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"It's time to say goodbye..." | cisne queen

Jefferson & Emma | Drumming Song

►Rumplestiltskin // Regina ●• Losing My Religion •●

Emma & Hook- Try

you're all chrome / once upon a time

seguro & sound | once upon a time;

good times | emma & hook

Once Upon A Time | Opening Credits

Hook & Emma | Wherever tu Will Go

Emma/Snow White - we never got to be a family

bluetrace | jefferson and emma

Regina Mills | I don't want this life

{ who are tu really?

august/emma | "nobody will break you.."

Neal & Emma || Exile Vilify

Regina Mills • Terrible Things

Snow - Do It Like A Dude

Regina Mills || TITANIUM

I'm Still Here // Emma cisne

Mad Hatter;;Stories?

This is Storybrooke// Season 2

Emma & Neal || So Cold

Neal + Emma | Wonderwall

toxic ✗ hook/aurora

OUAT || Belle&Rumplestiltskin [Rumbelle] ►►It's tu and me

emma&killian | with you, I feel again

Regina & Emma ღ Tell me life is beautiful (Swan Queen)

►Regina Mills - ''I Wanst To Reedem Myself''

[OUAT] Hook and Emma - One and Only

regina mills | it gets so heavy

rumple/belle/baelfire | "the colores were fading.."

Emma/Hook -Trouble

Not a friend [Swan Thief]

the enemy » rumbelle

emma + hook | i'd come for tu

Emma & Regina | Same Mistake

kindred spirits // hook & emma

►Rumplestiltskin x Belle ●• "don't ever look back, dearie.." •●

❦✰ Once Upon a Time ► kiss tu ✰❦( Merry Christmas)

Emma&Neal;; The only one I've ever loved

Rumpelstiltskin&Belle | por my side

Once Upon A Time - Welcome to the New Age

Once Upon a Time | Video Crack

Dropped...[Captain Hook]

Little Lion Man - Hook & Emma

Snow & Charming | A drop in the ocean

once upon a december || rumpelstiltskin / belle

► do it like a dude | once upon a time's female badasses.

grip me in your hands; [emma/hook]

Neal & Emma || We Are Stars

Once upon a time | más

OUAT || Wonderful dream

Once Upon a Time new promo January 2013

White Blank Page...[Hook/Emma]


[OUAT] belle | unbreakable

Hook/Emma // Wicked Game

.forever fades away | once upon a time .

Emma & Jefferson | Your soul is haunting me

Once Upon A Time || I don't believe in fairytales

get up and try || Rumpelstiltskin+Belle

ouat season 2 trailer (fan made) | Once upon a time

The Charmings OUAT tu are not alone, you're my inicial

.(hook/emma).want to feel your pulse on mine.

regina mills | evil isn't born

Cora Mills- White Blank Page

► Charming&Snow | i n v i n c i b l e

Once Upon A Time || Belle&Rumplestiltskin [Rumbelle] ►► All This Time

He changes her too [Emma & Hook]

Once Upon a Time - Emma cisne - General Badass

What You're Worth // Princess Aurora

hook&aurora | I'm a pirate, you're a princess.

Snow&Charming; Shattered

OUAT | Lateralus

Rumpelstiltskin •breath of the life•

Set fuego to the third bar| OUAT {For Felarathael} .

Rumple & Belle | Times

Regina (Evil Queen) ϟ Till The World Ends

Snow&Charming - Wanted

.losing your memory | hook & emma [au] .

Belle is just where he keeps it | The Town Line | belle+rumpelstiltskin

cisne queen ღ Try

Hook/Emma // Damn Your Eyes

Rumplestiltskin ► hola Na Na [Humor]

Regina mills {Thistle and weeds}

[OUAT] Captain Hook - Hall of Fame

august/emma | "i'm not about to give tu up."

enredados Trailer [hook/emma style]

Once Upon a Time;; Broken arrow

Neal & Emma || Sweet Disposition

"...This amor has taken its toll..."[Disney&OUAT]

Once Upon a Time | This Is War

Emma and Hook [Captain Swan] AU - Trying not to amor tu

Regina + Emma | People Like Us..

Regina Mills {Viva la vida}

emma, snow white & charming | hallelujah

sooner o later | hook + emma

Regina & Emma - Here We Go Again

►Emma/Hook || Stormy ◄

CRUSH IT | Rumplestiltskin vs. Regina