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Snow and Charming (Everytime We Touch)

Once Upon A Time - Emma cisne - "The Chosen One"

Summertime sadness | Once upon a time

OUAT || Les Miserables Medley

rumple&belle | turning page

► Emma cisne || Tik Tok Parody

Once Upon A Time meets friends

Hook & Emma- Give Your corazón a Break

Charming & Emma || I loved her first ||

Regina & Daniel // Once Upon a Time..

Hook & Emma - Take a Bite of my corazón Tonight...

Hook&Emma || Come Alive

say goodnight and go; hook/emma

Hook*Rumpel~ Leave me alone

Hook & Emma || I'm In amor With A Criminal

Rumple + Belle || S H E

new york | neal + emma

What's a soulmate? | Regina & Emma

► Once Upon A Time | Fix tu

"No Life Could Be Cheaper"

Hook/ Emma || Light up the sky

Emma&Hook | Princess of China

kindred spirits | hook & emma

Hook&Emma || amor amor amor

losing your memory | rumpelstiltskin & belle (ouat)

A Thousand Years - Hook and Emma

Hook&Belle - my oldest friend

Emma and Henry//Save the World

► Magic Comes With a Price | Rumpelstiltskin

victor + ruby | never let me go

Who are you, Regina?

stormy | hook + emma

trouble { Hook & Emma }

AU | Rumbelle on titanic

►Captain Hook || It's always nice to make an impression◄

Once Upon a Time car chase

Emma & Hook || ''You Can Make Me Whole''

.ariel/hook // in the water

Odette and Hogarth as Emma and Henry

Emma/Hook: All the way

Hook/Emma // Bedroom Hymns

Emma and Charming: Enough for Now

crossfire [ruby and whale]

hook and belle all tu leave behind

Captain Hook (Once Upon a Time)

captain cisne | anywhere but here

● once upon a time | will i ever break free?

Belle & Rumpelstiltskin - Beat inside me

frozen in time | Rumbelle [Once Upon a Time]

Once upon a time characters l Already over

hook+emma | heartless

Lana on set

Rumpelstiltskin & Belle || Tribute

amor In A Hopeless Place - Captain queen OUAT

Emma & Neal (Swanthief) || Crush ||

hook&emma | ships in the night

HOOK/BELLE [2x11] I don't want your body

i'm with tu ● ruby & whale; ouat

Rumpestiltskin&Belle || Inside every heartbeat

seven nation army | Once Upon A Time

ARIEL + HOOK | and he saved me

captain hook | infect me with your amor

Rolling In The Deep//Hook Emma

Emma + Hook l Give Us A Little amor

Killian Jones || [HUMOR]

Once Upon A Time - Gods and Monsters

► Captain Hook | lost in desesperation

Snow/Charming | Stuck in the middle

Red Beauty | I Knew tu Were Trouble

ouat women | can't go back

►Hook/Emma || Say it out◄[AU]

the curse | Once upon a time

I won't say I'm in love....[Captain Swan]

» Captain Hook | the bridges that tu burned...

the pirate and the sunlight. (2x12)

Emma and Hook | Their Beginning

rainy zurich | red & victor

emma + hook | i knew tu were trouble

Rumpelstiltskin + Belle ► amor doesn't always last forever

Once upon a time || Can anybody help.

OnceuponaHook || Killian Jones, bitches.


My corazón is beating||RumplexBelle

hugs | ouat

♛ Emma cisne ♛ Only Human

Skinny Love• ╬ Frankenwolf .

Soulmates never die | Captain cisne Trailer

Rumplestiltskin and Belle - All I Want

Snow & Charming - Look At Me

Snow&Charming; I Will Always Find tu

hearts a mess | red & ballena

Regina Mills || "...you dicho tu wanted to change..." (2x10


Once Upon A Time || For All enamorados

he | heartbeats

holding on and letting go | emma cisne

hook + aurora | "my corazón is pierced por cupid.."

►Victor & Ruby || All This Time◄

charming+snow & hook+emma│thousand years

Emma&Hook | The only thing that makes me feel