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Blonde bombshell (or is it now black) Niall Horan has told The Metro how he often likes to go without underwear.

The 18-year-old Irish hottie said: “Do I always wear pants? Well, yeah but then I like to go free and easy from time to time.”

We wonder if he goes as far as Harry – a notorious fan of going starkers.

Now wouldn’t that be a scene, Niall and Harry running around naked… chasing each other… with a feather duster… with red lipstick on.

Ahem! Sorry for that, think we got carried away with a spot of daydreaming!
Watch Niall talking with Sugarscape last September, where he talks about getting naked (as well as chicken fillets!)

Niall was recently told-off por Simon Cowell for wanting to dye his hair black – a rumour which was since rebuffed por Harry when he spoke to Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw yesterday.
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X Factor: One Direction’s Niall Horan gets it on with a pretty fan!
December 11th, 2010 por Lisa McGarry.
One Direction singer Niall Horan is dicho to have slipped a female fan past security, at the bands homecoming concierto in Wolverhampton.
The concierto in Liam Payne’s hometown was chaotic and 35 fans were injured as they tried to get close to the X Factor group. But cute Irish singer Niall managed to sneak one lucky girl through past his minders and enjoyed a bit of a snog before returning to London.
A fuente told The Sun: “The lads could not believe the amount of hot girls throwing themselves at them.
Security wanted them kept apart, but Niall wanted to hook up with one of them. He was beaming siguiente day.”
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i wish my dream will come true to meet 1D someday! :)
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