Now maybe some of tu directioners saw One Direction's "Between Us" perfume.Maybe some of tu didn't.But I know it'll be a great perfume!!
The commercial is really cute.
First we have Harry and he's dressed up as a mountain climber and his ingredient for the perfume was a type of flor that was on a mountain.
Liam was dressed as a scuba diver and he had to get amber from under the ocean.
Louis was dressed as an astronaut so he got an (organic) albaricoque from a supermercado that was in space.
And when Niall came out he was dressed up as nothing lol.He was was his good old self.
And his ingredient was an cebolla but instead of putting the cebolla inside of the tube for the ingredients,Niall opened the cebolla in half and pt it near his face.And a tear came out of his eye and landed in the tube.
Watch the commercial on YouTube!! :)