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posted by Eviem99
Eleanor's suitcase lay on the cama neatly packed beside her.
In just over an hora she'd be back on a plane to Manchester while Louis would be on a plane too, but his destination would be America.
The two sat beside each other clasping their hands tightly together.
" Cheer up amor tu won't miss little old me" Louis joked standing up, Eleanor followed suit.
" Probably not. Besides there's LOADS of hot guys in Manchester" She dicho lightly, though the crack in her voice was noticeable.
He laughed, and then Eleanor laughed until they were both in hysterics soon forgetting the reason they were laughing.
They grabbed their suitcases and headed out to leave the hotel. It been a crazy experience, with the constant calls to his room Louis and Eleanor had switched rooms around 2am to get some sleep. Both tired they were lead out por a back entrance of the hotel. fans gathered, screaming as soon as they caught a glimpse of Louis he smiled and waved to them before they both dived into the car.
He continued waving until the hotel, and the fans who ran trying to keep up with car were out of sight.
The car ride ended all too soon for Eleanor, she had enjoyed their exchange of kisses and jokes and once she set foot out of the car she released she wouldn't see Louis again for another six weeks.
Sensing her sadness Louis draped his arm around her shoulder and began to reassure her.
" I'll phone and text tu every day" He soothed smothering her with kisses. Eleanor wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.
" I'll miss tu so much" she said, though it was muffled.
After having her luggage checked it was time to say goodbye. Her flight was at 4pm, Louis's flight 5:30pm. She kissed him passionately, his stubble scratching her face but she didn't care.
" Don't forget me" It was always one of her fears that Louis would find someone else on his travels, someone better.
" I couldn't forget tu even if I tried" he dicho holding her close.
Ripping herself away from Louis they dicho their final goodbyes. As she set off on her way to her flight she heard Louis's voice.
" I amor tu ELEANOR!" He screamed, making everyone turn and stare. Many rolled their eyes and continued on their way.
She laughed and smiled, she loved her Louis.
" I amor tu LOUIS!" She screamed back to him, they waved and she boarded her plane in high spirits.
She slept most of the flight, and awoke to the news they would soon to be landing.
It was 7AM In the morning, as soon as she was inicial she checked her messages.
She had several texts from an anxious Louis who wanted to know she was inicial safe.
She phoned him immediately.

They chatted for almost two hours when Louis had a foto shoot to attend. They ended the conversation with the usual " amor you" She stayed on the line though and listened to the dial tone. She looked out the window of her small Manchester flat and wondered if Louis was missing her as much as she was missing him.
Not possible she thought.

Again, if tu don't believe in Elounor that's fine just don't read it. Part 3 if anyone wants it will be up later.
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