Taylor's POV:

I threw on my black Mandeville Bake comprar camisa, camiseta and my white jeans. I threw my hair in a messy pony-tail and walked out the door. "I might need shoes!" I dicho to my self.... after the locked door shut. I grabbed my keys from out of my PAC-man back-pack and unlocked the door. I grabbed my bright rosado, rosa and purple Nikes and some socks.

"Your late!" My boss yelled. I was at Mandeville Bake Shop. If tu couldn't guess before I work there. I hung my bag up, swiped my attendance card, and put on my waitress thingy. I was cashier today... lucky me. "Yeah I heard that Harry Styles worked here!" Some preppy girl said. I rolled my eyes. A group of guys walked in. "How may I help you?" I asked as happy as I could. "Your not from here are you?" A tall skinny, guy with blonde hair and blue eyes asked. I wasn't from around here. I moved here from Louisiana when I turned 18. I live alone in a two bedroom apartment and drive a beat up bug that my dad use to race in before he died.
"No...?" I asked más then answered.
"I want..." Blah blah blah... They ordered then sat down. They sat por the preppy girls, I just stood there making there coffee and té and this and that... I hate this job! "Jonah!" I called out when I was done making it. A different guy with blonde hair and blue eyes came up. I think they are twins. I walked back to the register and took peoples orders for then next.. 5 hours! I REALLY hate this job. After my shift I closed and locked the register and did all my usually things I did when I closed the shop, count the money, clean EVERYTHING TWICE, throw a way the still freshly good food, then leave locking the door behind me. I unlocked my bug then climbed in. 'What makes tu beautiful was on the radio. I made a grunt noise and changed the channel. Everywhere I turn all I see is, One direction, Harry Styles, Harry Styles and One Direction. I am about to murder somebody! Just kidding.

'beep! Beep!' my microwave was going off. I walked into the cocina and got hit with the smells of melted mantequilla and popcorn. I grabbed a bowl and opened the burning, hot brown bag that the palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz was in. I slowly poured the palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz in a bowl. I walked into the living room and sat on my soft frijol, haba bag chair. My little Malti-poo, Bella, chasing me. I turned on my TV and surfed threw the channels. The Hunger Games was on so I watched it, even though I have seen it a hundred time. I put a handful of palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz in my mouth. I whipped the greasy stuff off of my hands and onto my bat-man pajama pants. Bella jumped on my lap and laid down. I stocked her fluffy whit and tan pelaje, piel until she fell asleep.

I woke up with my phone buzzing like crazy. I picked it up.
"Hello?" I asked still half way sleep.
"Hi chicka! How is it in Londres meet any cute boys?" My friend Alana asked.
"Oh that's a total lie!" I laughed.
"No really I haven't..."
"Well tu always have been picky!"
"I know..." I dicho in that duh-you-are-so-right voice. She laughed.
"Hey I got to go!" I said.
"Bye amor ya sis!" I hung up and smiled. Today I have got to go shopping. I got dressed, link
"We're off to see the wizard The wonderful wizard of OZ!" I sang walking out my door. I locked the door and headed for my car.

"So where tu wanting purple o pink?" The lady that was helping me asked. I was at Wal*Mart. "Purple please!" I was getting a big fluffy pillow. I shopped for ever then went inicial and started unpacking things. I had to wait three days for the real furniture to get to my house. It finaly got here and me and these guys all fixed up my house.

Living room- link

my cama room- link

Kitchen- link

When we where done I sat down on my new couch. Comfy! I even got a dog house for Bella...

dog house- link

Bella laid down in it and fell asleep. I smiled. I started hearing loud noises from siguiente door. I walked across the hall and banged loudly on the door. A guy with blonde hair answered the door. It was the same guy from the bakery.
"Hello..." He dicho like a flirt. "Shut up! I am trying to sleep and tu keep making loud noises!" I turned around and went back to my room. I sat down on the couch. Ahh... it was so comfy. I looked at Bella and she was sound asleep. I picked up the black remote and looked through the TV channels on my new flat-screen. ICarly was on so I started waiting it... then I found out it was the one with One Direction. I turned off the TV, changed and went jogging.