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Zayn♥~ I amor your style. Especially your hair. Your adorable. Your funny and incredibly talented(:
Louis~ Your probally the funniest. Your definantly the craziest.. dont change that(: Your an amazing singer. Iloveyou♥
Liam~ Your the hardest to explain for because I have the mostto say about you. Umm.. Your incredibly cutee, really funny, and amazing in every way. Iloveyousomuch. Never EVER change. If anyone hurts tu ima track them down and hurt them♥
Harry~ Im glad your the youngest cuz it gives tu a reaon to be the most adorable. Your a really good singer. Im gelatina, jalea of your hair. I want it alot. Never grow up cuz if yuo do tu ont be my lil boy no more♥
Niall~ Your my lil blondie. Your hair is adorable. Im glad your irish cause your different(: Your really funny and a really talented singer. I cant wait for yall to come to the U.S.♥

amor all five of you! ~ Sydney (Syd) @LiamsLilShawty
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We live in a cruel world where the chances of most of us getting to spend más than a few mere minutos with One Direction are about as strong as the chances of Lindsay Lohan changing her name to Tits McGee (although she is the type who’d do most things for some cash).

Handily then, Louis Tomlinson has revealed to We amor Pop magazine how he can be won over in five minutes.
“Prove that you’re fun,” he told them.

“Have a laugh and tu need to laugh at my jokes – but don’t make yourself too available.

“[The last girl I gave my number to] looked good, but it wasn’t actually that. She wasn’t like ‘Oooh you’re famous!’ "
“She was dead cool, so that’s why I asked for her number.”

Got that? Don’t acknowledge that he’s famous, have loads of fun but in a non-enthusiastic and uber cool way, but don’t forget to laugh at his jokes.
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Carter awoke the siguiente morning and turned over, only to be met por a curly-haired creature lying beside her. She backed away a small bit before realising it was Harry. What was he doing here? She quickly checked underneath her covers to see if she had clothes on and luckily, she had.

She tried to climb out of cama but she was soon pulled back down. She looked at her wrist to find that she had been tied to Harry. She grunted and sat back on the bed. What did Harry think? That she was going to sneak out? Twat.

She pushed the covers off her and crossed her arms. She looked over at Harry and couldn’t...
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