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Emma and Hook [ Captain cisne ] - ** If tu Wanted to be Good Girl **

Hook & Emma// In my veins [+2x06]

Once Upon A Time [2x06] "Tallahassee" Opening Credits

Neal & Emma || It's Time

● Emma & Captain Hook ll No light, no light [2x06]

Killian & Emma | Damn your eyes [2x06 spoilers]

Hook & Emma || Ever Ever After

[Emma&Hook] Radioactive

everything that matters breaks in two;

Aurora & Killian - Never let me go [Once upon a Time]

Neal & Emma | Other Side

● Rumpelstiltskin & Belle; "you're not a monster"

Once Upon a Time | Radioactive (MultiMales)

OUAT 02x07-'Child Of The Moon' Canadian Sneak Peak/Promo

OUAT 02x07- 'Child Of The Moon' Promo #1

OUAT Season 2 Australia Channel 7 Promo/Sneak Peak! :-D

stardust | emma cisne (2x06)

regina/jefferson | broken promises

► Hook + Aurora | Goodnight Princess

chasing cars | ouat

Once Upon a Time || disney crack!vid part 1

Regina Mills -"SO WHAT"

[Regina/Snow White] "What did I ever do to you?"

► Regina/Daniel | Your Magic Can't Keep Us Apart

Rumbelle Fairytale [OUAT]

Hook/Aurora | inicial

emma/graham | ships in the night

snow&charming | one step closer...

OUAT Jefferson {The Mad Hatter} Follow Me Down

OUAT - Phillip/Mulan/Aurora - Every Breath

Emma ✘ Jefferson | Seven Devils

belle and Rumpelstiltskin [once upon a time] save me i'm lost

Echo (Regina w/ Daniel)

Would tu Kill? || OUAT || Hurricane


Forever || Rumpelstiltskin & Belle

The l O R D of the l A N D | OUAT & Thor Crossover

OUAT | • Couples | ♥ " All día and All night " ♥ [ SEASON 2 SPOILERS ]

► I can never leave the past behind - Regina Mills

Holding on... And letting go.... | OUAT

Learn to amor a Beast [Belle & Rumplestilstkin]

Once upon a time l Crack vid!

"You promised to keep my secret." | Regina&Snow

rumpelstiltskin & belle | "no one can ever amor me"

Once upon a time ► tu are my heaven

My Sweet Prince | Rumpelstiltskin & Belle.

Emma cisne | Only Human

Once I Was Real :: OUAT/Disney

aurora & hook | an end has a start

Fix tu / Archie & Regina / Once Upon a Time

2x06 Tallahassee - Sneak Peek #3

Regina & Daniel || see my dreams all die

✘May I formally introduce Killian Jones|Captain Hook

Regina/Daniel • My Skin •

Jefferson/Emma/Hook "If tu were here beside me...."

(OUaT) Regina and Daniel-Black as Rain

Why did tu come back? | Rumpelstiltskin&Belle [OuaT]

hook + aurora : i'm a pirate, you're a princess

My Dear Emma | Yours, Graham

Regina ||So Cold|| OUAT

i really made him pay | killian jones/hook (ouat)

ella and thomas | all about us

killian [hook] & emma | if tu think we've got a chance

lost so much | Once upon a time | Rumbelle

The Chain | Once Upon a Time

unhappy ending | Regina Mills

Once Upon a Time 2x06 Sneak Peek #2 "Tallahassee"

Emma & Graham || in your name; I find meaning

„You're my Satellite..." -- Once Upon A Time/Disney

Regina&Daniel;; Until amor went dark

Good to tu [Charming & Red]

Once Upon A Time - Episode S02E06 Tallahassee - Sneak Peek

hook + aurora | tu were the ocean

I am not ready | Regina&Daniel

emma&graham | my amor

Regina the Evil queen •• Seven Nation Army

hook & katherine ;; sucker amor

Colin O'donoghue (Captain Hook) - The Enemies: Perform The Perfect Stranger

Just Going To Wait It Out // Rumpelstiltskin & Belle

OUAT The Mad Hatter || Sassy&Crazy [Fix My Hat]

rumpelstiltskin + jefferson | why would anyone want that?

♦ Captain Hook ♦

Trust me, i'm a doctor (OUAT 2x05)

[OUAT] "They're gonna eat me alive"

Hook & Emma ► Awake my soul

► Regina & Daniel ● Without tu [2x05]

Dr. ballena x Regina Mills

● Captain Hook | Remember the name

Once is a "Thriller"-Happy Halloween!

Snow&Charming; I Will Always Find tu

OUAT (2x05): Personal jesús

Once Upon A Time • Yeah! •

Demons | Rumpelstiltskin & Belle

Jefferson [Mad Hatter] || Rubik's Cube

Captain Hook + Mad Hatter • I wanna be your man

Rumpelstiltskin + Belle - amor The Way tu Lie

this is what my story's about | charming & emma

Regina Mills | my echo is the only voice coming back (2x05)

hope always // red x hook

OUAT halloween || Horror Trailer [We Want War]