asks my dad. Before I had time to speak My dad hits me and I fall down the stairs and I fall head first and I hit my nose. When I stood up my mom kicked me on the side and I fell and I get my head banged on the wall. When they leave to work I get up and see blood dripping from my nose and my mouth I go to the mirror and see that I must have bit my lip. I sit In the bathroom and cry. "ALEXIS WHAT HAPPENED?" I start trying to speak but the blood keeps flowing out. I run to the sink and spit out the blood and clean up my nose. I tell her everything. I get up and flinch and look at my side and see a new bruise covering the old one. I sigh when I see a new deep scratch on my forehead. "now what am I going to do?" I ask. "umm say tu fell while tu were getting out the shower" says Haley. "what if they don't believe me ?" I say. Haley shrugs. I go to my drawer and pick out a white cebra print bikinie and a white camisa, camiseta with black skinny jeans...
Fan fiction by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Anna's POV:
I woke up.
"Good morning,beautiful."
A face smiled at me.
"Who the fuck are you?"
The young man stud up,He was shirtless in cowboy boots and jeans.
"Dude why did tu start with out me?"Harry walked in.
He had a pescado net camisa, camiseta on and jeans....And shape-ups.
"It's your bachlorette party."Courtney walked in.
"Oh God.."
She held a cup that dicho 'Gettin Nasty.'
"What!?Im getting married today,and tu hired a stripper."
"Sure as hell we did."Dad walked in.
"Oh my god dad!"
"Told tu it would be funny."Amber smiled.
"Do I still get paid?"Ask Harry.
"Well this is Felipe and he'll be help us with your hair."
"Well where's my shirt."Felipe asked.
"You don't get your camisa, camiseta back."Smiled Courtney.
She felt his abbs.
"Oh god."
"Now get up,It's your big day."Rachel smiled.
2 hours later....
Felipe finally finshed my hair.I looked beautiful.I had a veil with a small updo with curls.I looked good.They went and got the dress.I hurried and put it on.I looked like angel.
Fan fiction by 1Dluver12 posted hace más de un año
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Harry’s POV
I woke up and decide to go check on Julli. I walked out of my room and out of my hallway which held my room along with Louis’s and Niall’s along with a bathroom. I passed the living room and walked into their hallway. I knocked on the door and herd Adi say come in. She was on the cama listening to her ipod.
“Julli?” I asked. She froze when she noticed I was in my boxer’s.
“ um…. She slept somewhere else” she dicho and blushed a bit. I chuckled.
“ sorry, babe.” I dicho she nodded and I closed the door. I checked Zayn’s room, but he was asleep alone. I walked into Liams room and saw them both together in each others arms. A pang of jelousy hit me and my blood began to boil. I then remembered Liam was with Danielle and cooled off a bit, but was still unsure as to why they were together. I stood there watching , and noticed Liam flutter his eye’s open. He looked at me with confusion.
“ Harry? What-what are tu doing?” he asked still a bit droggy.
Fan fiction by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Anna's POV:
It wasn't easy telling the others why werent getting married.
We sent Zayn to rehab after we found weed in his room.I was still in shock I cried when I found it in his drawer.Harry comforted me as Niall yelled at Zayn.
We dropped him off there and he stayed there for two weeks. I only called him once since I was kind of mad at him.We post-poned the wedding til siguiente mes when Zayns clean.I was just glad that everyone was there for me,I never felt alone.I quit wearing my ring for a few days but when u got down to it,I slipped it in my finger,Since I still loved him.He was coming inicial tonight in hopes of being a changed man.So I waited and waited on the steps for that door campana to ring.
It was fall now but that didn't make much of a diffrence being in the south,But at night I would get chilly.The door campana rang.I smiled as Zayn walked in.I ran and hugged him.
"I missed you!"I hugged him.
He kissed me then he got down on one knee and held my hand.
Fan fiction by gamergirltiger posted hace más de un año
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A/N: punctuation is not right because if tu complain I will ignore tu because that is just plain mean :( feel sad have to do that but they are mean people in this world

<3 chapter one <3


IT'S OUR 2 año ANNIVERSERY I yelled at my sorry excuse for a boyfriend he dicho not my problem he dicho sitting there like a total jerk I'm just going to pull tickets from my laptop I muttered since its to late to do anything bigger I went to Ticket central all the good bands are sold out only 2 choices left Barney o that new band One direction one direction concierto here we come
I bought the last two tickets at least it's better than sitting at inicial with jack the night of the mostrar finally came sadly it was on the other side of town that meant 2 long hours of jack blasting the radio the houses that we left 21 miles hace are complaing (it was that loud) one loud car trip later we were finally at the arena
Fan fiction by MadisonFontenot posted hace más de un año
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"Remember that note?" I looked up and saw Louis on his laptop sitting on me.
"Why are tu sitting on me?"
"I don't it's comfy.."
"Okay well.....GET OFF ME BOY!" he leaned back and keep his feet on mine.
"Better so what about it."
"Well there is this mostrar called Pretty Little Liars and the person sends notes and watches there every move.."
"I don't I was just saying it might be someone from tu know...not from here!"
"I never once seen anything about it until now. Have you?" I shook my head no.
"Well... I wonder who is doing this? has the boys got any?"
"Not that I heard of"

"Do tu think we should tell everybody?" Louis said
"What?! No we don't know what this person....."
"No babe! About us?" I giggled a little.
"I think it will be a great idea...except for all the fans that are going to try and kill me. But besides that yes. I want the world to know who my amor is!" I kissed him and we went out side to play fetch with Buddy.
Fan fiction by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Anna's POV:
I went inicial after buying the dress.I had to sneak in,since Zayn couldn't see the dress.
I put it in the a closet.And went upstairs.
I went in the cama room.I was shocked I couldnt believe my eyes.
Zayn was smoking.He smoked 3 carts.The room eperlano horrible.
He didn't look at me.I seen a tear fall.
"Anna,Help me."
I hugged him I started to cry.
"Are tu going to marry me now that tu know what kind of mess I am."
"Zayn I amor tu but I think we should fix this 1st."
"I amor tu too I'm a wreck,One just leads to another."
"It doesn't matter I amor tu unconditionally."
"Then why wont tu marry me?"
"We got other things to worry about other then getting married."
He got up.He started to pull his hair,He punched the wall,He then sat down against the wall.I went and sat siguiente to him.I looked at his fist.It was bruised.I hugged him.
"No bodys perfect."I told him.
"Well I just wish I could be perfect for you."
Fan fiction by MadisonFontenot posted hace más de un año
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Sammie POV:

Louis was taking me out to eat today and dicho he had a surprise for me. Nicole put my hair in light curls and did my make up.

"There! Look!"
I wore a red cóctel, coctel dress with straps in the back. I had black heels on and these loop earrings.
"Why are tu dressing me up so fancy and all?"
"Sister! It's your first date! tu need to look hot!"
She dicho smiling pointing at me.
"Well.....You did good with that!" I started laughing.
"Okay go!" I walked out the door the same time Louis did.
"Shit...." He started laughing and took my hand and we started going down the stairs when I heard Harry say "damn!"
"Mine!" Louis snapped back at him. I started laughing and Louis said:
"Take care of my baby boy while I am gone!"
"Okay!" They all scream and we hopped into the limo. We held hands the whole way there. When we got there it was a very fancy restaurant.

"Fancy!" I dicho smiling.
"I only give the best to my girl!" He kissed my hand and we walked in and found a empty both and sat. We never let each other hands go all night.
Opinion by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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A couple days after Zayn proposed...
Anna's POV:
I woke up to ....Courtney yelling in my face.
"Gett your lazy Bridezilla self up!!Were going to be late for your appointment!"
"I'm awake!"I hurried and rushed to put on my clothes.
I hurryied down stairs where Rachel had me a bowl of cereal.
"eat it!"courtney yelled as I stuffed it in my mouth.
She grabbed my hand and dragged me out into the car.
I drove quickly.
"Go faster!"she yelled at me.
"I can't.."
"Your driving a mustango, mustang GT and tu think tu can't go faster!?!Move over."
She grabbed the wheel.
"Hey stop!!"
She sat on me and pushed the pedal.we started to go about 70 miles per hora on a 35 per hora speed limit.I started freaking out when I heard serenes and blue lights.
"Pull over!"I told her.
"Oh no tu don't."she sped up.
We were in a car chase and I was freaking out.I gott a phone call.
"Um hola dad."
"Where are y'all were waiting on you."
Fan fiction by alexstyles posted hace más de un año
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Dear diary,today zayn has gotten worse but the doctor dicho he has some kind of medicine that can get his memory back so now we only have to worry about it for another week but he can't go to his big concierto because the doctor dicho he can't perform on stage till he gets the medicine so I was just about to call Harry and tell him when I thought wait Harry kissed me yesterday right after we got away from the boys so Harry always kisses on the first fecha now were dating so how am I going to tell my boy friend to cancelar a huge sold out concierto so the boys can blame zayn but to think about I don't think zayn remembers being in a band so I might get away with this.★thanks for another page diary."Amanda come down and talk to me a second."zayn called from down stairs."be there in a sec"she called back.
Running down stairs she found zayn in the sitting room floor with broken glass scattered around him."WHAT HAPPENED ZAYN!!!!!"Amanda screamed "help me"he whispered back slowly"who did this zayn tu answer me who did this!"now she was freaking out."Liam."she heard him mumble."I knew it."she dicho as she dialed 911"hello what's your problem?"she headed a voice say over the phone "Hello um...
Fan fiction by MadisonFontenot posted hace más de un año
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Sammie POV:

"What the hell happened to you? Who is that?" I ran up to Louis pointing at a big brown lab.
"Sorry but, this is Buddy. I found him in the woods. The night all the lights went out! Buddy, shake." He reached out his paw and Sammie shook it.
"Good boy Buddy! I wanted to know if tu wanted to go for a walk and to the pet store to get a dog bowl." I dicho smiling.
"I'd amor to let me get my jacket."

"About that night what happened to you?" I new she would ask so I told her everything.
"You could have told me about that baby? she put her hand in mine.
"I know but I don't know. I just.....I never told anybody, really."
"Not even Zayn o the other boys?"
"No. tu can't tell anyone! Promise me tu won't."
"I promise!"
"Here is the pet store. Come on"
"Pet's can go in?"
"Really what is this place again? I dicho smiling at her
"Oh okay!" She dicho laughing.

"Liam! Look at this one! It says Buddy and on the water bowl it say's Mans BFF"
Fan fiction by MadisonFontenot posted hace más de un año
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Sammie POV:

I ran all around town to find Louis. I found a car in a parking lot put nobody was in it, but it was Louis car.

Louis POV:

A few years hace I had a girlfriend and one día she went crazy and threatened to kill me she slit my arm and broke my arm. Ever since then I was scared of talking to anyone besides my close friends and family. I never wanted to get another girlfriend. Ever! Unless I knew her a lot...... like I know Sammie.

I was walking around the woods and sat down deep in the middle of the woods and watch the sun come up. A little dog came up to me. It kind of looked like a chocolate lab.
"Hi buddy!" I dicho laughing and petting the dog as he licked me.

"Okay stop it stop it! Fetch!" I threw a stick in front of me. He went to get it then brought it back.
"Good boy!" He barked at me in excitement and jumping around trying to grab the stick.
"Want me to throw it again, Buddy?" He barked and I threw it farther. He brought it back to me and sat it down on the ground.
Opinion by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Two months later..
Anna's POV:
It I like I lost track of time.I was in amor and surrounded with people who I amor and I also had class to go to.Courtney and Amber went back to school,It would be Amber's last año of high school and it began to get chilly outside.Of course that didn't stop the other boys from going swimming,While me and Zayn would sneak off and got all enredados up in his bed.Dad started feeling better and happier.Daddy still was attached to me,Keeping me on a leash.But I didn't mind,I'm still his little little girl...just a bit bigger.Now then I cry because I miss my mom bit Zayn and the boys are always there for me,Mostly Zayn.
I can't tell how many nights I stay up video chatting to Drew.He should be come inicial soon.And how many nights I stayed up talking with Zayn...well we didn't talk much..We...
Well now a days I'm getting closer and closer to the boys and closer and closer to Liam's food.Yummy so good.I was very confident about my life then.Every thing was going my way.Now I was getting ready to go out with Zayn to a restaurant.
Fan fiction by XxMJLoverxX posted hace más de un año
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~ My Niall ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    Niall and I were getting closer . He is such a sweetheart . We both got hungry and went out to eat . We went to this fancy restaurant . It seemed expensive . I told him that I would pay my half and he could pay his , but like a gentleman he paid for both of our meals . We started off with salads , the our cena , finally desert . We shared a big piece of chocolate cake . I fed him some and he fed me some . Then he put some chocolate frosting on my nose and I did the same with him . We laughed a little bit about it and then wiped it off . Then he dicho …
“ I amor tu Steph … “
    I kinda blushed when he called me Steph ..
“ I amor tu too my Nialler … “ I said
“ I amor it when tu call me Nialler .. “
“ I amor it when tu call me Steph … “
“ I cant wait to spend this whole entire summer with tu . “
“ Me neither . “
    He kissed my cheek and got chocolate icing on my cheek …
Fan fiction by MadisonFontenot posted hace más de un año
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Charlie POV:

I put the last box in the car and thought "this is it".
"Charlie go see if there is any más in your room." His dad order him and he walked into his room and didn't see anything left but a few clothes and his cama plus his dresser.

"Nothing dad" I dicho as I walked out side shutting the door behind me.
"No!" The my sister scream at me.
"What?" I dicho with a half pregunta half angry face.
"The door is locked. Let me go and check the back." She ran to the back gate and then closed it. A couple awkward segundos later she came back through the gate.
"Great we are locked out side our house. Wait your window is broken right?" I nodded.

"I will go check the windows." she ran around the house trying to open the windows. A minuto o so later she opened the door.

"Okay luckily my window was unlocked... My window was unlocked! Why was my window unlocked?" She ran into her room and we followed.

Fan fiction by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Anna's POV:
It seemed like I could never be happy no matter what.
I hugged amber and wiped her tears.
"Amber...let me in."Louie dicho through Zayns bedroom door.
"No,Go away!"she yelled.
"Havent tu done enough?"Harry yelled at him.
"Whatever,I'm just sorry.I fucked up I'm stupid.You probably hate me,and if tu do I understand."he walked away from the door.
"Okay continue the story."said Harry.
"Well that's it,I cut myself because I loved him."she cried.
He hugged her.
"Well I told tu I'd tell tu something about me."
"Yea,You can trust us we won't tell."
"I'm Secertly Gay."he admitted.
I hugged him.
"What tu don't care?"he asked in amazement.
"No because your Harry and we amor tu the way tu are."I smiled at him.
He started to cry.
"Thank tu for understanding."he smiled at us.
We hugged.
Amber looked at her wrist.She still had one bracelet covering her other wrist.
Fan fiction by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Anna's POV:
I woke up in Zayns arms.I still could hear his heartbeat.
"Good morning beautiful."he smiled.
"I had the most wonderful dream."
"Tell me about it,"He smiled and put his arm around me.
"It was like where we're married and have kids and it was just great.It was such a great dream."
"Well,right now it seems like Ive been dreaming ever since I met you."
"Awe your so sweet.I think I'm at my happiest now.Ive never been so happy in my life."
"Great because I am to."
I smiled and kissed him.
Later on that night.
Amber's POV:
I cuddled on the sofá with Louie.I sat siguiente to Niall,always smiling.I played with his hair and braided it.
"You need a hair cut."I smiled.
"Nope I don't want one."
I grabbed some scissors from a drawer.He ran.
"Come back!"I laughed.
I chased him.I caught him after awhile.I hugged him then starred in to his eyes and kissed him.
Niall seen.He grabbed his chaqueta and left.
Opinion by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Anna's POV:
Zayn helped me unpack my stuff.
I looked at all of it when I got done.I smiled as I cried.I hugged him.He kissed me.
"I'm happy to."he smiled.
Soon after we ate dinner.I went and laid down with Zayn on the bed.
"What are tu thinking about?"I asked him.
"Possibilitys about us.Like some día in the future,Like when were married and have kids and all this other stuff."
"I want to name our baby Kenna if we have a girl someday."
"I like that,But if it was a boy what would tu name it?"
"I like that name very much."he smiled.
"Yea I do to."
He kissed me.
"Why do I have to amor tu so much?"he smiled.
"I know it's a blessing but a curse."I laughed.
"But más of a blessing."
I got closer to him and put my head on his chest.
"I can hear your heartbeat."I wispered.
I put my hand on my chest,it was like they were one.Beating at the same pace,the same time.This never happen before,When I tried to go this with Drew it was slightly off,But with Zayn...Zayn was the one I wanted to spend eternity with.
Fan fiction by BrittanyBieber3 posted hace más de un año
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Kelsey's POV

        "Hello, who is this?" I heard coming through my phone. I froze in shock. Am I hearing right? I turned down the radio just to make sure.
        "Hello? Who is this?" they asked again.
        "O-oh! My name's Kelsey!" I dicho happily.
        "Well congrats, Kelsey! Looks like your caller ten!"
        "What?! Are tu serious?! Oh my gosh!" I screamed into the phone.
        "Yes I'm serious. tu must be a big fan of One Direction."
        "Uh yeah! I amor them!"
        "Well if tu answer this pregunta correctly then tu and one of your friends will be sitting in the front row of One Direction's siguiente concierto with absolutely no charge!"
        "Well ask away!"
        "Ok here's the question... What was Harry Styles's first word?"
        My eyes widened and I screamed as loud as I could.
        "Are tu serious?! THAT'S the question?" I asked in excitement.
        "Do tu know the answer?"
Fan fiction by 1d_is_cool posted hace más de un año
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Harry's P.O.V
While Louis and I were walking back from P.E I asked him something.
"why did tu asked Lillian if she was together with Pat?" I asked
"I knew tu wanted to know." he repiled.
"b..but how do tu know?" I asked
"I've seen the way tu look at her, anyway she is kinda fit!" he answered. I lightly hit him on the arm.
"what was that for?" he asked me. I just looked at him with a smirk on my face.
"what! That's what I think! Is it a crime now?! I think she's pretty good." he said
"we arrived at the changerooms and got changed. (duh)

Lillian's P.O.V
I had finished getting changed, I was walking back to the año 12 hallway when I was stopped por Abby Avery. 
"who was those two boys in P.E?" she asked. I was in no mood to arguing.
"who are those two boys in P.E?" Abby asked again.
"why do tu want to know?" I asked.
"just tell me tu twit!" she said
"no. Ask someone who cares." I replied
Fan fiction by MadisonFontenot posted hace más de un año
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Liam POV:

I woke up with my phone going off.
"Shut that thing up people are trying to sleep! It is 2am!" I looked up and saw Zayn standing por my cama with tired, baggy eyes.

It was around 9 when I woke up. I was the only one that was up so I sat down with a bowl of cereal and turned on the TV. I was going to put my bowl in the sink when I saw that girl that was at the coffee comprar in front of my house. She was pushing a stroller.

"Nicole?" she stopped and looked at me and I walked over to her.
" I know you?" I looked her confused then I laughed a little.
"Um last night your little sister... Carly I think it was....ran over to me and tu came right behind her."
"Oh yeah yeah.....Liam?"
"Bingo!" she laughed a little and I did too.
"Me and Carly are just going for a walk and then we have one of her friends, from preschool, is having a birth party and we are going...wanna come?" I smiled at her,
"Sure...let me go grab some shoes and I will be right back...We have some jugo, jugo de inside if tu and Carly want some."
Fan fiction by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Two weeks after Annas Birthday..
Anna's POV:
Zayn helped me pack.I never knew how much stuff I had.
It didnt take long.I was going miss this house through.I had great times there,I had heartbreak there,but I learned from it.
And when I looked back I smiled.I looked at my empty room.The only thing that remained was that broken bed.This room was the corazón of why I'd miss that building.I felt lost there but after awhile I was found por the ones I love.And the bed...I'd cry myself to sleep there sometimes and other times dad would hold me and tell me story's about my mom,In that cama learned how to love.
And now I was taking my moments since they would be my last.
In that house were millions of memories and I amor each and everyone,Because in life your going to be left out,talked about,lied to,abused,and put down but tu have to decide whose worth your tears and who isn't.
I put the last bag in my car.I hugged daddy.And drove away.I watched as it got farther and farther away.
Opinion by boulasp16 posted hace más de un año
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This is my review on the One Direction boys styles, they are all cool and unique in their own ways and I amor them all!

I think Louis's style type is very fun & playful witch matches his funny personality he can be seen at concerts in a pair of brightly colored skinny jeans a stripped camisa, camiseta and sometimes suspenders, his hair is usually sticking up in misceláneo ways witch helps add to his eccentric, playful look.

I think Hary has a kind of semi-formal style that's great with his adorable curly hair, At concerts he often mixes a formal chaqueta with a casual white T-shirt & kakies his hair seems pretty much just naturally curly and cute

I think Liam's style is a pretty casaul just a normal regular type guy but still incredibly cute! At concerts he sports plaid button down shirts and kakies, Liam has changed his hair the most of the boys at one point he had the old famous Beiber due later it was changed it to a curly type style close to what Hary Styles has
Fan fiction by GabriellaAdams posted hace más de un año
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Zayn POV:
I woke up to a kiss on the neck and Anna smiling at me.
She had on one of my t-shirts.
"Awe I was going to do that."I smiled at her.
Why must she be so beautiful?
She went in the bathroom and brushed her hair.
I got up and put my pants on.I went in the bathroom.
"let me do it."I told her.
I took the brush from her and brushed her soft hair.
"I amor how tu do things for me that no one ever does for me."she told me.
"Well its part of me loving you,Your part of me."I told her.
She turned around and kissed me.I dropped the comb and hugged her.She started crying.
"What's wrong,Sweety?"
"I just amor tu so much."
I smiled and kissed her again.
"I amor tu too."I smiled.
Amber's POV:
I woke up,in Louie's arms.I smiled because thankfully no one was on my feet.I kissed him on the cheek to wake him.
"Awwe,five más minutes."he mumbled.