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August + Emma I will remember you

Once Upon A Time || Emma & August - Calling

August/Emma - "this is the last time I'm asking tu this..."

Once Upon A Time || Emma & August - Careless

Once Upon A Time || Emma & August - Losing Grip

August/Emma - "lights will guide tu home..."

ingrid & elsa (+emma) • family that loves me

emma cisne • family isn't about blood

seguro in my corazón ll Ingrid and Emma

Emma | Ingrid- Things Left Unsaid[+4x11]

Emma & Elsa - tu Light Me Up

Elsa, Emma, Ingrid - Closer (Once Upon a Time)

emma+ingrid; hold me in your beating corazón

Ingrid + Emma || Once Upon A Time || So Cold ❇

Snow + Emma || tu don’t have a inicial ‘til tu just miss it.

snow & emma | 1x01-3x04 | sorry if i smother tu

Wish Trailer (Emma and Hook)

Robin&Regina • Ready To amor Again

Hook & Emma | Right Here

Once Upon A Time II Beautiful Pain

Once Upon a Time [4x10] Shattered Sight Opening Credits

the best of anna // once upon a time // season 4A

Anna & Kristoff // Make amor your goal

hook + emma (captain swan) || blank el espacio

Hook & Emma | Nothing Really Matters

[emma/killian] | give my all to tu ♥

Once Upon A Time 4x08: Emma Makes Fireworks / Snow queen Challenges Rumpelstilksin

Emma & Regina | Inside of me (AU)

Emma/Hook - tu Raise me Up

Hook and Emma | Hypnotic[+4x11]

ouat cast - we have tons of fun

Colin & Jennifer | Can't Stand It

Colin & Jennifer | special friends

Colin & Jennifer || Gift of a Friend

Colin and Jennifer || The Words

Because when tu find the one, tu never give up // Captain cisne

emma and killian || wonder

Once Upon A Time | Opening Credits | Season 4A

peter pan | run this town

Emma cisne | Titanium

regina mills | a character study

Peter Pan NEVER fails

Snow+Charming We could rule the world

Hook + Emma || We could sail the seven seas

Snow and Charming || `please remember me`

OUAT Couples || Mad about tu

I'll amor tu long after you're gone | Emma&Killian|

Once Upon A Time [4x03] "Rocky Road" Opening Credits

Once Upon a Time || Trailer [Love Actually style]

Killian Jones and Emma cisne (Captain Swan) - Have tu Ever Really Loved A Woman

Hook/Emma | In the Air Tonight (OUAT)

♥Wake Me Up When It's All Over♥ //Emma Swan//

Outlaw queen ♛ In My Veins

Hook x Emma// Thinking Out Loud

Charming Family | Wherever tu will go

Charming Family | A Thousand Years Part 2

Charming Family: "I Cannot Lose My Family"

Charming's Hair ~ #CharmAttack {OUAT 04x02}

the charmings | 'you found us'

Outlaw queen | seguro With Me

Regina & Robin | Outlaw queen {what hurts the most}

OUAT | Let it snow

OUAT couples | Hurricane

Emma Swan: For a Mother, a Brother and Me

Once Upon A Time || Emma & Killian - Monster

hook & emma | "you need me alive" {2x05 - 4x11}

Hook & Emma || tu Belong With Me

hook + emma | 'i'm a survivor'

i forgive tu | ouat

Regina Mills | The Evil queen (HUMOR)

Once Upon A Time | Tears of An ángel [+4x11]

She's my friend | Emma & Elsa

Hook and Emma - Unconditionally

Hook & Emma || tu look stunning [4x04]

Hook & Emma || I can't lose tu too [4x03]

Hook & Emma || seguro in my hands

Emma and Hook - tu Gave Me amor

Emma and Hook || Battleships

más Than tu | Emma & Hook

Hook & Emma || One In A Million

outlawqueen baby | trailer

Once upon a Time | Merry navidad

Human Legacy | Once Upon A Time

belle and rumplestiltskin | it's too late

Wings | Killian & Emma

Emma cisne // Under

►Killian & Emma | The corazón Wants What It Wants

Captain cisne || Stay With Me || Emma/Hook

Emma cisne - Save The Hero

hook & emma | one step closer

Once Upon a Time || Breathe Me (4x12)

Rumple+Belle | "i wanted to be chosen"

Snow & Charming - Payphone

ouat || beautiful disaster

Will Scarlet || Stay High [4x04]

Hook & Emma 4x11 (Alternative Final) || One Way o Another

Regina and Robin | Why'd tu leave me?

snow & regina || the enemy

Outlaw queen || Goodbye

ouat|| it tells me I'm a freak